A Proposal, An Ambush & A Confused Model: Get Your First Look at ‘Welcome to Plathville’ Season 3

Wanna bet?

Brace yourself for another season of crying at the kitchen counter, creepy grinning and problematic parent-child relationships because Welcome to Plathville is back for a third season. 

In the Season 3 trailer posted by People, viewers are told “there’s a million things to catch up on” with the towheaded family, but we all know we’re just in for more of the same.

One thing that has changed, however, is rebel daughter Moriah’s relationship with boyfriend Max. In the preview for the upcoming season, the two are seen exchanging “I love yous” (and food), much to Kim and Barry’s discomfort. 

Feeding time: former fundie edition.

We also learn in the trailer that Max plans to pop the question to Moriah, which we’re sure Moriah’s parents will be absolutely thrilled about…

As for Micah, it’s more of the same this season – modeling shirtless. While Micah has mastered the art of taking his shirt off, he can’t seem to get his career to take off, mostly due to his inability to reply to modeling-related emails. 

” …to use this show to catapult my career instead, that way I never have to open these so-called ’emails.'”

“One thing I do want to talk to you about today, there’s been a bit of lack of response in text messages, emails, those kinds of things,” Micah is told at a meeting with his modeling agency. “Modeling is your job and so we need you to take those emails a lot more seriously.” 

While Micah tries to figure out how jobs work, Ethan and Olivia continue dealing with Ethan’s parents, to whom they’re still not speaking.

“If you so much as think about caving, I’m planting myself at the crying counter and not moving for a month.”

“Ethan and Olivia, their heart is still heels dug in against us and I don’t see any give,” Kim says in the clip. 

“A few more seasons of this show, if we’re lucky.”

Meanwhile, Lydia causes some controversy of her own this season after getting called out by her parents for texting a boy more than 160 times. (Is anyone else cringing thinking about Barry combing through her texts and making literally counting the ones from this boy?) She is left feeling “like a bridge” between Kim and Barry and Ethan and Olivia. 

“I just hope I don’t collapse,” she says dramatically. 

In an effort to create some drama this season mend things, Kim appears to plan an ambush during Moriah’s music show, though the clip doesn’t reveal how the plan pans out, leaving viewers wondering if yet another Plath family showdown is on the horizon. 

Then there’s this:  

Or, ya know, maybe Ethan has something more exciting than a face-off with Pa Plath in the works…  

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Season 3 premieres August 24 on TLC.

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 


  1. I’m glad this show is back. But I hope my heart doesn’t have to break for Ethan all season as he hopelessly tries to please his wife.

    Ethan, you will never win with her. Not because of anything you do or don’t do, but because she’s not in love with you and NOTHING is going to change that. End the misery!

    I fucking hate when people torture others due to their own mistakes. Ethan is a sweetheart. He doesn’t deserve what she’s putting him through.

  2. I miss the days of TLC when they aired shows like “Trading Spaces” where the worst thing that could happen to a family would be getting stuck with an ugly ass living room designed by Hildi.

  3. TLC needs to chill out with these shitty family shows. They’ve been making money off horrible people since at least the Jon and Kate days. They seem to have forgotten they they’re supposed to be THE LEARNING CHANNEL but all we’ve learned over the years is the Christian families they keep showing have horrible abusive backgrounds (y’all remember what happened with the Willis family??). The whole network needs to be shut down.

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