Paedon Brown Credits ‘Sister Wives’ For Saving Him & His Siblings From a Miserable Life of Polygamy; Says Sister Mariah Would Have Been Shunned for Being Gay

“Thanks for saving me from becoming my dad, TLC!”

Paedon Brown says he owes his life to Sister Wives.

The son of Kody Brown and his now-ex-third-wife Christine recently took to TikTok Live to tell his followers what he thinks his— and his siblings’— lives would be like now, had his parents never signed up to do the TLC reality show. 

Paedon credits ‘Sister Wives’ with saving him (and his siblings) from an unhappy life of polygamous marriages and religious repression.

“I kind of knowing exactly what my life would be like without ‘Sister Wives,'” Paedon said. “I’d have one wife, I’d probably be courting a second wife. I’d probably have three kids by now, maybe just two. I’d be going to church every single day… I’d be miserable, honestly.”

“Yup, I know what that’s like.”

Paedon stated that, once his family appeared on the show, his world was “opened up.” 

This is likely due to the fact that appearing on ‘Sister Wives’ resulted in Kody and his wives (and their kids) being excommunicated from their church— the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB). Around 2017, the Brown were kicked out of their church after Meri‘s catfishing scandal played out publicly on the show. However, they had allegedly been on “thin ice” with the church ever since they began the show in 2010.

Paedon believes that his family would have still been living by AUB rules and standards had they not been kicked out of the church due to being on ‘Sister Wives.’ (Christine revealed during Season 16 that she left the AUB faith years ago, but it is believed that the rest of the Brown adults are still practicing privately.) 

“You guys enjoy that mess. I’m out!”

He also stated that his siblings’ lives would also be very different had the show never happened. Many of the Brown Family’s adult children have moved to different states, which Paedon says wouldn’t have happened had there been no show.

“We’d probably be living in the same city [we were when the show started],” he said. “We probably wouldn’t have left cities without ‘Sister Wives.’

He stated that his sister Mariah— who came out as gay years ago– would probably have a completely different life had it not been for the show. (In the early seasons when Mariah was a teenager, she was adamant that she wanted to live a polygamous lifestyle like her parents.) 


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“She would probably hate her life,” Paedon said. “Simply being a lesbian woman, she would be hated in the [religious] community we had [been part of]. So most of us would probably shun her if we had stayed in said community. Thanks to ‘Sister Wives,’ we got out of said community and our worlds opened up by a lot. Mariah would have been shunned…for simply being born the way she was born.”

Paedon and Mariah have publicly feuded over the years, and in the TikTok Live session, Paedon stated that he hopes that they can one day resolve their issues.

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  1. Mariah would have stayed somewhat sane, and clean, instead of turning into the brainwashed, mentally unstable, hateful, leftist soap dodger she is now.

  2. The more this guy talks it feels like he’s done a lot of soul searching and growing up since the show started. Good on him, hope he can start to heal those relationships that he recognizes are important. I will say that’s the one *good* thing about reality TV, it does give you money for more opportunities.

    1. Poor girls. A very sick society did this. We need wholsome values and families(and mental asylums) to come back.

      1. Yeah because families with a female and a male parent never have kids that are neglected, abandoned, and abused. Only the kids with gay parents are. That’s sarcasm if you couldn’t tell.

        Do some research. The percentage of kids of gay parents that are troubled is actually significantly lower than kids of your “wholesome” parents.

        It has nothing to do with gender, wealth, race, etc. I’ve been a child/teen counselor for several decades. Trust me, some of the sickest, saddest, cases of troubled kids are from families that look like your definition of “perfect” on the outside.

      2. Wow, just wow! Yeah we mental asylums for people for people like Ellen and her “wholesome Values” and the hatred that people like her spread and don’t even realize that hatred and racism that came through with this post.

    2. She’s pretending she’s a man now because apparently being gay wasn’t getting her enough attention. These people are the biggest attention seekers. She will never actually be a man

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