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“I keep my kids private— except when they can make me money!”

Duggar’s Gotta Dug! Monsters & Critics: Jinger Duggar Vuolo Slammed for Using Daughters as a Prop For Instagram Influencing 

Dog On It! The Blast: Dog The Bounty Hunter Joins Search for Gabby Petito’s Boyfriend

Where’s Madisen? Starcasm: Find Out If ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Star Madisen Beith Moved to Ohio & Get Other Spoilers

It’s a Boy! The Sun: ‘Catfish’ Host Nev Schulman & Wife Laura Perlongo Welcome Third Child

Unclassy Clickbait! In Touch Weekly: ‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Slammed for Posting Clickbait to Profit Off Gabby Petito Tragedy 

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  1. The fact that Maci would use Gabby’s murder as clickbait is beyond disgusting! Think about how her parents would feel seeing that? They just lost their precious child to murder & the one that did has run away like the coward he is. They can “say” that they weren’t the ones that posted it, it was their social media team. To me that sounds like a cop out. If I hired someone to post click bait (and I wouldn’t) there would be some hard rules about what was acceptable and what wasn’t. And, at the very least, I would make sure I approved before it was ever posted at all!

    1. Exactly and if something went up in poor taste like the post about Gabby, I would have it pulled immediately and post about how I was incredibly sorry.

  2. I like the Duggars but think it’s stupid to continually show Jinger’s daughters from the back. They do this alot on social media even when they’re not trying to sell something. Give them privacy and don’t show them at all. It’s annoying at this point.

    1. Her husband’s works, and she stays home with the girls.

      Her girls are adorable, so what if she made a few bucks off them, it ain’t like she pulled a Josh and porned them off!!!! It was INNOCENT.

      Are you saying she should shove them in daycare where things like Josh’s situation actually happen so she can “get a job like the rest of us”?

      1. I actually agree with you here True Dat 👏🏼 nothing wrong with it. Being a stay at home mom is hard work and it goes unpaid. So what’s wrong with making a little money to contribute to the family? I wish I could stay home but I have to work. People will just always find a reason to complain about others, while they live their perfect lives.

    2. Maybe she doesn’t want to leave her kids and HAS the privilege and following to make money from home just posting on IG. What’s wrong with that? I work a full time job and have 3 kids, one 12 yr old recovering from cancer, a 7 yr old who still needs her momma, and a 11 month old. And guess what, I want to be home so bad but in California it takes two incomes to keep the family afloat. And I have to help my husband. I want nothing more than to find a job to work from home to be close to my babies during their child years. Other people just have it a lot easier to be home and not have to leave the home to make money. She’s doing what all of us mothers wish we could do. Don’t be a hater.

      1. I’m so happy to hear your kiddo is recovering!!! ❤️ That’s wonderful!
        And, I hear you about the California cost of living issue. It’s a shit show. My husband makes pretty good money and I’m a stay at home wife right now (lotta health issues) and if we had kids, quite frankly, we’d be financially fucked.

  3. The Teen Mom’s who use those Click Bait stories to make money are disgusting. It doesnt matter if THEY are running their Instagram or someone they hired, THEY are profiting off of it.

    They know exactly what they are doing because they turn off the comments like the cowards they are.

    They smell like an hour after a big glass of the Boom Bod tea they tried to sell us….

    1. Maybe she’s donating what money she makes off Clickbait to the family??

      Yes, she’s human, but dont hate on her because she does something you dont like?

      I believe there’s either going to be a GO FUND ME page to pay for funeral expenses for that girl (or maybe there already is one)?

      Not everyone that makes money by alternative means is using it in a selfish manner.

      1. Gross. Maci’s story was posting about Brian Laundrie being caught just to make herself some money. I guarantee Gabby’s family wouldn’t be okay with that. You are kidding yourself and being naive if you think Maci donated money made to Gabby’s family. I would feel gross even taking it from her with the lies she posted.

        1. I just saw that the funeral services were open to the public, there’s no telling what kind of riff raff that would bring in off the streets.

          If that doesn’t bother the family why should anything anyone posts online?

          1. For a regular person I’m sure “open to the public” wouldn’t be a big deal.

            But Gabby Petito’s case was highly publicized.

            So “open to the public” in that case could bring in media, tv deals choosing the funeral services as a good time to get the rights to the story, LOTS of unsavory characters!!

            You wanna talk about “gross”, this is sick.

            This family needs peace and this isnt the way to get it!!!

            They just seem like their using this poor girl as a way to get 15 more minutes of fame and fortune…PATHETIC!!!

  4. Laundrie probably killed himself. Cowards usually do after the commit horrendous crimes. No sense in going door to door looking for a new show, Dog. He’s long gone.

    Can’t believe anyone married and reproduced with Nev.

    1. Nev is fine as hell! If I were the sort of person who wanted to marry and have kids, I would be very happy to do those things with Nev.

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