Olivia Plath Reveals the Status of Her Marriage to Ethan, Talks About How Kim Plath Ruined Her Wedding Day & States Why She Refuses to Watch ‘Welcome to Plathville’

“Gonna mark ‘Piss off the Plaths’ off our to-do list!”

Welcome to Plathville returns for a third season later this month, but one person who won’t be watching is Olivia Plath.

The wife of Ethan Plath told her fans in a recent Instagram Q&A session that she refuses to watch the show, despite the fact that she and Ethan provide a large part of the storyline. Olivia also opened up regarding the status of her marriage to Ethan, which many fans had speculated was on the rocks due to Olivia rarely wearing her wedding ring.

Olivia assured fans that she and Ethan are still happily married, and stated that this is the “most-common” question she gets asked. (Back in April, Olivia admitted that she and Ethan were “working through a lot” in regard to their marriage.)

“Yes we are still married,” she wrote, explaining that her going ring-less has nothing to do with the status of her relationship.

“People comment on the fact that I don’t always wear my wedding ring and make so many assumptions,” Olivia wrote, adding that sometimes she just forgets to put it on.

Other times, she said, she chooses not to wear it.

“I often don’t wear my ring when I travel solo and am afraid of damage, theft or being forgetful and leaving it at a hotel. Hence why it’s often off in travel/wedding/adventure photos. You can come at me but that’s the truth and it has nothing to do with commitment levels.”

Olivia mentioned that her commitment to Ethan is so strong, in fact, that they are planning to re-do their wedding day. Olivia claims that her mother-in-law Kim Plath basically hijacked the couple’s original wedding day back in 2018.

“I just wanted the opportunity to have my dream day, not my MIL’s dream day, and wear what I wanted, invite who I wanted, eat what I wanted, have the music I wanted, etc.” Olivia wrote. “You know, like any bride would. It’s okay, we are going to have a redo someday.”

“Go ahead and have another wedding! I have a lovely white gown and veil I’d love to wear while crashing it!”

Olivia and Ethan have been estranged from Kim and Ethan’s father Barry for a while, and during the Q&A session, Olivia noted that she and Ethan no longer associate with her in-laws, even for show-related reasons.

“The only toxic thing was having to continue a relationship we didn’t want with my in-laws for the sake of the show,” Olivia wrote. “So we decided to do what was best for us and cut contact [with Barry and Kim]. 

“Now we are so much happier and continue to make choices that reflect cutting out drama and choosing peace.”

“Me? Cause drama? NEVER!”

Olivia stated that she keeps peace in her life by not watching ‘Welcome to Plathville.’

“My life is more peaceful when I cut out drama, chaos and untruth,” she wrote. “Sometimes that’s impossible in real life but I choose to not rewatch it on the screen for my own mental health.”

Olivia and Ethan have complained about the show in the past, which prompted some of Olivia’s followers to ask her why she continues to appear on ‘Welcome to Plathville’ if it negatively affects her mental health. Olivia clarified that it’s the people on the show, not the show itself, that causes her pain.

“The show has not been toxic for me,” she wrote, later adding, “It was never the show, only some of the people who remained in our lives because of it. Once we removed the source of trauma, it’s been a fun experience!” 

Last month, TLC released the trailer for the upcoming third season of ‘Welcome to Plathville.’ However, Olivia assured her fans that there would be no pregnancy announcement on the new season.

“No baby plans any time soon,” she wrote, adding that she and Ethan have raised enough kids for the time being.

“We both just stepped out of a parental role with our younger siblings and are eager to have some time to ourselves!” 

You can watch the ‘Welcome to Plathville’ Season 3 trailer below! New episodes premiere August 24 on TLC.

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram)


  1. I love ❤️ this show & everyone in it. A little unhappy with Mom Kim & so sad for Dad & kids. I do not believe in divorce & I definitely do not believe Dad Barry should have to move out of the house. He was there for all of them when Mom walked out. Why does she get to walk in & take over because she is ready now? I believe in forgiveness. However, as a parent you do not get to walk out of your children’s life when you want & walk back in when you want. I love ❤️ Barry I think he is a great Dad & would have been a better husband had she really opened up to him. I pray I get to see a more positive Kim on the next season & keep her word to her children. You all are a lovely family & I will watch you as long as you are on tv. 🙏❤️

  2. How do you do a show that the number one main characters don’t interact with the other main characters..Basically her storyline is based on the fact that they don’t get along with his family…If you don’t interact with them ..you get no drama . A plus for her but you also get no story line. Except to show how degrading you are to your husband. So remove yourself from the show. If TLC has nothing to go on ..they’re going to go on the rift in your marriage…You didn’t realize this right? ..👀. You’re not here because you are riveting cast member… your here because the drama between the in-laws. If they have nothing to focus on..they’re going to focus on you and your marriage..

  3. That girl is total drama and as much as she says she doesn’t like it, want it, she loves it!
    It gives her all the reason to bitch and complain about EVERYTHING by crying that her in-laws are mean! Act like an adult and confront the situation and then move on!
    Poor Ethan was seduced by sex and is now chained to that girl!
    She’s so mean to him!
    If he had a bit more world knowledge he’d dump her and find someone to treat him as an equal and not as a puppy to teach new tricks too!

  4. The parents on that show are extremely controlling. I would have moved across the country if my MIL was as cringe as Kim.

  5. Ethan deserves a wife who is in love with him. Olivia isn’t it. That was evident since the show began and it won’t ever change. I hope she sets him free soon so he can move past this no-win situation. Of course, being on the show provides her incentive to stay and keep pretending. Hopefully he’ll see through it eventually.

    1. Just curious, what makes it so interesting?

      I’ve never heard of it until I read theAshley’s articles, but I checked her like for the S3 and Ethan’s, “I’m such a Sneaky lady” cracked me up

      1. I like it because it’s not like the normal TLC big religious family shows they usually have where they sweep everything under the rug and pretend to be perfect. The Plath kids aren’t happy about of a lot of their upbringing and they’re open about it. I’m on the second season now, and the 19 and 17 year olds that got kicked out were begging their parents to do better by their younger siblings because of how hard they’re having it with no real world experience.

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