Dog the Bounty Hunter Pitching New Reality Show As He Searches for Fugitive Brian Laundrie

“I’ll find that guy…and a new job for myself!”

Duane “Dog” Chapman may be actively searching for fugitive Brian Laundrie, but he’s still making time to shop his latest reality show!

Variety reports that Duane— better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter— has been working with production company ThinkFactory to pitch a new reality show about his “day-to-day life and his exploits.” (ThinkFactory is the production company behind WEtv shows Marriage Boot Camp and Mama June: From Not to Hot.)

Dog– who has starred on reality shows such as ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’, Dog’s Most Wanted and Dog and Beth: On the Hunt in the past— recently joined the search for Brian, who is a person of interest in the murder of Gabby Petito. Brian, who was Gabby’s fiancé, has been on the run since Gabby was declared missing. (Her body was later found in Wyoming.)

Dog has been posting about his hunt for Brian on social media, announcing on Wednesday that he and his team were involved in an “active and specific search in a key area based on the intelligence we are receiving and researching.”

“Boat crews and ground teams have been called in and we have search and rescue dogs deployed,” he added.

Since joining the search for Brian last week, Dog has set up his own tip hotline (which he recently told Fox News has already received over 1,000 leads). He also knocked on the door of the home of Chris’ parents. (He was not able to talk to anyone during that trip to the home, though.) 

“This has been a very different search,” Dog posted to his social media accounts on Wednesday. “Social media has enabled us to do this alongside everyone out there. America is along for the journey with us and I’m ready to do more!”

Dog, who married Francie Frane earlier this month, has not been on TV since 2019, when he was featured alongside his late wife Beth Chapman on WGN‘s ‘Dog’s Most Wanted.’ He was scheduled to star on a new show, ‘Dog Unleashed,’ but it was cancelled this year before it ever aired. 

Thinkfactory and Dog have yet to comment on the new show rumors.

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(Photos: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images; Instagram; Twitter)

30 Responses

  1. He screws up the whole investigation.Brian is probably online watching him looking for him in the wrong spots. He got away with murder, he won’t intimidated by a brown guy with white hair blending up in the area. Dog.. marry Darcey. Make that a show. Not this. He is way smarter than you.

  2. Their fearing darkness
    All around you.
    The criminals are on the run.
    So you keep hangin’ in the dark,
    I’ll hunt you down ’cause I’m
    The dog. I’m the dog, the big bad dog.
    The Bounty Hunter.

    stay lit

  3. Racist loser….even your kids do not speak to you. Go back to the Wizard of Oz you cowardly lion looking has been.

    1. Hes half Cherokee, they dont cut their hair.

      And he has a job…its called Bounty Hunting. Pays pretty good too obviously or else he wouldnt be able to upkeep two houses (one in Hawaii and another in Colorado).

      Why dont you go back to your “real job” (if you even have one) and leave him alone.

      What he does on his own time isnt really any of your business.

      Hes a real man that takes care of his responsibilities (and 12 kids) and does it honestly…that’s a rarity.

      It ain’t his fault that aside from Beth his baby mamas were POSs!!!

        1. I’m disabled so no I dont have a job.

          And my opinions are only negative to sarcastic pieces of trash that dont like agree.

          Enjoy YOUR day…asshole!!

      1. Gotta agree with you True Dat. Dog has captured 1,000s of fugitives with the most known being Andrew Luster (known for raping women with GHB). Don’t know why anyone is bashing him.

  4. We are about to find out if that Dog can hunt without its B***h. In my humble opinion, Beth was solely responsible for catching all those people. Dog is not intelligent enough to do what she did. He is just a thug who can’t function without some random woman taking care of him.

    1. Beth was not a bitch…you on the other hand…YEAH!!!

      She’s dead asshole, have some fucking respect!!!

      Yes she had a major hand in finding clues, but who was always yelling “Kick the damn door down!!” And who was the one kicking that door down?…Dog, Youngblood or on a very small occasion Leland!!

      Like he said, “Beth will always be Dog’s Most Wanted!!!”

      He caught the love of his life!!! No bigger catch than that!!!

      He said on an ET interview that “Francie is the final Mrs Chapman but there is and always will be only one Mrs Dog…and that was my Bethy!”

      Grow up jeez, you are a HORRIBLE human being!!!!

      1. Thank you for your comment, True Dat. If you know anything about the show or Beth, you would know that Beth referred to herself as a b***h in the best way possible on many occasions. She carried herself with pride and owned everything she ever did in her life; right or wrong.

        Please, control yourself before you get thrown in jail for that nasty temperament.

        1. She carried herself with dignity and grace so that she could deal with losers like you without having a nervous breakdown!!!

          If it weren’t for Dog losing his temper on these idiot convicts she’d have lost it a long time.

          I think he kept healthy longer myself.

          She often referred to Dog as “the storm before the rainbow”

  5. It just seems to me that if Dog has to pitch this himself and his last show was canceled before it even aired… maybe read the room Dog?

    20 years ago this was new and entertaining, but now it feels forced and gimmicky. His original show worked well bc it was locals that the family/business really seemed to try to help. Thier compassion and passion for thier work and community is what endeared them to us. It just feels like Dog is addicted to the fame and attention now. If he’s not on his own show, he’s being a guest elsewhere… to promote himself/new show. It’s gotten desperate and embarrassing IMO.

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