Former ‘Unexpected’ Star Hailey “Hailey 2” Tilford Says She Plans to Get Pregnant Again Next Year & Explains Why She Hasn’t Asked Matthew Blevins for Child Support

“More babies? Yes! More money? Umm…

Despite asking fans for donations to pay for a larger apartment just weeks ago, Hailey “Hailey 2” Tilford has revealed she plans to have a second child next year and she still has no intention of hitting up her baby daddy Matthew Blevins for any child support for their son, Levi.

During an Instagram Q & A on Sunday, Hailey opened up about her current and future plans, and revealed that she currently has a job working in an office. When we last heard from the now-former Unexpected star, she was from creating a GoFundMe weeks ago in an effort to raise enough funds to move herself, Levi and her boyfriend Cole into a larger apartment. (She later backtracked on the fundraiser and promised to return any donations she received.) 

Though money appears to be tight, Hailey said she would still like to have another child—and soon!

Hailey confirmed later in the Q&A that she and Cole have talked about their future plans and are on the same page, as they both would like a baby “in about a year.” She also noted that Cole’s family is supportive of their relationship. 

“They love me and Levi so much,” she claimed. 

As for her strained relationship with Matthew, Hailey said Matthew continues to deny that Levi is his son and has not made any effort to see him. She also explained why she hasn’t filed for child support. 

“Don’t want him to have any type of rights to a child he doesn’t claim,” she said. “I don’t want him to be able to walk in and out when he chooses.” 

Last month, Hailey revealed she had been dropped from Season 4 of ‘Unexpected’ due to racist comments found on her Instagram by show producers that Hailey claims were made by a hacker. While Hailey said she attempted to clear things up with producers and regain her spot on the TLC show, the network didn’t cave.

When asked her opinion of the show on Sunday, Hailey didn’t hold back, calling it “sad trash.”  

…and of course, no “Hailey 2” Q&A would be complete without at least one question that mentioned Hailey “Hailey 1” Tomlinson –- Hailey 2’s former best friend who also happens to share a child with Matthew

“I don’t consider us ‘friends’ but we talk once in a while,” she said.

In April, Hailey 1 congratulated Hailey 2 on the birth of her son and the two have gotten together so their kids could meet.


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19 Responses

  1. Wait, how old is she again?! 19?! Why would you want a baby (with a new man nonetheless!) so soon?! This is seriously thinking as a teenager still and using your kid as a prop. A sad situation all around. Poor kids, having such an immature mother.

  2. This poor girl needs to stop worrying about him getting visitation (because it’s not like he’d even show up) and start worrying about the fact that she needs financial help for a child she did not create herself.

  3. I’m just now watching Season 3 that recently got on Hulu and this girl is such trash. Who the hell sends their pregnant friend’s boyfriend a picture of a tattoo between her titties and then tries to act all innocent? I felt so bad for Hailey 1.

  4. How irresponsible! I always thought growing up that I would have 3 children. Now that I’m in my 30’s and have one child, I realize that I could not afford that lifestyle. I chose to get a BA degree and have a career so that my child can have everything he needs. Part of being a parent is making sacrifices, this girl is still playing house and thinks the world will just give her what she desires.

    1. Y’all, I just finished the after show. I have so much respect for Hailey 1 for holding it together during it because even the host was ready to go DeJesus on Matthew and Hailey 2.

  5. I don’t buy it. Idiots like this idiot never have any intention of getting actual jobs so they say and do outrageous things to keep their names on sites like this; for example, I’d never heard of her before I read about her on this site. Idiot.

    1. She literally said in the interview she has a job and posted pictures. I think she’s a dental assistant.

    2. And I’m not defending her having another kid so soon. She needs to get everything together first and wait a few years. BUT she does have a job. She’s not a Jenelle.

  6. What? Why? Support the kids you do have already, I dont see how that’s such a difficult concept. This girl was just doing a gofundme for future rent payments. Get your career together and stable, along with your partner’s before you go bringing more kids into the world.

    I dont even know this girl, but shes got a lot of issues. Therapy would benefit her more than adding to her collection of children.

    1. If she doesn’t want child support from him why was she asking “her fan” to (lets just say it) support her child? This girl is not ready for another kid. Hell shes not even ready for the one. she cant even support herself let alone her boyfriend. Why doesnt he or she get a job like everyone else? SMH trying to play house.

        1. I believe I was right when I said she was going to have 3 kids before 21, hopefully they all won’t have different fathers. Jenelle isn’t even that stupid. Only saving grace Hailey has is staying clean and sober(I personally haven’t heard about drinking or drugs with Hailey)

          1. Technically speaking Jenelle is that stupid. She has had countless abortions and 3 kids by 3 different guys. She used abortions as a form of birth control instead of just preventing unwanted pregnancies in the first place. These girls….

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