Which ‘Teen Mom OG’ & ‘Teen Mom 2’ Girls Would You Like to See Stay In the Cast If Shows Are Combined: Take the Poll!

Who wants to keep their MTV paycheck!?

Yesterday, The Ashley broke the news that the higher-ups behind Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 are very strongly considering combining the two long-running reality shows into one new show.

The Ashley also reported that doing this new “combo” show would likely mean a reduction of cast members. Currently, there are 10 girls who make up the ‘Teen Mom 2’ and ‘Teen Mom OG’ casts— Kail Lowry, Leah Messer, Jade Cline, Ashley Jones, Briana DeJesus, Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout, Mackenzie McKee and Cheyenne Floyd.

Since The Ashley broke the news, fans of the franchise have been speaking out on social media, discussing which of the girls they feel should remain and which ones should go.

Raise your hand if you want to keep milking this MTV cash cow dry!

Just for bacon slaps and club bathroom humps, The Ashley has created the survey below to see which girls her readers would like to see stay on, should the shows be combined. (It should go without saying that the results will obviously have no influence whatsoever on which girls are chosen by the show’s producers. This is just for fun!) 

Rank each cast member below! The Ashley will be posting the results on Friday!

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. Yes only some of the Teen Moms should be on the show I think Amber Brianna Ashley Cheyenne Maci and Catelyn and Jade those are my favorite those are the only ones with interesting stories

  2. Mackenzie can go definitely. She brings nothing and I can’t stand her or her family.

    Maci is boring so are Cate and Ty.

  3. I think it’s time for Kail, Leah, Kate , Maci Cheyenne, Bri and Amber & Mac to go. They have all aged out and I don’t think they have a great storyline anymore. Jade, Ashley And a few of their newbies could possibly bring new life into the show. Truly when you think about it they really brought nothing new to the show whatsoever. They had their time they make great money and a great chance to have a huge start for a good life. I think that’s why the ratings are downs because people don’t connect age demo anymore. Kail refusing to film because of Chris, Macy refusing to film them because of Farrah and then Ruam etc. They all got a little too big for TV . Contracts people contracts ..I like Kate and Tyler but they really don’t have a storyline other than having more children. Scrap it or start from scratch with one or two of the newer ones.

  4. Mckee, Jade, and Ambo can GO..McKee especially, that girl is nauseating, Ambo is a violent fake victim and all Jade does is yell.

  5. It’s funny – I was excited to take this survey, but quickly realized I don’t really care about any of them anymore.

  6. This show should just be canceled.they need to start over with all new girls. But for the top I picked jade then Brianna. They aren’t as fake as the rest of them. The bottom I picked Kaitlin and Macy. Macy is boring as hell and Kaitlin and Tyler are irritating. These girls Made enough money being lazy and entitled.

  7. On the top of the list (as most interesting) I have Jade and Briana. They are open about their lives and aren’t fake. They are also both messy and interesting to watch.

    McKenzie and Leah are right below them on the top due to them having storylines. The grief topic was not ever covered not the show before McKenzie. She’s also not a stagnant person, and is open about challenges (such as her children’s behaviors). I want to see Leah’s story about sponsoring Victoria’s husband as well as her relationship with Jaylan. She does have annoying storylines sometimes though (the makeup MLM and standing in your power). I put Ashley and Amber right below them. They contribute storylines, but I like their ensemble with those they film with.

    Catelyn comes next down the list. Kail and Maci are right below her due to non-existent filming storylines (which they used to both have a plethora of). They are choosing not to be open about their lives on the show.
    Cheyenne is on the very bottom, she’s the least interesting and never has much of a storyline. Life isn’t parties.

  8. I feel like the only one I could watch is Chey. Like it’s kinda fun to see all the lavish parties and all of her advocacy/charity work. Also Ryder is adorable.

  9. They should definitely give Kail the boot, but I feel like they would never do that because they are afraid that she will just go on WeTV and start her own series, plus Kailyn will go bankrupt if the show ever ends, because PotHead failed and her two podcast revolve around drama on teen mom 2. She has a half million dollar house in Delaware(which is an expensive state to live in) and a ton of plastic surgery which did nothing because she is just an ugly person. She is dictionary definition of rags to riches.

  10. I had such a hard time with this because I honestly think all of them need to go. I truly don’t care anymore about the storylines and have officially given up watching TM2. Gave up OG last season. I can’t stand watching Amber. I also can’t stand watching poor Kloie be neglected and yelled at by her parents.
    Kail & Brianna’s drama is so boring I had to turn it off. I’m mildly interested in Leah since she seems to be doing quite well but just can’t be bothered.
    This is coming from someone who used to STRUGGLE waiting each week for a new episode! I used to be so excited. But now that they’re all just super rich, in their 30s and continuing to make poor decisions I just can’t….

  11. They all should go, their kids are starting to get close to the age they were when the kids were born!!!! It’s ran long enough!!! Let their kids have a normal life. Making millions for being a teen mother isn’t helping the problem!

    1. Isn’t that crazy? In about 3 years their kids are going to be around 16, hopefully not pregnant, but I can see Sophia being the 1st one to get knocked up (I’m not wishing this, but I can see it), and Farrah totally encouraging it so that they can get back on TV.

  12. Gotta say, it was super easy to pick the bottom 4 to leave, and pretty easy to decide on my top two to keep, but the middle 4–it was tricky to select which of those was better than the rest.

    Is it mean to suggest all of the girls start working on creating a resume?

  13. I couldn’t even rank them because they’re all equally awful at this point. Someone said in the comments of another article that a REALLY entertaining show would be watching these grown-ass women work real jobs (apparently Briana and Jade used to, not sure if they still do). Some type of regular job that requires dealing with nasty customers and / or using an acquired trade / skill. Not “influencing” nor a “fashion” line – something that provides a steady paycheck. That would be comedy gold in some cases like Amber. Oh, and they would have to live on a modest budget along with paying taxes.

    It would be almost like The Simple Life with Paris Hilton many years ago (dating myself).

    1. Yes. Maci and Amber both need to go. Amber shouldn’t even be on there bc she’s a violent drug user and not an involved mother.

      Maci is and always has been boring. She has no storyline.

      But we all know, they’ll never let them 2 go.

      Kail also needs to go. She’s a huge problem for production, with all her rules and instructions.

  14. I could do without all of them. I don’t know how MTV hasn’t picked up on the fact that these girls are highly unlikeable.

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