Angela Deem Explains Why She Flashed Her Breasts During the “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” Tell-All

We can’t think of a more fitting place for Angela to talk this incident than on 90 Day Bares All.

Angela Deem is attempting to explain why she flashed her surgically-enhanced breasts this summer during the filming of Part One of the 90 Day Fiance: Happy Ever After? Tell-All. 

On Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Bares All, host Shaun Robinson asked Angela what went down at the tell-all–—- besides Angela’s top, of course––and according to the 55-year-old, her antics were the result of some medication she was taking at the time, Entertainment Tonight reports.

Shaun, making a mental note to talk to her agent about getting her classier gigs…

“I was tired, I flew straight … and I was advised not to fly, you know, ‘cause it’s dangerous, but you know me, I’m always doing something on the edge,” she said. “I did it, and then we stayed out a little bit too late and I couldn’t sleep, and then I started hurting and took a pain pill, and I had, like, 30 minutes of sleep.” 

Angela claims she didn’t plan on flashing everyone on stage –-once, let alone twice-– and that she had “no idea” why she ended up doing it.


As for Angela’s husband Michael Ilesanmi, he talked about the incident during a virtual appearance on Sunday’s episode, calling Angela’s behavior “totally atrocious.” 

“I mean, I was surprised and shocked,” he added. “Why would you open your breasts to the camera? Like, that’s crazy! So please, don’t do that again. I said, ‘don’t do that to me.'” 

We all know Michael is a VERY private guy…

Aside from baring it all on the Tell-All, Angela also expressed regret over the way she spoke to Michael’s Aunt Lydia, noting that she did apologize to Lydia on-stage but they haven’t spoken since. 

The couple confirmed that, although Angela threatened to call it quits with Michael during the Tell-All, the couple confirmed on “90 Day Bares All” that they are still going strong. Michael even took a lie detector test, during which it was determined he was not with Angela just for a green card, as she has suspected.  

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12 Responses

  1. I’m SO sick of her and her vulger, disgusting antics. And, I’m SO sick of the network/producers for thinking viewers tune in to see her and giving her more airtime/opportunity to behave so disgustingly. BS, medication had nothing to do with her behavior during the Tell-all – or any other time. That’s just Angela.

    I hope (although I doubt any regret/embarrassment she says she has about what she did is real) she feels humiliation and regret down to her toes. Only changed behavior will show weather she learned anything from what she did and she’s sincere. Using the word sincere to describe Angela doesn’t feel right. LOL

    Open your eyes, Michael. You deserve someone who will love and accept you.

  2. She acts like that on or off meds, I wanna know why the doc left his OWN party just to take her back to the hotel when her daughter could have easily done it

  3. To be fair, she did look “high” to me like she was on something. Although, it still doesn’t excuse what she did.

  4. She flew into a blind fury, as per usual. She cannot regulate her outbursts during a temper tantrum. She did the logical thing and pulled her boobs out x2. In essence, her vulgar verbal abuse wasnt satisfying enough, so she took it to the next level of degradation. Never ever takes responsibility for her actions. Smoke-Micheal”s fault; flash

  5. Run Michael, RUN. Angezilla is a horrid person, no matter how she changed her appearance…she is loud and SELFISH.

  6. She is so full of shit. It was entirely in line with all the behaviour we have seen from her, not only on the 90 Day shows but also on Maury! It is very clearly the real her, she has zero filter. Why the hell is she trying to make out, on this solitary occasion, that she was not herself?

  7. Medication my ass. Angela is the most disrespectful, vulgar person in this franchise. She’s only backtracking because of all the disgust she’s getting.

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