WEtv Expanding ‘Lockup’ Franchise with ‘Love During Lockup’

A new ‘Love After Lockup’ spinoff is coming this winter.

WeTV is bringing more prison love stories to our screens this winter with the debut of Love During Lockup, Variety reported Friday. The new series, a spinoff of the network’s top-rated Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup, will follow couples building new relationships when one partner is incarcerated.

The new show will give audiences the opportunity to see how these relationships start, according to producers.

“We always have talked a lot about the importance in an authentic series like this of capturing firsts,” executive producer Matt Sharp told Variety. “Not just talking about firsts, like, ‘We did this, we did that.’ But actually being there.”

Couples featured on ‘Love During Lockup’ could eventually be featured on one of the franchise’s other shows.

“You could ultimately end up seeing that ‘Love During’ couple in ‘Love After,'” following the prisoner’s release date, Lauren Gellert, WeTV’s executive vice president of development and original programming, told Variety.

In casting the new series, producers shared they’re looking for couples who want to be on TV to share their stories and not just to become famous.

“Certainly as shows get more are successful, of course you’re going to have people that are potentially wanting to be on a show because they want to raise their social media platform,” Matt Sharp told Variety. “We are on high alert for anyone that feels that way.”

The producers pointed to Brittany Santiago, who was featured on both ‘Love After Lockup’ and ‘Life After Lockup’ with non-con boyfriend Marcelino, as their favorite couple from the franchise and an example of cast members who were there for “the right reasons.”

“She goes for a really, truly, ‘I can’t believe this second chance at life I got after prison, and I just want to help others,’ Lauren Gellert told Variety. “But she’s not looking at us as a network and saying, ‘So why don’t you guys amp up my Twitter account? And make me more famous?'”

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  1. I watch Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup. But I feel like WeTV may be making a mistake that other networks do when they have a successful series and run it into the ground. Like TLC with the 90 Days spin offs or Bravo Below Deck series. Over saturating the viewers leaving no anticipation or waiting

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