Debra Danielsen Says She Doesn’t Speak to Her Daughter Farrah Abraham; Says Being on ‘Teen Mom’ “Created an Atmosphere of Entitlement” For Farrah

‘Calling out my daughter in interviews is the best way to patch up our relationship.’

Debra Danielsen recently spoke out about her troubled relationship with daughter Farrah Abraham and the impact appearing on Teen Mom had on her family in the latest episode of ‘Have a Seat with Chris Hansen.’

Debra OG stated that being on TV changed Farrah.

“I would say the show created an atmosphere of entitlement, that a person could do anything they wanted to do without regard or respect for their family or their parent, and so it created almost a monster situation,” Debra told the TV journalist best known for the ‘To Catch a Predator’ series on Dateline.

‘Putting my teen daughter on TV was a great idea!’

Here are a few highlights from the 10-minute interview:

On the impact ‘Teen Mom’ had on Debra’s family:

Deb said she did not regret her decision to do the show, but acknowledged doing the show changed her family.

She said she currently has no relationship with Farrah or Farrah’s daughter Sophia.

“I would say yes, it was worth it, however, there are long-term, everlasting consequences and we’re not speaking today, so that’s very sad and I miss my granddaughter.”

On what being on reality TV did to Farrah:

“I think it really made her suspicious of other people, it hurt her, it damaged her self-image, and it put a fence between her and her family,” Debra said.

Deb– who has been exploring her own career in the entertainment industry since her time on the show ended— said she hoped others would be helped by her sharing her story.

“My story relates to a lot of people who are going through the same thing, these are people that are silenced, you don’t hear about it, and a lot of these people suffer in silence.”

She said she hopes to reconcile with Farrah someday.

“I pray to God that my daughter is happy and healthy, and I do want [our] relationship to be happy and healthy,” Deb said. “I want to be able to hug her and hold her and tell her I love her. That’s very important to me, and I want my Sophia to know that she is still the sparkle in my eye and I will always love her and I miss her.”

On whether she feels she exploited Farrah for fame:

“Nope, nope, I never exploited my daughter, I tried to help my daughter,” she said. “I threw myself in front of the bus I don’t even know how many times, and I never took anything, not one dime ever, and I had to pay for things in the background and I financed everything. So, nope, it’s a totally different scenario.

“I’m a retired executive, you know, I didn’t sit at home and, you know, wonder how I could pimp out my children. I never did that.”

Farrah has yet to comment on the interview, but viewers did weigh in across social media, many showing concern for Farrah’s 12-year-old daughter, Sophia.

“You do realize Deb was talking directly to Farrah about exploiting her own daughter, Deb’s granddaughter, right?” one wrote on YouTube.

“I think the show is just a small part of the source of the trouble you and your daughter are having. Your issues were there way before the show. From the content your daughter puts out onto social media, she has some pretty deep-rooted emotional and mental issues. And from the content you put out, I’d say you have some issues yourself. Mental health is no joke and you should both get help. I’m afraid for Sophia and the problems she will encounter as well. Just my opinion,” someone commented on Instagram.

When someone commented on TikTok that Deb is to blame for how Farrah is, Deb actually revealed what mental illnesses Farrah is allegedly dealing with.

“This is why Farrah is the way she is,” the fan wrote on TikTok.

Debra responded: “Nope. Farrah has BOD with Narcissistic disorder.”

(BOD is a typo for BPD, or borderline personality disorder.)

(Photos: MTV, Instagram, TikTok)



  1. What is interesting about the Teen Mom franchise is how we see family dynamics, mental health, and how that affects relationships and different generations.

    Anyone with eyes see how dysfunctional the Abraham family is. Deb is just as mentally ill as Farrah is. Watch one of her music videos for proof. Deb also takes no responsibility for her actions or even acknowledges she ever did anything wrong. Statements she makes in this interview are also false. Another user mentioned Debs face-lift paid for by Farrah. Wasn’t Deb trying to do a spaghetti sauce business for years that Farrah was a part of as she did interviews with her mom and had her photo on the label (as part of a family portrait). The show was popular at the time so Farrah fame was used (if not her money) to promote and sell the sauce.

    Farrah has claimed her mom physically abused her and has suggested her dad may have been sexually abused her. I watched the “marriage boot camp”season with this family, and Michael flat out refuses to take the lie detector test at the end. Thats highly suspicious. Deb vanishes in the middle of the season (and tells The Situations brother, not even her own family) that she’s temporarily leaving family therapy to go get married.

    Debs speculation (or confirmed diagnosis, who knows) of borderline and narcissistic (I’d add in drug abuse) seems accurate but I don’t understand why Deb is giving interviews painting herself to be a martyr when she’s far from that. She’s also mentally ill herself and raised Farrah.

  2. Ya know- after being a forever fan and rewatching some of the early episodes about Farrah, I realized that she was hit pretty hard with situations that made her super emotionally unstable.
    I really wonder, what kind of person Farrah could have been if she had stable and compassionate upbringing. I feel that she could have been capable of doing some awesome thing for people. It’s awfully sad- but never to late to be a better you.

    1. I kind of feel bad for Farrah, too. In CBB, you could see how suspicious she is of everyone. The slightest bit of criticism makes her believe that they are out to get her and she lashes out as a defense mechanism. It’s not healthy at all and truly sad to see. She was actually kind to anyone who was nice to her.

      There’s no doubt that she has her own issues, but Debra is really messed up. Please keep in mind that Farrah wasn’t living with them during 16 and pregnant. She was being raised by her grandparents so it makes sense that she treated her parents like they had no clue about her or her life. Micheal negotiated her vivid deal. They were both aware of what was going on and encouraged it. According to another article, Debra’s mom has a restraining order against her. She believes that Debra’s stole from her and opened a IRA account in her name with Debra as the beneficiary. She also believes that she has intercepted her direct deposits and sent them to a joint account that only Debra has access to. I do believe that Farrah has serious mental health problems and Sophia may be in a bad situation because of it. However, I would not take Debra’s word on anything especially about Farrah.

  3. I had to side with Deb for a hot minute. But, you have to also remember all the times Deb and Michael supported and ignored their daughters public behavior. When she got into p0rn, they excused it and made public comments supporting her. Her public antics and atrocious attitude were excused and supported. However, we do not know if the two of them were trying to get her help in the background of that support. I doubt it, but we do not know. It is also possible Farrah threatened to keep Sofia from them if they did not publicly support her choices, actions, and behavior. As far as we have seen, that is possible, since Farrah is vindictive and sketchy. Sure, her parents could be a large part of her mental issues. But, she is 30 and treats everyone like trash. Her ego is severely inflated, and she is indeed a narcissist with BPD.

  4. Sorry Deb has a majority of the blame here, her and Micheal. It is not just her mental health issues but nice try.

  5. She never took a dime?? Horseshit! She had Farrah pay for her “liquid facelift”. There’s footage of her calling her to tell her the price. Pretty sure she had zero problem taking those checks from MTV too. What a deluded liar.

  6. Debrah was an old looking female that threw her daughter out of the car way before fame started. She took Farrahs paycheck to rebuild her face, marry santa and now dances in stripperclothes like an idiot. Poor Sophia.

  7. I don’t watch TM or the other MTV shows, but no one could possibly exploit their child more than Farrah. Sophia is drug along on escorting trips, hyping a pregnancy test at 12, has unmonitored social media, lives in a small apartment where mom “works” doing bathroom videos and other porn, and on and on. How about calling out your daughter for these attrocities? One reason Farrah is the way she is, is that she was spoiled rotten and mom and dad enjoyed the newfound fame as much as their daughter did.

    1. Didn’t she make Sophia film her getting some plastic surgery on her vag. Like she was young when that happened.

      I think Sophia is having to raise herself, Farrah takes her with her when she “yachting” but then leaves her in the room by herself or worse leaves her home alone for days.

      When Farrah got arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Sophia was there, but I always wondered what happened to her when her mom spent the night in jail.

  8. During the first series of sixteen and pregnant, Farrah and you were in a car when you backhanded her in the face. It was very clear then that you had anger issues.

    That was physical abuse.

    1. And they weren’t allowed to talk about Derrick because Michael had been charged with assaulting him with a weapon after he caught them having sex.

      The only reason it got dropped is he was dead.

      That happened before filming too.

  9. OHHHH, it was TEEN MOM that created “an atmoshpere of entitlement”???


    You sure you didn’t have anything to do with that Deb? Cuz I remember a 16 yr old pregnant cheerleader in your house calling you Mom, who was pretty fucking entitled.

    Well, keep on rapping to that Baby GooGoo beat.

  10. Danielle Cohn’s mom is a slag.

    Danielle was 10 doing videos on, She had numerous of older boyfriends when she was 11 and 12, like 18 yr old dudes. More than one.

    Last year at 13, she had an abortion. Mom did a huge cover up, pretending she was 15 (bc thats so much better), but no, this girl was 13. 13 is too young for sex, and getting pregnant, let alone with a parent’s approval.

    Could I see Farrah doing this? Sure.

    Did Deb do this? No. Deb’s problems arent of pimping out daughter, she just lives in fantasy land.

  11. Wow! This is what Chris Hansen is doing now!?! Farrah is a mental patient and needs to be away from Sophia. I just can not wait for Sophia’s tell-all, it’s going to be amazing, with Jace’s coming in at a close second.

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