‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 10 Episode 17 Recap – Begging For Gas Station Treats & Being Petty and Messy

When we realize it’s yet ANOTHER episode that is mostly filmed inside a car…

Another season of Teen Mom 2 is coming to an end and, as per usual, the group is going out with a bang. (After all, that’s how this whole show began, right?) Yes, this recap is a late, but…pretend it got lost on The Land for a week…or something.

We kick things off this episode in the ding-dang holler. Leah and her ragtag gang of E-learners are excited that “The Covid” is going down, so Aleeah can go back to in-person learningeses. 

“It’s your first day, Queen!” Leah squeals at a very unenthusiastic Aleeah.

When you know your Mama’s gonna come in and give you an inspirational speech next but you ain’t even had your hot cocoa yet and you can’t handle it…

It’s still dark out when Leah and the girlseseses head out. (We assume they had to leave early to stop at the gas station for breakfast?) Leah is pretending to be a train conductor as her girlseses board the Trashmobile and it’s… a lot. She’s also throwing around the phrase “giiiirl” like it’s 1995 and she’s Ricki Lake. I give Aleeah a lot of credit for not barrel-rolling out of the Trashmobile to escape this horrorshow.

Before dropping Aleeah off, Leah hits her with a impromptu “stand in your power” speech about being brave, courageous and strong. Aleeah seriously can’t get out of the car fast enough. She doesn’t even take the time to throw on her mask before exiting. (I think it’s worth risking getting COVID to escape another round of Leah’s “Strong Womenseseses” speech.) 

Meanwhile in South Dakota, Chelsea tells Cole how concerned she is about contracting COVID. As she gives Cole a rundown of everything she did that week – a trip to the farmer’s market and Target, in case you care— the conversation is interrupted by Watson, screaming and demanding a “treat” from the backseat. He wants his parents to pull over to the nearest gas station and fetch him something “special.”

“I’d consider it a special treat to get three minutes to pull over and take a crap at a gas station by myself.”

Chelsea and Cole initially tell Watson they aren’t going to make any special pitstops for him, but Watson isn’t having it and insists that they reconsider their plans to make him go treat-less.

Me to my TV at least four times during each episode of this show.

Just when we think Cole and Chelsea are going to teach their tantrum-throwing toddler that acting like Farrah is nothing to be rewarded, the two collectively cave and tell Watson they’ll stop somewhere else for him and treat him to a lollipop, a bag of cookies, or literally anything that isn’t bolted to the store’s floor.

When Cole offers to purchase Watty a bag of Oreos, Watson turns the offer down, stating that he wants something special from the gas station convenience store. (Anyone half-expecting to see Javi in the gas station parking lot, looking for a little hump ‘n’ pump before starting his day?)

“That’s better, peasant!” 

Down in Orlando, Nova still isn’t down to spend the night at Devoin’s House ‘o’ Trap Music; however, he is helping out with pick-ups and drop-offs because Briana is SO “overwhelmed.” (I mean, she’s got a lot on her plate: calling constant meetings with Devoin, hoop earring shopping with “Shirley”,  helping Roxanne sort her heels into two piles— throwable and non-throwable…)

Meanwhile, Brittany is caring for Stella in her special way.

How is Briana consistently so overwhelmed when she has Brittany, a true pillar of the community, helping her raise her kids?

Briana says she’s happy Devoin is helping out but she’s not so happy with the fact that he’s constantly late. Surrounded by mountains of laundry, she vents about this issue to her friend. 

“He thinks he does enough because he picks up and drops off for me,” Briana says, while almost making sense. 

“…or is Aunt Brit supposed to pick me up but is over there by the crossing guard booty-poppin’ again?” 

Briana says if Devoin can’t get it together, he might as well not help her at all.

Wait…what? Didn’t she just say that Devoin is helping her? I’m getting Watson “I want something special” vibes here. She wants help but only special help. 

Over in Delaware, Kail is preparing Lincoln for his first day at COVID Elementary. She gives him the run-down of instructions: don’t let any other kids lick your mask, wash your mitts, and stay away from other mask-licking, dirty-mitted youngins. 

“I have to go to school AND wash my hands!? WTF?”

The next day, Kail and Vee are taking pictures to promote their parenting podcast (as you do). They gather up their litter of kids (well, Kail’s litter of kids and ViVi) and smile for the camera. Jo watches from afar, realizing that his two baby mamas teaming up is either going to be a dream come true…or his worse nightmare when the friendship inevitably goes sour.

“I’m so damn glad only two of those kids are mine.”

Meanwhile, in Indiana, Jade— fresh from her breakup from her own live-in lump ‘o’ lazy, Sean— has thrown herself into slayin’ as many heads of hair as possible. She has no choice, of course. She needs to support herself, her daughter Klowweeee and whatever adult in her life happens to be homeless/rehabbing/in hiding after a run-in with the law/ etc.

We get it Jade, you’re a hero… you don’t have to start wearing a costume to prove it.

Jade tells her friend/assistant/person that Sean is shacking up in an “extended stay” place that is “kind of like an apartment” except it doesn’t require him to sign a lease. 

“He just has to promise to leave the plastic ice bucket or he gets charged. It’s, like, the biggest commitment he’s made in his life thus far.” 

Jade says Khloughie is handling Sean’s absence pretty well because she’s too little to understand what’s going on, though fortunately, she (or her therapist) will have episodes of this show to reference back to in the future.

Jade tells her friend that Sean “being out on his own” will “help his ass grow up.”

“I expect him to be at C-lo-ee’s maturity level by Easter!” 

Later on, Jade finds herself desperate enough to enlist Sean to watch Clowi while she does some more hair slayin’ (or something). That goes about as well as any scene showing Sean’s child-rearing skills. (Those skills include the ability to heavy sigh for no real reason; being able to call his daughter “Dude” on the regular, and hiding under a stuffed SpongeBob toy when he doesn’t want to “adult” anymore.) 

Sean, when tasked with anything other than shooting zombies.

Once she returns home, Jade grills Sean about his job hunt for a whole 45 seconds and then all but gives him a gold star on his behavior chart for “doing better than you have been in a while.” Instead of taking the W and running, Sean chooses to play the victim and tell Jade that “being a stay-at-home dad was one of the worst decisions”


He claims that he could have been the one slayin’ and bringing in the cash money himself…but he chose not to (UM?) and now Jade has too much control and it’s caused a lot of his “built-up animosity.” 


After sending Jade on an all expenses paid guilt trip, Sean works in a half-assed apology. In return, Jade asks that Sean imagine a person (aka Jade) working all day to provide for another person (aka Sean), only to be met with a bunch of nonsense (aka Sean being Sean). 

Sean trying to imagine a person working period.

Jade tells Sean the two of them are just too different and though Sean argues that they used to be best friends, they both agree they have to get along for Klo-E’s sake. 

Meanwhile, in The WV, Leah and the girlseses are going to pick up Aleeah from school. Ali rats out Addie for doing drawingeseses when she should be doing her learningeses. Leah encourages them all to “be kind to one another.”

Leah takes some of the blame for Addie’s E-learning “mishaps.”

“I ain’t so much for the teachin’ and such, but I can get y’all motivated like nobody’s dang business!”

They arrive at school, and Aleeah hasn’t even pulled herself into the Trashmobile before Leah’s peppering her for the “411” on what went down in school.

“How was your first day!?” Leah squeals.

“Good,” Aleeah grunts. 

Leah asks her if she missed her sisterseses and Aleeah won’t even lie.

“Nope,” she replies. 

Later, Leah tells us that the twinseses have a lot of tension between them lately. While they’re all in the Trashmobile, Aleeah is whacking Ali in the head with a suitcase (as you do), and calling her lazy. Leah is not happy that they are not being “strong, courageous and kind” young ladies.

“Some days I regret ever lettin’ yer daddy give me that back-of-the-truck pickle tickle that made y’all!”

Aleeah argues that she called Ali “lazy” because “she don’t wanna do things.”

(I see that the schools in West Virginia are still “not well.”)

Because she doesn’t want them to stand in their power (while also standing on each other’s faces), she tries to reason with them, but ends up screaming at Aleeah for not being considerate of the fact that Ali gets more tired than she does.

She later apologizes to the twinseses for yelling and encourages the girlseses to do “a little reflecting” to see how they could handle their conflicts…without concussing one another with suitcases.

Leah then tells the girlseses that she loves them, but neither girlseses will say it back to her.

Eventually, they make it to the abandoned parking lot to meet up with Corey Tyler. Aleeah walks right past Leah and refuses to kiss her goodbye or acknowledge her. 

“Really?” Leah asks before forcing a hug on the kid.

Leah tells us later that she wants to support Aleeah, because she doesn’t understand Ali’s condition entirely.

“When y’all come back to my house, y’all better be like my eyebrows: thick as thieves, ya hear?!”

Back at Chelsea’s (rarely seen) old house – Chelsea says she and her family have been taking weekly COVID tests since filming resumed and she so graciously decides to demonstrate the process on camera. 

…and we thought watching Chelsea pick out hoodies and vegan leather jackets made for some bad TV.

The next day, Chelsea & Co. head out for their daily visit to to new house. During the drive, Chelsea reveals she and anyone else filming with her will now be subjected to up-the-nose COVID testing three times a week – something she isn’t really down with. 

Once they arrive at the property, Chelsea tells Producer Mandi that she and Cole were going to drop the kids off at her mom’s house; however, her mom was exposed to COVID from someone at work, so Chelsea ended up keeping the kids, who she tells Mandi have not been tested that week. 

Chelsea says she understands the protocols and she and Cole would be willing to test four times a day if necessary, they just don’t like putting their kids through it because the process freaks them out – especially Watson, she says. 

“Wait…but we can still film about Aubree’s cellphone, right? Even without Aubree?”

Chelsea says she and Cole want some time to think about what the best option is for the kids as far as filming goes. 

“You guys are totally welcome to crash here until we make up our minds. We’ll sanitize our tents and everything.”

Meanwhile in Delaware, Kail is dealing with some fallout from when she exposed Javi for trying to boink her in the WaWa parking lot. (This event, from here on out, shall be referred to as “The Great WaWa Caper.”) 

The episode in which she snitched that Javi was trying to fill her grocery bag has aired, and now Javi is upset that his Wa-Wa-humping attempts have been exposed to the show’s fans…and his girlfriend Lauren. Kail knows that Javi will take a bunch of crap for his actions, but also knows that she, too, will get flak for exposing him.

“They’re gonna be up his ass,” Vee says.

Sounds like the premise of “Backdoor Teen Mom” part 2!

Kail says that the show’s fans are going to call her out for what she did to Javi. 

“I look messy, I look bitter, I look petty,” Kail says.

On the other side of the room, Jo probably quietly pulled out his TalkBoy recorder and recorded her saying this…and listens to it while he sleeps…

Kail seems to be going back-and-forth between blaming Javi (and his over-active loins) and herself for what’s happened. She tells Jo and Vee that it’s not her responsibility to help Javi keep it in his pants, but also that she wishes she had never done that…but also that Lauren didn’t deserve to have it exposed that Javi’s flopping his snake all over the town’s gas station parking lots.

Finally, Jo realizes that Kail’s just spinning and asks her if she’s OK. Kail vows to clean up after the s**tstorm she caused for no reason. She also vows never to expose something like this again on-camera.

“Sure Kail, sure. And I wear my hair like this because I like how it looks…sure…”

The next day, Kail has to drop off Lincoln at Javi’s. She knows Javi is still mad at her and she’s nervous to see him. As Baby Creed cries the whole time, Javi opens the door and lets Lincoln out of the overstuffed KidMobile. Kail hustles Lincoln off with Javi, but then spies Lauren. 

“I know what’s about to happen,” Kail says as she begins to look nervous. “I’m done for the day. I’m done filming.”

WAIT…what’s about to happen? Is she worried Lauren’s going to charge her mini-van, demanding they box right then and there on the lawn for the rights to Javi’s ween? (FYI, MTV, I’d pay damn good money to watch that play out. Hell, put it on a streaming service, I’ll watch.)

When you know something crazy’s about to go down and you’re glad you’ve got a front row {car)seat…

The producer tells Kail to pull over so they can remove the cameras from her car. She barks at them to “hurry up.” (Did Lauren borrow Amber‘s machete and is she quickly approaching on Lincoln’s Razor scooter or something?!) 

“This is, like, not good,” Kail says. “What’s about to happen is not good.”


Kail basically throws the mics off of her and tells everyone that what’s about to happen is bad. They look just as confused as we do. 

Back in Orlando, Briana and the coven are tie-dying matching shirts to combat some COVID boredom. Brittany is praying to the fashion gods that her shirts will look nice enough so that she can wear it in ‘da club (and/or to whatever Sizzler Luis happens to be DJ spinnin’ at next time he comes into town).


Later that day, Briana hooks the kids up with some soda, chips and a movie while she settles in downstairs and prepares to send out some friendly reminders to Devoin about picking up Nova on-time the next day. While launching a series of texts, Briana tells Producer Vicky (wait…who the hell is Producer Vicky?!) how irresponsible Devoin is for not being able to pick up his daughter from school on-time.

Almost on cue, Devoin responds to Briana’s texts, blaming his tardiness on long lines at the pick-up circle. 

We’re giving this exchange a 6/10 for lack of passive-aggressive emojis.

Briana says Devoin’s excuse is trash, as she’s “been in those car lines” plenty of times and still managed to get through them without being late to pick up their daughter. She also tells Devoin that it bothers Nova when he fails to show up on-time. 

Briana then tries to prove her point to… Producer Vicky, we suppose, pointing out that if Nova gets picked up from school late, she can’t eat and is ultimately late for gymnastics. 

Girl, do you REALLY want to bring that thing into this argument?!

In Indiana, Jade goes to lunch with her friend Chau to talk about “fall vibes” and Sean doing the bare minimum. Chau seems doubtful that Jade will actually stand in her power her ground and not get back together with Sean, but Jade assures her that the distance is good for her and Sean, whether they’re together or not.  

May we also suggest Jade distance herself from all things hot pink for a while? Jesus God Leah…this is like something you see in a fever dream after taking too much Pepto-Bismol! 

When we check back in with Jade, things have taken a very on-brand turn. After showing up late to watch Clo-Wii, Sean got mad that Jade wouldn’t talk to him so naturally, he busted her dining room window. 

Perhaps he thought Jade would prefer to dine al fresco? I think that’s nice…

Live, Laugh, Let’s Call The Police.

To “help” with the chaos that is going on, Christy shows up to school the ‘Teen Mom 2’ crew on the ins and outs of the legal system. She talks about how everything Sean did is “all crimes,” and, hey, who would know better than Christy, Queen of Community Service?

Sounds legit.

Jade tells the producer what we’ve all been thinking the whole season: Sean basically contributes nothing positive to this (or any) situation. She says she’s interested in filing a restraining order; however, the cops were little to no help to her (#SeanVibes) when she spoke to them on the phone and instead suggested she cover her busted window with some [hot-pink-painted] wood and essentially hope for the best. 

That’s all for this episode!

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(Photos: MTV) 


52 Responses

  1. Lol how is saying you don’t miss your twin who you see ever hour of the day derogatory?
    Ali said the same exact thing two episodes ago that she couldn’t wait to get away from her sisters,because they annoy her?

    There was a episode last season where ali was flat out taunting aleeah saying she was going to get lousy grades ..
    But it’s only derogatory when gracie does it.
    That is so biased and such a double standard.
    And people wonder why there is animosity?
    They are completely treated differently by leah and the fans.

  2. Really tired of aleeah getting blamed for every little thing .This past episode she gave up cheer and wrote a entire text to her coach saying all that mattered was keeping ali safe.
    I have heard many people mention all the times ali has gotten away with provoking and being manipulative towards aleeah over the years.I remember the episode where ali stole a book from Gracie and kicked Grace in the stomach and poor Gracie got blamed when ali was the one who instigated the entire thing.
    Last season ali was taunting Gracie about her grades when Grace had anxiety and got pissed off when Grace did well.
    I have also seen her instigate aleeah and laugh when she gets into trouble.
    She ratted out addy for no reason this episode and continued to be snobby to her even after leah told her to be nice.
    I feel badly for Gracie the most,because ali gets a pass for absolutely everything from everyone.
    I watched the car clip and ali wasn’t even in her seat and threw it right back,
    But all leah does is only blame Gracie and people wonder why she acts out.
    I can’t imagine how she feels to constantly live in her twins shadow and be blamed for everything.
    Just because ali has a disability doesn’t mean she can’t be bratty or equally as mean.

    1. Ali also said last episode she couldn’t wait to get away from both sisters,because they annoy her.
      So to crucify aleeah for saying she doesn’t miss her twin and to not call ali out on the same thing is messed up.
      I didn’t like the way ali told on addy and was talking down to her in the car ethier.
      She def gets a pass for everything when she can be mean as well.

    2. I never thought ali was nice ethier.
      They all have clear resentment issues,
      But ali is always getting a pass for having a disability.
      I was surprised at how snobby she was being to addie this episode.
      I remember the report card incident as well when ali was bragging she was going to get better grades than Gracie.
      They treat her like the Golden child.
      I was surprised leah actually told her to be nicer to addy.
      She kept badgering her in the car .
      It was weird.

  3. I thought it was very sad ( and scary) to see Grace intentionally hit Ali in the head with that suitcase. She did not receive one ounce of discipline for that act and she could have done serious harm.

    All that cult speak that Leah was spouting did not address the issue at all and made Ali the poor, disabled victim as usual.

    I think Leah needs to address Grace’s mental health issues and give her sad speeches about having to deal with a daughter with mental illness. Grace has repeatedly harassed, bullied, and dissed her sister since they were young. In the last few years, it has become worse with her saying she doesn’t miss her and lots of other derogatory statements.
    She appears narcissistic aggressive and a little violent.

    1. You should ridiculous. That fight wasn’t even that bad and ali has been plenty mean to Gracie at times. Gracie actually apologized and was surprised,because ali was out of her seat.
      Guess you didn’t see the finale episode where Gracie QUIT cheer to protect ali.
      You have no idea the struggles kids who are siblings to kids with disabilities face.
      She is often on the back burner while ali gets all the attention.
      Your comment is highly insensitive to me
      She hasn’t said or done one negative thing all season
      Why does ali always get a pass for everything?
      There have been times where she has said and done rude things,
      But everyone favors her and gives a pass.

    2. Lol are you kidding?Least episode ali said the same exact thing that she couldn’t wait to be away from Gracie and addy,because they annoy her.
      Why is it ok for ali to say it,but when Gracie says it she is demonized?
      That is extremely hypocritical.
      And why should they miss each other?
      They see each other every damn sec of the day 24/7.
      Considering all the attention that ali gets,
      Gracie is probably happy to finally be with her friends and have the spotlight on her for once.
      Why is it ok when ali says,
      But grace gets called out?
      That isn’t right.
      Who cares if they don’t miss each other when they leah even said they have been together 24/7.
      If you are going to call one twin out for one thing and not the other that makes no sense and really isn’t fair.

    3. @Adobe blue ali said the same thing last week about not missing both sisters and that they talk to much.
      Why is that ok,but Grace saying it is bad?
      Perfect example of the double standard with the twins.
      Why would they miss each other anyway?
      They are together every sec of the day.
      Ridiculous thing to criticize.

    4. I think aleeah didn’t know she was standing up.
      She looked genuinely shocked and ali is no victim.
      She starts plenty and gives as good as she gets.
      I remember her kicking aleeah in stomach over a book and she punched her so hard once over a bag of pork rinds that Gracie’s head almost snapped back.

      Not a fan of how leah always puts the blame on aleeah.
      I notice the kid gets blamed for absolutely everything.
      I would have pulled over and disciplined then both.
      I agree people always act like ali can do no wrong,
      Which is part of the problem.
      If you watched the finale you would know Gracie gave up cheer to help keep ali safe and was cheering her on in a private gym lesson.
      I think aleeah really struggles to get attention.
      Between ali getting all the attention and addy having such a big personality,
      That poor kid is always pushed to the side.
      When they do attempt to spend one on one with her
      All they take about is ali.
      They need to give grace some attention and focus on only her for once.
      Leah really babies and coddles ali imo.
      Gracie even said she feels that ali gets away with things and is treated differently.
      I don’t think leah even listens to her.
      She seems much happier with Corey.
      As far as not missing her sister,
      Ali said the same thing recently and school is probably the one place where she doesn’t need to constantly take a back seat to Ali and her needs.
      Why should she miss her?
      She LIVES with her.

  4. I love your recaps. You hit spot on, with the details and special descriptions. Thank you for making it all bearable. I.trult appreciate your writing style!!!

  5. This is probably an unpopular view but I gotta say, I think Kail has been humbled this year and seems to be growing up. She owns her mistakes (finally) and is introspective. I have appreciated watching her growth. I really believe she felt badly for what she did to Lauren. Blast Javi all you want but Lauren didn’t deserve to be embarrassed and Kail did recognize and own her mistake.

    Yes, she still says things that make me cringe. I’m trying to root for you but when you say things like “If I can’t go to the Bahamas, I’m going to sue people” its not easy.

    Long story short here, I think we are seeing the most mature version of Kail we have ever seen. She’s trying.

  6. Leah is addicted to telling her story about addiction. Carrying Narcan, she’s out to save the world.
    She has the platform to bring awareness of the medical condition her daughter has and even avoiding teen pregnancy but all she wants to do is talk about drugs.

    Briana…….I don’t even know where to begin with her. Brittany on the other hand thinks she’s Playboy material. She’s wearing a shirt that has her picture on it wearing a bathing suit and captioned as Playboy. Ha ha.

    1. Leah is a bundle of contradictions, confusion and out right lies. She doesnt see a problem with teen pregnacy. Im sure it is a cycle in her family and she better not try to push the safe sex agenda to viewers after the way she giggled and grinned about her sister Victorias oopsie baby with their Costa Rican Tour guide. Brittany and that playboy shirt must have been to get people talking about their boring segments. It was shameless attention seeking because they are super boring otherwise

      1. She also is not getting the severity of the animosity between the twins. It is getting worse. Grace Alleah Whatever is going to have serious anger management issues and has signs of being a manipulative person…not her fault, environment!

        1. I think Grace has alot of issues,because she is constantly being blamed for everything while ali gets the constant pass.
          She also seems to lack attention and affection from leah,while leah is always gushing and fawning over ali.
          The poor kid is always put on the back burner and plays 2nd fiddle to her twin.
          They used to call her the forgotten twin on all the message baords.
          I think ali also resents her twin and little sister as well
          She seems to enjoy getting them in trouble and laughs at then.
          I was taken aback by how she was talking down to addy in the car and leah even told her to be nice.
          I think she thinks she is better than her sisters,
          Because leah let’s her get away with everything.
          They both need therapy.
          They clearly have issues on both sides.

  7. Kail is a miserable f#ck and wants everyone to be miserable too. She’s certainly not sorry for what she said about Javi on film. It back fired on her ass and she ran away and didn’t want the cameras on when she spotted Lauren. Then she goes and calls her privately, without the cameras on. She’s allowed to say crap about others on camera but when the sh@t hits the fan on her then no cameras are around. A true narcissist as she is, she says “even the best of us make mistakes.”

    Jade and Sean are toxic together. He says they had a fight because he was up all night with his friends and Jade wanted him to take a drug test when he got home. He claims that he said no because he’s tired of her treating him that way and he would have passed it anyway. Sorry Sean, not buying it. In fact, I think he never stopped partying (he still drinks) but maybe cut down a little while babysitting all day. As for passing all the drug tests he was given, who’s to say it’s his urine in that cup?

  8. Briana needs to take care of her kids herself instead of depending on her mommy and sissy she needs to grow up and live her own life with her kids guess she plans to get married and have hubby mommy and sissy live all together that marriage would never work she needs to focus on her kids as much as she does her baby daddy’s

  9. Leah is starting to do my nut in. I’ve liked her the past few years, she really turned her life around.. But now that she has NOTHING going on in her life, she just wont stop talking about her addiction.
    I get she needs and wants to talk about it, which is fine, but she seems to be working herself up about it because she brings it up at every given opportunity with anyone.
    Someone’s cold? She’ll related it to addiction
    Someone’s hungry? She’ll relate it to addiction
    Someone’s birthday? Yup she has an addiction story

    Plus all the motivational speeches are just so over the top and false like she wants to appear as the world’s coolest mother, Aleah is clearly so fed with it and Addie has turned in to such a brat where she does something bad and everyone is all “omg classic Addie so sassy”

      1. Are you serious calling this kid a narcissist?
        Did you not see the finale where she gave up her entire cheer season to protect ali from cv?
        Or when she stood up for ali when she was being bullied at school?
        Poor gracie always has to be the one to accommodate ali’s needs and leah always blames gracie for everything.
        Leah even said gracie doesn’t see her sister as having a disability,
        But views her as a normal kid.
        Also just because you have a disability doesn’t mean you can’t be lazy.
        I saw that fight and it was completely overblown.
        Ali has also said and done mean things to aleeah over the years so it is totally not one sided.
        Leah babies ali alot and infantilizes her and treats grace and daddy more like BFF.
        She has always been more affectionate with ali imo and gracie sees that .
        As for BOTH twins saying they don’t miss each other. ..why would they ?
        That was one of the reasons they were fighting.
        Why would you miss someone you live,breath and basically sleep next to every day?
        That is crazy.
        People just will find anything to rag on aleeah and daddy about.
        Ali said the same exact thing two episodes ago and it wasn’t a issue of course.
        To expect them to miss each other is asinine

        School is probably the only place where aleeah gets to be free and not have to accommodate her twins needs or be on the back burner.
        Give her a break.

  10. ?? Omg this is the funniest thing I’ve ever read about this show. Was cracking up the whole time. I felt like i actually got watch the episode

  11. First of all those texts Briana were sending to “Devoin” were so blatantly fake. You mean to tell me that she responded that calmly when he called her “stupid” amongst other things? This is the same girl who has physically assaulted that man for simply sitting too close, breathing in the same air as her, and having the balls to stand up for himself. Also, does she think nobody knows what an iMessage chain looks like? Unless she deleted the entire thread prior to that exchange (which lets be real, she would never delete all of those receipts), that was the beginning of new iMessage, with someone saved under the name “Devoin”. This bitch is shameless.

  12. I love reading your recaps of episodes! I have had similar thoughts as I watch the episodes of Teen Mom 2.
    One thought has consistently come to mind is MTV is making a lot of money on white trash. Chelsea seems to be the only one who has pulled herself up. I feel for the kids of the other ladies.

  13. Why is the real question not being asked?
    Why is Kail scared of Lauren?
    Kail will happily slap Javi around and set up to throw hands with Bri. But she catches a glimpse of Lauren and literally started to shit her pants.
    GUILTY. Someone needs to DNA test that baby.

    1. Either Lauren’s secretly an MMA fighter, or she’s got some dirt that Kail doesn’t want on camera.

    2. LOL Kail really did run and hide when she saw Lauren/thought Lauren was going to say something to her or possibly fight her. HA! As much as they hate each other, Kail and Bri have a lot more in common with their personalities than not. Impulsive and all talk, but couldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight.

  14. TAshley, you are absolutely hilarious! As I read and laugh through each girl’s recap, I wonder how it is that some people are so naturally funny and witty. If you’re not writing some of the lines for tv comedians you should be! But then we probably wouldn’t have The Ashley Reality Roundup “no more.” And that would be a ding dong cryin’shame!

  15. The Ashley, you are absolutely hilarious! As I read and laugh through each girl’s recap, I wonder how it is that some people are so naturally funny and witty. If you’re not writing some of the lines for tv comedians you should be! But then we probably wouldn’t have The Ashley Reality Roundup “no more.” And that would be a ding dong cryin’shame!

  16. Kail shouldn’t feel bad for exposing Javi. That is all on Javi.
    If I was Lauren I would want to know and I’d be thanking Kail for letting me know what he is up to.
    Of course if I was Lauren I also wouldn’t have been with him to begin with, since I was his 3rd choice after Briana & Kail, but whatevs. And let’s not even begin with the staying with him after he banged a girl downstairs while I was upstairs taking care of his child.

    These girls who put up with this insanity are whack. I’m not even half as pretty as any of them but I have never put up with all that crap. Get some self-esteem ladies. You can do so much better.

    1. I’ve gotta agree…while Kail should have gone about releasing that information differently, Javi had no business giving her that ammunition to work with in the 1st place. We all know how petty Kail is, and he gave her quite the bomb to use against him…and Lauren should have BEEN GONE a long LONG time ago. It seems like every year, there is some Javi sex scandal, but yet Lauren stays, and seems to blame the chick for his behavior.

  17. Once again – love your recaps, you had me laughing out loud at Leah’s trashmobile….took me back to the glory days of Addie getting buried in crap in her car seat while her parents screamed at each other.
    I still giggle at unemployed bum Sean calling his daughter ‘Dude’. I’d love to see him get a job and get up every day to go to work when he can’t be present or in time to ‘babysit’ his own kid, Miss Dude.

    1. Has anyone else been watching the show from the beginning on Netflix?

      I honestly forgot the hell that Leah, Kail and even crazy-ass Jenelle lived in! Chelsea seems sweet, but outside of A-d-a-m, she hasn’t changed at all. She was spoiled rotten then and she’s spoiled now.

      I forgot how truly entertaining this show used to be. Thanks theAshley for these recaps, because the real deal episode was an absolute snoozefest.

  18. I wish Leah would just be HERSELF. She’s so worried about her image and how people see her, that now she’s talking in this bizarre inspirational quote language like she wants to come off as this in-touch mom. Just be yourself. Everyone already saw you hit rock bottom where you drove your 3 starving kids around high as a kite. Anything is better than that so stop being fake and just be who you are. No one expects you to be this amazing role model type mom. Although I do get a kick out of seeing Corey’s and Jeremy’s reactions to her when she talks like that lmao

  19. I watch teen mom in our living room. My husband was in the same room and he asked why that girl(leah) talks like a bumper sticker. Meaning in inspirational quotes.

  20. Did anyone else notice that each time Brianna was on the phone with Devoin, they were labeled differently?(Devoin and Novas dad)

    1. Devoin even went on Instagram and said that wasn’t him she was texting and that he didn’t know who that was.

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