‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 10 Episode 16 Recap: A Gummed-Up Mic & A Bummed-Out Baby Daddy

“My mom’s too busy textin’ to notice. Can we keep this Bubble Yum boo-boo between us?”

On this episode of Teen Mom 2, we have Leah finding a new passion (again), a bunch of fights with baby daddies and everyone texting while driving.

So…basically, it’s business as usual for a ‘Teen Mom’ episode!

First we head to Indiana, where Jade and Sean are dealing with the aftermath of their big fight at Kllowey’s birthday party. As you may remember, they took the kid to some weird adult restaurant, where they proceeded to bicker while gnawing down free breadsticks until Sean popped off after Jade‘s unemployed mom Christy suggested he take up a career in food delivery.

Have these people never heard of Chuck E. Cheese? Seriously. Take the kid there, let her snarf down some greasy pizza, crawl around some germ slides, watch the rat sing and give her a real birthday party. Poor Kcloi. 

Jade is about to do an interview for the camera, so she asks Sean to take his unemployed ass outside so she can talk crap on him without him hearing.

I think that’s night. #CoupleGoals

“I’m talking about some OTHER unemployed guy named Sean who lives here. But it’s not about YOU, geez.” 

Sean insists Jade can be as open as she wants and that she doesn’t have to hide her feelings from him.

“There’s nothing to hide!” Jade insists.

Um…Christy and the mysterious crackpipe may beg to differ… 

Sean finally leaves and goes into the bedroom, slamming the door on his way in, yelling, “There? You happy!?”

“NO!” Jade says.


Jade not happy!? I’ll give you a moment to get over the shock.

Producer Eric gently suggests they do her interview outside. Jade agrees, and soon she’s outside, talking crap and saying that she wants Sean to be more driven in his career. Later, Sean gives his “side of s**t,” telling the producers that the only time his opinion counts is when the cameras are rolling. 

Let’s predict how Jade and Sean’s relationship will go…

When we check in with Chelsea this week, she and Cole are checking up on the progress of their new home, which has slowly become the main – if not only – filming location for the DeBoers, aside from their cars.  

I see we’re playing it fast and loose with the word “busy” this episode.

In all seriousness, are we sure Chelsea, Cole and the kids haven’t secretly been living on this property in a tent? They sure seem to be hanging out at this construction site pretty damn often, considering their new home doesn’t have floors or indoor plumbing yet. 

“The crew did NOT agree to these season-long porta-potty accommodations, Chelsea! These people are still trying to heal from their Farrah trauma!”

Following in Watson’s lead, it’s time for Aubree to head to school. Chelsea is happy that she won’t have to subject her daughter to the pesky E-learning, though she admits it’s “a little nerve-racking to send her to school in a pandemic.” 

So nerve-racking, that Chelsea makes Cole do the dirty work and drop Aubree off at school, even though Aubree is admittedly nervous and uneasy about her first day.

“What if I crank up the volume on my Baby Shark CD? Will that help? Aubree?”

Over in Delaware, Kail rounds up her boys and asks them how E-learning went while they were at their dads’ houses. Kail says according to Javi, Lincoln did well; as for Isaac, he says he’s over E-learning and ready to get back to “regular school”… and away from his pile of distracting younger siblings. 

Lux is all of us right now…

Later that day, Kail tells her friend Bone that keeping up with E-learning has her patience wearing thin and on top of that, she and Vee have just launched their podcast. Kail says they are bringing Jo on as one of their first guests, though she reveals they haven’t established what they’re going to talk about. 

“We usually just talk about whichever baby daddy has most recently fallen out of my favor.”

Regardless, Kail tells Bone she’s just pumped that they’re all getting along right now.

Down in Orlando, Briana is dropping off and picking up her kids at school/daycare/gymnastics/etc. and reminding viewers that she’s working a full-time job in addition to all of this… just in case they didn’t hear her say it the first 43 times. 

Later that day, Brianna pats herself on the back for Nova’s recent not-so-socially-distanced birthday party. Brittany (rocking her Playboy hoodie like it’s 2002) agrees, noting how “turnt” the “b*tches” were –– and “b*tches” she means Nova and Nova’s elementary school-aged friends, of course. 

“Yo I gotta be honest, we should tell Luis to bump some Kidz Bop in da club. It’s lit!”

Briana tells her mom and sister that it’s almost time for another sit down with Devoin. Briana says Devoin needs to “take Nova” more often, but Roxanne isn’t having it because Devoin is “room-mating” and Nova can’t be in that environment. 

“That house probably reeks of Axe Body Spray and bad decisions!” 

Roxanne’s comments rub Briana the wrong way but Briana insists that whatever she does with Nova is her decision, not Roxanne’s. 

Code red! Hide the pumps! I repeat: HIDE. THE. PUMPS.

Briana and Co. begin talking over one another and arguing over who is wrong. In the end, Briana says if she decides to “drop these kids off with their dads” – because apparently we’re pretending Luis is an active participant this episode – that Roxanne needs to just say “OK” and let it happen. 

“Yeah Ma, don’t screw this up or we’ll end up back in the Apartment of Broken Dreams!” 

Finally we head to The WV, where Leah is still helping the girlseses with their E-learnings. She has decided that she’s going to go get her learn on, too. She tells Jeremy that she wants to be trained to carry Naloxone.

No, it’s not another one of Victoria’s oddly named babies. Naloxone is a nasal spray that can be used to counteract an opioid overdose. Leah understands why it’s so important because she was once all messed up on the drugseses herself.

I feel like “I experienced addiction” is Leah’s 2020 version of “Stand in your power.”

Leah tells Jerm that she hopes to have an open conversation with her other ex-husband, Corey Tyler, about her addiction. Ever the optimist, Leah says that, someday, one– or even all— of the girlseses could end up on drugeseses and babblin’ on the phone about dye in the baby’s head or something.

I think that’s nice…

Leah tells the camera that she wants to talk to Corey because there is a lot of hurt in their past, due to what happened when she was on the drugeseses.

We can assume Leah is talking about hurt, but also eyebrow pencil…

Meanwhile in Indiana, Jade waits until the MTV crew has left and then decides to break up with Sean. Poor Producer Eric has literally missed the breakup— which is probably the most-exciting thing to happen to these two since The Great Crackpipe Caper– by moments. He is not happy.

Jade says she told Sean that she feels like they’re forcing their relationship, and that he needs to get out. Producer Eric is worried that throwing Sean— who is broke, jobless and useless— out on the street might be a little harsh.

“Why do I feel like I’m about to be a get an unexpected backward-hat-wearing, sleeping-bag-lugging roommate at my hotel room tonight?”

Jade says she’s realized that the only way she will be happy is if she kicks the blob ‘o’ unhappiness that is Sean out of her life…and her house. 

When we check back in with Jade a few days later, we learn that— surprise, surprise— Sean is still without a place to stay so he’s still living with Jade. That didn’t stop the breakup, though— or their ability to fight. 

Sean is just randomly hanging out in his car (as you do), when Jade (wearing a some sort of Miami-Vice-Meets-Golden-Girls sweatset) goes out there to tell him to come inside so Cloughi isn’t alone in the house. Jade and her pal are off to “get food…and stuff.”

What in the bad clothes you got for free from doing an Instagram promotion is going on here?

At dinner, Jade says she will try to co-parent with Sean, but if he keeps “gettin’ crazy,” she will have to cut it off. 

Back in South Dakota, Chelsea heads to the Laurie TacoBelle’s warehouse to see all the hard work that everyone else has put into her clothing line. 

“But sure, you can totally root through the boxes we just did inventory on and grab some free merchandise before you leave! After all, this is YOUR clothing line!”

While digging through boxes of her distressed hoodies, Chelsea tells Laurie she needs a size medium, only to accommodate her bump and “growing rack.” We then spend a couple of minutes literally watching Chelsea look for her size in boxes. 

It’s riveting TV.

Later on, Chelsea meets up with her stunt double friend Laura in a random park. Both are pregnant, both are wearing jean jackets and beanies and both are boring as sin. 

“Well this is awkward.”

After sitting down with Laura, the two trade ultrasound photos and Chelsea starts talking about her new house, Laurie TacoBelle’s and all the “cool s**t” she’s finally getting to do. Only then does Chelsea ask how Laura, who recently had COVID, is feeling. 

“I mean, COVID is no distressed hoodie line, but it’s something.”

Laura tells Chelsea despite being “precautious” (um?), she still ended up getting COVID and even though it was a “bad experience,” she’s glad she had it.

Way to be positive, Laura! (Your attitude, we mean… not your COVID test.)

Is that when you’re pregnant but also cautious— precautious?

Meanwhile in Delaware, it’s the day of Kail and Vee’s podcast recording and on the way, Kail keeps herself busy by… writing her doctoral dissertation on her phone, apparently? She then seems to remember that she’s not only texting and complaining but also driving too. 

” … and Natalie is busy, otherwise I’d have her watching the road for me.”

After finishing her tweets or whatever, Kail calls her friend Kristen to tell her “some surprising news” she received this morning: half of Isaac’s E-learning assignments from the previous week are missing. Jo and Isaac both told Kail everything had been completed, but Kail says there are “too many links” and “too many websites” and it’s evidently too confusing to navigate.

Kail is pissed and ready to tell E-learning to F-off. 

“If y’all want I could teach y’alls kids and such. I am big on the learnings, now that I have written my memoirseses.”

When Kail gets to Vee and Jo’s house, the three of them sit down and kick off the podcast episode. Kail asks Jo if it was awkward when she and Vee became friends and Jo says it was a relief and what he always wanted. (I’m sure he’s relieved that the girls will not be getting into a brawl and he will never have to hear “Jo, hold my earrings” or “Jo, hold my foot,” from Vee or Kail, respectively.) 

Kail says it was probably easier for Vee because there were never any “blurred lines” when it came to Kail’s relationship with Jo, unlike Kail’s relationship with some of her other baby daddies. 

“Me and this man never once got wild down at the WaWa!”

After the podcast wraps, Kail says she has a lot of catching up to do with Isaac’s work and Jo apologizes for whatever happened with the assignments from the week before. Kail tells him “it’s just a learning curve for everybody.” 

“Not today, anyway.”

Jo says he sat in on Isaac’s Zoom call for school and was shocked to find out it was only 12 minutes long. Jo doesn’t understand how anyone is supposed to learn in such a short amount of time and says the schools should be doing more to help students. However, in three weeks Isaac will return to school two days a week, which is good news for Kail and Jo and the struggle bus on which they’ve been passengers.

Over in Florida, Briana and Devoin meet up in a parking lot to talk. (No, seriously, they are just there to talk. No one is doing the “WaWa Dip” if ya know what we mean…)

Devoin tells Briana which days he has off from work and they determine a pick-up/drop-off schedule. 

“I feel like one of the ‘Teen Mom OG’ moms or something!” 

Briana also tells Devoin she’s going to talk to Nova to see how she feels about spending a few nights each week at the frat house Devoin’s house in order to give Briana a break… because she’s exhausted, in case you haven’t heard. 

That night, Briana asks Nova how she feels about the potential new arrangement. 

Will he also take her to play fetch? Why are they talking about Nova like she’s a Golden Retriever? 

Nova tells Briana she’s not really into the idea because Devoin and his fraternity brother friend play music really loud and she doesn’t like it. 

(I guess she doesn’t take after her Aunt Brittany.) 

Briana asks Nova why she feels uncomfortable at her dad’s house (besides the tunes) and Nova says it’s because she’s around only girls at her mom’s house and basically there’s just Devoin and some random dude hanging out at her dad’s house and she’s uncomfortable around a bunch of guys. 

(I guess she doesn’t take after her mom, either.)

Nova explains to Roxanne and Brittany later why she doesn’t like hanging out at her dad’s house and they tell her they understand why she feels the way she does – she likes her dad, she just likes spending time with him one-on-one. As their conversation is wrapping up, Stella chimes in to let everyone know how she feels about her own dad. 

“Mommy doesn’t like him either, honey. She’s still paying off that anti-biotics co-pay thanks to him!” 

After confirming that Stella is talking about Luis – no comment on their need to clarify – Briana, Brittany and Roxanne calmly talk to Stella, assuring her she has to “like her daddy.” 

“Fortunately for me, those rules don’t apply.”

Stella then lets the table know where her loyalties lie. 

Somewhere in Orlando, Devoin is taking a victory lap around his frat house right now.

Briana says she understands why Stella prefers Devoin over Luis and then reminds everyone that she picked these two standup gents to be fathers so she just has to deal with it and keep pushing for them to make an effort. 

“So yeah… my bad, girls. Sometimes when my hoo-ha meets up with tequila, bad decisions are made.” 

Back in West Virginia, Leah is trying to tap out a text on her phone but those dern girlseses are bein’ pains in the reareseses. In fact, Addie has somehow gotten her gum stuck to one of MTV’s microphones. Addie is not upset about it at all; in fact she’s positively gleeful, telling the producer, “I kind of ruined one of your mics!”

Producer Brendan comes over and kindly asks Addie to take her gnarled gum off of his expensive sound equipment but she refuses. 

“We could call Mama Dawn. Her Windex will get this right off…and you can spray it down your throat if ya got The Strep, too!” 

Leah finally looks up from her textseses (which we can assume are sweet nuthins’ she was sending to Jeremy) and realizes what Addie has done. She’s not concerned, though. She simply just tosses a trashbag at her kid to put the gum in. 

Leah’s got way more important things to worry about than some bubble chew, though. It’s the day of her Naloxone training.

Afterward, Leah meets up with Victoria to show her what “she has went and done.” She shows Victoria the kit she’s been given.

“Naloxone? I call dibs on that name if me and Roy-er have another oopsie baby!”

Leah explains the very detailed training she’s received …which includes calling 911, squirting this stuff into someone’s nostrils and then staying with them until help arrives. 

I hope she wrote all those steps down.

Leah then launches into a lecture about the dangers of addiction. Victoria can barely muster enough interest to at least try to look like she cares. (We know she’s really just waiting for the perfect moment to hit up Leah for some money to buy herself a ticket to Costa Rica.)

“It’s like dyes in the babieseses head!”

Leah then tells Victoria she was never able to confess her addiction to Corey Tyler, because she was battling him in court for the twinseseses. Leah begins to cry remembering how hard it was for her during that time.

“Well crap. Now I can’t ask for plane fare, not with you cryin’ and whatnot… Damn.”

The next day, Leah is driving to the abandoned parking lot to do the drop off of the twinseses with Corey Tyler. She’s decided that this is the moment she’s been waiting for: she’s going to “clear the air” about her addiction.

(So…what’s the over/under Corey calls Leah out, Leah gets mad, screams “Monkey!” and throws Addie’s gummy mic at Corey Tyler as she high-tails it out of there? Am I the only one who’s secretly hoping this happens?) 

She tells the twinseseses to stay in the car as she spies Corey Tyler getting out of his truck. They talk about how they haven’t gotten into a fight in years, and Corey Tyler reminds her that things between them “used to not be good.”

Shockingly, he’s not talking about the schooling in West Virginia here…

We are then treated to a flashback of clips from years ago, when Corey confronted Leah about her problem with the drugeses and Leah lied and denied it. In the present-day parking lot, Leah tells Corey Tyler that it’s essentially his [ding-dang] fault that she had to lie, because he was trying to snatch the twinseses from her.

Corey clearly doesn’t want to get into this conversation, or let Leah launch into a tirade about the addiction. He tells her, back then, he didn’t know “all the details” but he’s happy that she’s not nodding off while holding babies or feeding his kids cold canned ravioli at midnight anymore.

“I look back at that moment and I wish each of us, all of us including your wife, could have communicated it a little different,” Leah tells Corey. 

“Oooh, Miranda’ll be fit to be tied when she hears this!”

Leah then has the nerve to tell Corey Tyler that he should have provided “a safe space” for her as an addict. 

UMMM….you were feeding your girlseses all of their meals from the gas station and driving around in a trashmobile. You should be down on the ground and kissing Corey’s work boots right now for letting the twinseses be anywhere near you! 

“We was very supportive but that turned to anger,” Corey says. (BLESS.HIS.HEART.)

Corey still doesn’t want to have the conversation, but he admits he dreaded dealing with Leah at the drop-offs for years but no longer does. They vow to keep their communication going as it has been.

That’s all for this ding-dang episode! To read The Ashley’s recap of the previous episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ click here

(Photos: MTV) 




  1. Here’s my question. Is uttering the word LIKE numerous times (needlessly) part of their contract? Do the darlings get a bonus if their LIKE count is especially high? The coven is the worst, so their bonus (?) must be substantial.

  2. If I remember correctly, Corey and Miranda were more than willing to help Leah, and they were being pretty understanding about the whole thing (especially considering everything that has gone on). Leah kept insisting she didn’t have a drug problem and it was just that she was so stressed out, even when they told her they knew what was going on and they just wanted her to be healthy for the girls. The fact that she’s still playing the victim all these years later proves that she hasn’t come very far in her sobriety. She clearly isn’t working a 12 step program, since several of the steps focus on taking responsibility for your own behavior and making amends to those who were wronged by your actions.

    I really think her family is her entire problem. Just like when she was on her way to rehab, and Mama Dawn started calling her and being all dramatic, saying that Corey wasn’t going to let her have the girls back. In reality, Dawn wanted to take the girls to visit Leah, and Corey said she could take them, but he wanted to know where they were going (which isn’t unreasonable). Dawn blew that whole thing totally out of proportion, to the point that Leah came back from rehab temporarily to speak to Corey herself. Seriously, who makes their daughter fly across the country, when she’s finally agreed to get help for a drug problem? Leah’s family knew what was going on; that was totally obvious by the way they acted during that whole time period. I understand family loyalty to a point, but the fact is that Corey and Miranda were the only ones who were looking out for the twins’ best interest. Dawn was more worried about protecting her meal ticket. She should thank Corey and Miranda for taking great care of the twins, not blaming them for anything.

    Leah has come a long way and I give her credit for putting the the work to get clean. She has also been a great advocate for Ali, pushing endlessly for a definitive diagnosis for her, and she took on that huge responsibility at a very young age. Leah really needs to get some therapy and break this victim mentality, though. She’s blaming Corey and Jeremy for trying to keep their kids safe, she blamed Miranda for setting boundaries after Corey cheated on Miranda with Leah, she blamed Jeremy when he was gone all the time working to support his family. She needs to learn to own her mistakes and actually apologize, instead of demanding apologies from people who don’t owe her anything.

  3. Chelsea’s friend Laura…isn’t she the one who got busted sleeping with inmates (or an inmate) at her job at the prison in South Dakota? She was a corrections officer. I thought she was caught and fired. Am I thinking of a different friend of hers? Maybe it was a different friend.

  4. Jade needs to watch herself on this show. She is rediculous. She is always yelling at her partner because of his attitude and she has the worse attitude of any of these girls. It’s not like she earned a BA degree or anything. Yes he should be finding a job but it seems to me she only lets him back in the house when she needs a babysitter. As far as her mother goes, I would not let that woman near my daughter.

  5. I haven’t watched the show in like 3 or 4 years. The recaps are so much better! Ashley, thank you for being a reason to laugh in the middle of all the mess that’s going on this year. Can’t live without the recaps.

  6. Your recaps are life. The hilarity of them just gets better and better. From “Yo I gotta be honest, we should tell Luis to bump some Kidz Bop in da club. It’s lit!”, WaWa mentions, to the description of Jade’s strange track suit. I am dying laughing. Also, “If y’all want I could teach y’alls kids and such. I am big on the learnings, now that I have written my memoirseses.” made me crack up too

  7. Leah should be thanking Corey and Miranda, not demanding an apology. She is absolutely ridiculous. She repeatedly put her daughter’s lives at risk and has the audacity to say this to Corey?!? She’s lucky he didn’t take full custody and keep the girls from her. Selfish bitch.

    And, no Bri, Stella does NOT have to be nice to her dad. It’s not like he gives a fuck about her, why should she give a fuck about him?

    1. Stella is still a toddler and already savage – cool kid. And seems to already have more intelligence than her mom, dad, aunt and grandma combined.

      1. A savage cool kid? What’s that? It sure doesn’t sound like a compliment. Maybe the “cool” part does, but she’s only -what?- 3 yrs old? She is adorable, though.

  8. Kail’s and Joe’s gripes about virtual school was the first time in a LONG time this show has been relatable to the average viewer. Super short sessions, way too many links, assignments that don’t submit even when you think they did, and having to on top of your kid doing it. I felt that.

    Leah’s resentment toward’s Cory not being nice enough to her when she was actively addicted is a level delusion where her inner Mama Dawn comes out. Trying insist he was going for custody as some sort of power move when all he wanted to do was make sure his kids were safe is a story line I am so over with her.

    1. I also don’t think it’s right for Leah to just assume that some of the girls are going to end up on drugs. I don’t think it’s right to put something like that on them. She’s really not being much of a parent at all! She needs to quit petting herself on the back.

  9. I’m rooting for Leah, because addiction is no joke, and she seems to be working on her sobriety and taking recovery seriously, but she has got to get out of this “I’m a victim” mentality she seems to be stuck in. This whole Say you’re sorry that you were mean to me, because I was an addict, is absurd. Jeremy, Corey and Miranda DO NOT owe her an apology for exhibiting tough love. If Corey had not taken the girlses away from her, who knows where any of them would be right now. Leah might be 6ft under if Corey hadn’t done what he did, or treated her the way that he did. She needs to realize this and start showing some gratitude.

    And out of the mouth of babes…Stella saying she wanted Devoin to be her dad lets us all know that Briana and MTV’s narrative they’re trying to spin about him being an unhelpful, untimely, lazy, crap dad is pure BS. I’m sick of them trying to make him look bad. Even in last nights episode. According to him, he said he has no idea who Briana was texting, but it wasn’t him, and MTV was trying to make him look bad for a storyline, and once again, I believe him. WE ALL KNOW if Devoin actually called her “stupid” she would not have been that calm. It’s like stop it MTV, and stop it Briana. I hate how they NEVER go this hard after Luis, but EVERY. SINGLE. THING. that Devoin does is wrong. No other mom in this entire franchise, goes after 1 baby daddy like this, and blatantly lies. At least Kail gives all her baby daddy’s the same messed up energy. Devoin is not perfect, but it’s getting gross to watch how they’re really trying to manipulate the story in Briana’s favor, when it is OBVIOUS that she is the problem.

  10. While I’ve been reading about them for years here at The Ashley, I’d never actually seen an episode of TM; seasons 1 & 2 of TM2 are now on Netflix.

    It’s obvious, from the get-go, that each of the Original Four (Chelsea, Janelle, Kail and Leah) had already experienced a world of pain. None had the stability of a two-parent home themselves; none of them were taught and disciplined by the parents that *were* involved in their lives, as evidenced by the way they spoke to and generally treated their parents. Even, and maybe especially, Chelsea who’s dad was financing her lifestyle).

    It was hard to watch. MTV *could* have had a much bigger impact on their lives and the lives of their children if they’d earmarked earnings for counseling, life coaching, financial planning, etc. instead of just filming their version of “reality.” I’d have loved a good redemption story—over and over again.

  11. Do any of these Teen Mom kids ever take a school bus to school?

    Well I guess since none of them have a real job, they are all available to drive their kids to school.

  12. I think someone close to Leigh needs to point her in the direction of a counsellor and parenting classes. She should not be this self pitying this far down the line from getting clean, at this point she should be so, so thankful to Corey and Jeremy for making her see sense and taking the children-who at that point should have been in the eyes of social services due to the neglect. Not still going on about how mean they were. It is also clear that she does not set clear boundaries with the girls, the twins seem pretty chill and well behaved-but that will change once they get older and realise they can do what they like and Leigh will just bang on about how they are living their truth or some such nonsense so she does not have to intervene. The younger one is a different kettle of fish, and she is going to be a nightmare when it stops being cute. It was very telling when they laughed in the last episode about the lack of discipline or consequences. Poor kids, they are just being neglected in a different way now.

    1. I feel like she’s trying too hard to prove she’s not an uneducated addict and it is not coming off very well. Jeremy looks as if he has all he can do not to laugh in her face when she speaks to him. He’s always got the Bye Felicia look on his face at the drop offs

  13. Recaps are better than the ding dang show! I see Leah is in the Poor Poor Pitiful Me stage of recovery. It’s one thing to share the stress you felt during that time, but don’t blame this guy. Hell doesn’t Ryan do the same with Maci? Folks own your damn emotions and reactions and tell it to a licensed therapist. I hope Leah does succeed, that Gracie and Addie are going to give her a RUN for her money…very little of this sass-back and wild-child stuff will be cute at 13 or 14.

  14. I usually like Leah and admire how far she has come but she is annoying the shit out of me with her “ the world owes me something” view on her addiction!! She should not be blaming Corey for anything at that point in time! She should actually be kissing his ass for making sure her kids were taken care of when no one else did!! You can’t tell me for a second that Mama Dawn and Victoria and everyone else around her knew nothing about her problem! They just continued to turn a blind eye to everything and let Leah lie her way through everything! She fails to realize if she would have been open and honest with Corey about everything maybe they could have worked things out amongst themselves while she went and got herself help!! I obviously know it’s not easy for an addict to admit that they need help so I understand why she wouldn’t have done it then. But, looking back, she should know that she handled that situation way wrong and the problem was her NOT Corey or Miranda!! Corey could have been an asshole and fought to keep custody of the girls also which he didn’t do!! I think the way Corey handled this situation is the way any father in their right mind would have handled it!! Part of recovery is admitting your faults and making amends for them NOT placing blame on everyone but yourself!!! Leah still has a lot of growing to do!!!!

  15. Leah’s delusional self should be glad Corey made sure her kids didn’t drop dead because of her (and her family by extension enabling her).
    Briana wants to paint Devoin as Satan but her younger child prefers him too. Like…dude.
    Kail being shockingly understanding about the difficulties with E-learning with Jo. Its cool that Jo, Vee and Kail are cool. If she would stop popping out kids with a dude that dgaf that would be cool
    No comment on Jade or Chelsea

  16. In all seriousness, only Leah, Corey & Jeremy know what happened while she was on drugs. If she thinks the kids may be messed up from that, perhaps they should look into counseling for the girls. I don’t think its a terrible idea for Leah to get naloxone certified (WV has crazy high rates of opioid abuse), i think it’s strange saying all your daughters might be on drugs one day.

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