‘Unexpected’ Star Hailey Tomlinson Congrats Former BFF Hailey “Hailey 2” Tilford on Son’s Birth & Reveals Plans for Their Children to Meet

“Sorry Matthew, you’re not invited!”

The Tale of the Two Haileys just took an “unexpected” turn!

The birth of Unexpected star Hailey “Hailey 2” Tilford‘s son may not have resulted in a reunion between herself and her baby’s father, Matthew Blevins (at least not yet); however, it looks like Baby Levi’s arrival will bring a reunion between Hailey and her former best friend, Hailey “Hailey 1” Tomlinson, who also shares a child with Matthew. 

Hailey 2 gave birth to Levi last week, without the company or support of Matthew, who was away on some sort of road trip at the time, according to Matthew’s Instagram.


As fans of ‘Unexpected’ already know, before beginning a relationship with (and ultimately impregnating) Hailey 2, Matthew was dating Hailey 1, with whom he fathered daughter Kinsley. Before Kinsley’s birth, however, Matthew had already moved on from Hailey 1 to Hailey 2, who, until that point, had been best friends. (Got all of that?) 

While Hailey 1 and Hailey 2’s friendship suffered as a result of everything that went down with Matthew, Hailey 2’s social media announcement following Levi’s birth resulted in some kind words from her former friend. The two also confirmed that they plan on having their little ones— who are half-siblings— meet each other. 

“You did good,” Hailey 1 commented on Hailey 2’s Instagram post, that showed her newborn son. “He’s so cute and I can’t wait for Kinsley to meet him.” 

Hailey 2 thanked Hailey 1 for her sweet comment, adding that she was “so excited” for their kids to meet as well.

Unsurprisingly, Hailey 1 extending the olive branch to Hailey 2 caught the eye of some of the Haileys’ followers — some questioned why Hailey 1 was being kind after “all the bad stuff” Hailey 2 did; others commended the two for showing some maturity by allowing their children to be in each other’s lives. 

Matthew has yet to meet his new son, and has seemingly been on a long road trip over the past week or so. After Levi’s birth he received a heap of online criticism for not being present at the birth, to which he blamed the current C0VID-19 crisis.

According to Starcasm, these photos were posted by Matthew on March 23 and March 28, respectively.

In a message posted to Instagram Stories last Friday, Matthew claimed, “I can’t see Levi because of the C0rona virus. Quit bashing me about ‘not being there’ it’s not BC I don’t want to be it’s because I’m not aloud to be.”

Several people called him out for the explanation though, pointing out that Hailey’s friend Harley was allowed at the hospital and was present for the birth.

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(Photos: Instagram; Starcasm)


  1. I can’t even believe things like this happen in real life! What kind of human has a kid with their best friends child’s father?!

  2. It’s good that they can both be mature about this situation. It’s not like Matthew will ever get the kids together, he doesn’t see them as it is, and they deserve to know each other. They ARE siblings.

  3. They should give Matthew and his assortment of co-parents their own spinoff of Unexpected, called Pretty Predictable, Actually.

  4. I don’t know anything about these people but here’s the thing: You had a crush on your bestfriend’s boyfriend and baby daddy, it happens, you move on. No, but you started DATING HIM and even got knocked up by him even though you already knew he is POS to his first child. I mean, is breaking up a friendship really worth it for one scumbag? I hope Hailey 2 learned her lesson and they both stay the hell away from this guy (he’s fertile so obv he can impregnate one of them or even both again) and demand child support from him. And renew their friendship in the process if it’s possible.

    1. It’s even worse than the scan rip you described. She didn’t start dating her best friend’s baby daddy. She hooked up with her pregnant best friend’s boyfriend. And then had a trap baby she was hoping he would be a doting father to just to underscore her “win”. Instead she got bitchslapped by karma.

  5. I’m not that mature!! Maybe when they are older, but defently not this soon.
    Fool me once shame on you,
    Fool me twice shame on me.🤔

  6. Since Hailey #1 is still filming with Deadbeat loser #0, I think they are still messing around. And, I think he’s still messing around with everyone else. I don’t know how anyone gives him a second look. I’m not convinced that either of the Hailey’s (How f’d up is it that I have to make that be plural with kids involved) wouldn’t fall right back in to #0’s trap. The kids are the true victims.

  7. Mackayla ADKINS IS SELLING NUDEY PICS. I said she would turn out like her mom. Drugs are next.

    1. Bet her grandpa is proud. Do you think he quit drinking after he almost died from it? I can’t stand her sister
      ( mom) but I can guess were she got her substance abuse from.
      Also lets just say
      Ewwwww!! Is she with or not with baby daddy this week?

    2. It’s like McKayla is allergic to a regular J-O-B! She’s never had one! Two kids and she’s selling her body to smoke that weed for her “anxiety”.

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