‘Welcome to Plathville’ Star Olivia Plath Says She & Husband Ethan Still Have No Contact with Ethan’s Parents; Says Kim & Barry Plath “Haven’t Made Any Effort to Reconcile”

Radio silence from Kim and Barry? Sounds like a Merry Christmas to me.

After Ethan Plath decided to sever ties with his mom and dad, the Welcome to Plathville parents have reportedly made no effort to reconcile with their oldest son or their daughter-in-law Olivia. 

On the current season of the family’s TLC show, viewers saw Ethan come to the conclusion that enacting a no contact rule with his parents Kim and Barry Plath was necessary after he and Olivia were no longer allowed to see the youngest Plath kids who still live in the Plath family home. 

“Umm, did you not see the tattoos and the buttery nipple drinking?!”

Olivia revealed to People this week that at the moment, she and Ethan remain “on a no-contact basis” with Ma and Pa Plath.

“I know it hasn’t quite aired yet, but I think they have teased it that there is a point at the end of the season where Ethan does talk to his parents and lets them know how he feels about things,” she said. “And that was a pretty wild little adventure in and of itself. But as of right now, we just decided, you know, we’re on a no contact basis.” 

Putting some distance between themselves and the Plath parents was “the healthiest and best thing for us,” Olivia said, adding that neither Kim nor Barry have attempted to reach out and repair the rift. 

Olivia, blissfully riding the Plath family rift wave until the wheels fall off.

“When Ethan went no-contact, his parents basically said, ‘Alright, we’re totally fine with that’ and haven’t made any effort to reconcile,” she revealed. 

With the self-imposed no-contact order in place with Kim and Barry, Olivia and Ethan are celebrating the holidays this year in Minnesota with other family members, including Ethan’s 19-year-old brother Micah. 

“This is Ethan’s first white Christmas because he didn’t celebrate Christmas growing up and so it has been a lot of fun,” Olivia said. “We’ve watched a lot of Christmas movies and hung out with his grandparents here.”

“Christmas? Never heard of her.”

Olivia, Ethan and Micah made plans to go skiing while visiting the Plath brothers’ grandparents, which Olivia said they will probably still be doing as 2020 comes to an end.

“We’re going to go up north by the Canada border, so it’ll be a very cold New Year’s,” she said. 

Still, Olivia admitted it would be nice if Ethan could celebrate the holidays with his other siblings, too, even though “his siblings don’t celebrate holidays and never have and they wouldn’t be allowed to.”

“So that part of it is just, in a sense hopeful because we know that in the future when they’re older and they can drive and they can make their own choices like Micah and Moriah, then they will celebrate the holidays,” she said. “And then we can have new memories with them.” 

As for the couple’s 2021 plans, Olivia said there are some big moves in store – literally and figuratively. In addition to Olivia launching her rebranded photography business, she and Ethan will be packing up and saying goodbye to Cairo, Georgia. 

“We’re looking to move in January and I also launch my new brand in January and I’m really, really excited for that,” she said. “I’m really excited to share all the photos from the brand launch and the website I worked really hard to build. 

“We’re trying to start this [new year] out with a bang after January 2020 when we all thought it would be good,” she added. 

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC)


  1. Ethan is spoiled in some ways…. he thinks being a drunk thotmongering swinger is going to get him some kind of satisfaction. Ethan doesn’t appreciate that his parents right or wrong did what they believed and didn’t just leave him to his own devices. He doesn’t have to do what his parents say but spitting in their face after they worked hard to prevent him from being a Georgia whitetrash copper thieving cockroach methdog is loathsome. He and wife will be tweaking in a trailer before this is over.

  2. IDK I personally think Olivia is just confused. She grew up in a very conservative household as well, and I think in her quest to ensure that no man ever controls her, she’s kinda went too far the other direction, and I believe is unwittingly trying to control Ethan.
    I joined the USAF at 18 after a couple years of college, and saw alot of this (more than I did on campus)… kids that came from very strict upbringing finally getting a little taste of freedom (I’m guessing the distance from families had something to do with it, since we were usually stationed thousands of miles from home). The females seemed to either start dressing a bit promiscuous, not knowing where to draw the line (kind of like Moriah), or drink too much, or act how Olivia tends to act- like no man is gonna tell her what to do.
    The guys seemed to act like Micah- always walking around with no shirt, or drink too much as well, or start brawls… they were so sheltered from mainstream society that they didn’t know where they fit in the world.
    I think Olivia will eventually chill out, and I hate reading th negative posts about her, because I really do feel bad for her. I think she’s just a Type-A personality that was forced to be submissive as a child (because she’s female, not because she was a kid), and she hasn’t developed a filter- and her insecurities come across as controlling.
    I do hope she learns to chill, though, because eventually Ethan may end up snapping on her like he did his parents, and I think with a little maturity they could be a successful couple.

  3. How can members of this family, as well as viewers, think the Plath’s are conservative Christians? I understand not participating in the commercialized parts of Christmas yet still honor and celebrate the day, but to not celebrate the holiday at all, as Olivia says, is definitely not Christian. “his siblings don’t celebrate holidays and never have and they wouldn’t be allowed to.”

    Did Olivia not explain it well or has the family truly never celebrated Christmas – or any holiday (and what’s so wrong with many of them?)? I don’t know anyone who considers themselves Christian who doesn’t celebrate the day and the reasons for the day?

    Is appearing to be Christian part of the Plath’s scam to exploit their children/family? The parents completely creep me out. Whoever said above that they were a cult was spot on! Total mind control and manipulation. I wonder how the family finances work – or don’t work.

    SMH at the parents for, so far, not admitting guilt or responsibility for F’ing up their kids’ emotional/social/interpersonal maturity/experiences/relationships. And they’re still raising the younger kids the same way! Ugh. Totally unprepared to have healthy adult relationships with anyone. They should be asking for their kids’ forgiveness.

    1. The church I grew up in (Church of Christ, which is mostly popular in the south) doesn’t celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus. The church teaches that you should celebrate the birth thorough out the year and not just one day. So they do exist.

  4. There are many reasons I do not care for certain aspects concerning the raising of the Plath kids. It’s nothing personal against the parents. However, Olivia is a toxic crap stirrer. That boy went from being controlled by his parents, mostly the mother, to being controlled by Olivia. He cannot think for himself.

    Olivia loves to control and lives to find ways to look innocent or victimized, while she plots ways to come between her husband and his family.

    One thing is for sure, Ethan grabbing his dad and then getting in his dad’s face is repulsive beyond compare. That boy needs to make a decision to be a man or continue wearing his wife’s dress.

  5. Imagine having 9 kids and ending up alone because the second they turn 18 they run and never look back.

    Kim and Barry Plath are clueless, and cheated their children out of a good education and social skills, and continue to believe this show is painting them as parents of the year.

    Kim, you suck as a parent. Get your shit together and learn about compromise and stop being so selfish, thinking this show is about you.

  6. I can’t really figure out what this show is all about. I watched like 10 minutes of their first season episode and got lost so I turned it off.

    1. The parents were wild teenagers, so they decided to raise their kids by removing almost all “tempting” aspects of the outside world.

      The kids are restricted from conventional music (including Christian), holidays, socializing with other friends, dating and education. It’s basically a cult. The older kids (3/4) turned 18 and ran for the hills.

      The show feels somewhat scripted, but basically the parents try to control their adult children without success. It’s like Neverland where no one ever grows up.

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