‘Jersey Shore’ Star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino Calls Police On His Brother Maximo Following An Unannounced House Visit

GTL: Gym, Tan, Let’s Call The 5-0 On Our Sibling.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino isn’t a fan of unannounced house visits– especially ones from his brother Maximo. 

According to TMZ, the Jersey Shore Family Vacation star called the police Tuesday night after Maximo showed up with some gifts for his and wife Lauren’s newborn son, Romeo. (Maximo claimed that the gifts included some Puma BMW tracksuits for Mike and Romeo.)

Once he arrived at the New Jersey home, Maximo allegedly rang the door excessively, peered into the house through the glass doors and lingered for a while, before ultimately hanging his nephew’s gifts on the doorknob.  

The Sitch was reportedly watching the whole scene go down from inside the home. Upon his first Maximo sighting, Mike called the police, who responded to the scene in less than a minute. 

Mike’s take on the response time of local law enforcement.

The cops spotted Maximo as he was leaving and they told him he wasn’t allowed on his brother’s property unless invited to be there. The police then let Maximo leave without further incident. 

TMZ reports that Mike called the cops on his brother because the two of them are not on good terms. In fact, Mike has filed harassment claims against Maximo in the past– most recently in July– and feels that Maximo’s erratic behavior warrants a heads up when it comes to house visits. 

So they can coordinate outfits, right?

According to Maximo, there aren’t any ongoing issues between he and his brother and he’s upset that The Snitch Sitch called the police on him. 

Fans of Marriage Boot Camp may remember the Sorrentino brothers–- Mike, Maximo and Marc–- appearing together on 2017’s Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition. Mike and Maximo joined the show in an effort to mend their relationship following a nasty public fight that happened in 2014. 

Mike has yet to publicly address the, um….situation. However, Maximo revealed to TMZ that he promises not to show up to Mike’s house without calling ahead first. 

(Photos: WeTV; Instagram; MTV) 

10 Responses

  1. Nope that was the right thing to do. If his brother has shown erratic behavior like the article says in the past and your wife and newborn are inside it’s best to call the police and let him get escorted off the property then engaging in a fight

  2. I like Mike. And while calling the cops seems dramatic… Mike says the have issues, Max claims ignorance of such.

    So if I’m to believe Max, he didn’t announce he was coming over to Mike. Rude, but ok. Then when he gets there, constantly rings the doorbell and lingers around the house. Like if to see if they’re home but not answering the door. At no point during THIS does it sound like Max called or texted Mike either. ?
    I’m sorry but that doesn’t seem like normal behavior from siblings that don’t have something going on. Max sounds like he was trying to surprise visit Mike and force himself into Mike’s *situation*. That’s not cool and as a recovering addict I can’t see why that would set him off.

  3. This is very very odd. I absolutely know what it’s like having unexpected guests show up after having a baby and it’s an extremely rude thing to do and in the age of covid it’s rude and dangerous but why not just text him to screw off and tell him to call ahead next time… Though he’s always been dramatic.

    1. You have to remember that Marc and Mike both got into trouble with the tax issue at the exact same time.

      And I believe it was because Mike was aiding and abetting Marc by helping him break the law.

      Mike is trying to do better, he’s changed and grown. He doesnt want that negativity around anymore

      I agree that calling the cops is dramatic but hey…a person’s gotta do what a person’s gotta do…maybe he tried the nice approach first and that didn’t work?

      Good for him!!!

      1. And when Marc and Mike went on trial Max stayed for Marc but left when it was Mike’s turn in front of the judge.

        This just sounds like a desperate attempt from Max to cause drama for Mike.

      2. *Allegedly*
        somewhere during that time when this all came out about the tax stuff, Max allegedly was in on it. And flipped to get the Sit in trouble because he didn’t end up making out with $. But this is years ago when this 1st started before the trial when they owned all those tanning salons. * Allegedly*

        1. That would make me even more determined not to have that influence around my wife and newborn.

          Somebody flips and I spent 8 months in jail while they get off scot free, hell no!!!

          Brothers dont do that, it’s sad that his JS fam and Lauren was ALL there but his own brother couldn’t stay!!!

  4. Mikes dynamic with both if his brothers seemed tense. He was on “marriage biot camp” with them. His other brother was involved with the tax evasion legality. Who knows what has happened in those few years since the show between Mike and this brother.

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