‘Jersey Shore’ Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino Says Brother Maximo is Suffering From Mental Illness & Meth Addiction; Maximo Responds to Allegations

This situation just got a lot messier.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and his brother Maximo have yet to fist-pump and make up following Maximo’s recent unexpected visit to Mike’s house. 

TMZ reported last week that Maximo dropped by Mike’s New Jersey home to drop off some gifts for both Mike and Mike’s newborn son, Romeo, only for Mike to call the police on him. After Mike received criticism from fans for not allowing his brother into his home, the Jersey Shore star took to Instagram to explain that he was protecting his son and wife, Lauren, from Maximo, whom he claims is mentally ill and addicted to meth!

While Maximo wasn’t arrested for his lurking/attempted gift drop-off last week, police did inform him that he was not allowed on his brother’s property unless invited to be there. At the time, it was explained that Mike didn’t welcome his brother with open arms (or an open door) due to the pair’s rocky past.

Earlier this summer, Mike reportedly filed harassment claims against his brother and he continues to feel that Maximo’s erratic behavior warrants a heads-up when it comes to house visits. 

To our knowledge, this “erratic” behavior doesn’t include pink tutus…

Over the weekend, Mike responded to the fans who felt he was being mean by not letting Maximo into the house.

“What kind of dude calls the cops on his own brother?” one person wrote. “Despicable.”

“A rational adult who just put down his baby to sleep at 8pm and the doorbell was ringing obsessively at 8:30pm,” he continued, before mentioning the July harassment claim and confirming that he chose “not to have cops arrest [Maximo].” 

While Mike didn’t want to see his brother sporting a pair of handcuffs last week, he did accuse Maximo of exhibiting “despicable” behavior for months,” which he claims other members of the Sorrentino family have noticed as well. 

“My whole family has blocked him not just me, even my mother and what does that say,” Mike stated. “We just want him to get help and he is refusing.” 

(As ‘Jersey Shore’ viewers know, Mike has been sober for many years now, and continues to be an advocate for Banyan Treatment Centers.)

Maximo went on to deny the “defamatory statements” he claims his brother made regarding his “character and health,” telling followers he was working with his PR team to address the allegations accordingly.  

When asked about the contents of the gifts he purchased for Mike and Romeo, Maximo said he gifted the pair matching Puma and BMW tracksuits.

As his brother refused the gifts, Maximo said he plans to donate the unwanted items. 

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(Photos: We TV; Instagram; Twitter) 


  1. There is only so much family and friends can do for someone addicted to drugs when they are not ready to help themselves. He shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for not wanting unsafe or erratic behavior around himself (especially as a person in recovery), his wife or his infant child. No doubt this separation is agonizing for their family-made worse when people tear him to shreds when they aren’t having to walk in those shoes.

  2. Mike’s brother is consulting his “PR Team” on how to respond? Why does he have one? Bhahahahhahahaha! Good for Mike for cutting this junkie off.

  3. Frank/Max can say whatever he wants at this point, I don’t believe him. Showing up to a family member’s home uninvited is a red flag, as is obsessively knocking on the door/ringing the doorbell and leaving bags of gifts. Mike stated this happened at 8:30 pm. when their baby was sleeping. I believe Mike in all of this. I’ve seen a bit about Frank and his tendency towards drama on “Marriage Boot Camp”. The drug addiction and mental illness claims toward Frank/Max are concerning, and he sounds like he needs help.

  4. I havent watched the show since the original Jersey Shore show ended, but it really seems like Mike has changed! Good for him, I wouldn’t want anyone like that around my infant child either.

    Also, why does his brother have a PR team 😂. Talk about trying to leach off your brother’s fame…

  5. Mike’s reply to the random commenter was perfect. There’s nothing wrong with cutting off toxic people family members or not.

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