‘Sister Wives’ Star Paedon Brown Talks About Robyn Brown Criticizing His Parents For Divorcing, Kody’s Real Job & the Possibility of His Mom Christine Getting a TV Show

“Zip it, Robyn!”

Paedon Brown continues to be the most-outspoken of the Brown Family, giving interviews, doing podcasts and making TikToks about himself, his parents and his family’s show Sister Wives.

In an interview with the Surviving Sister Wives podcast earlier this month, Paedon actually addressed three topics that many of the show’s fans have been wondering about, including whether his father Kody actually has a ‘real’ job outside of being on ‘Sister Wives.’

Paedon also gave his thoughts on Robyn Brown‘s comments about the demise of Kody and Christine‘s marriage. During the Season 16 Finale Tell-All, fans saw Robyn accuse Kody and Christine of “not trying” to make their marriage work. She also stated that she was angry that Christine chose to leave Kody and their unhappy marriage, coldly calling it a “waste” during the interview.

“I am frustrated and angry and devastated by Christine’s choice [to leave Kody],” Robyn said at the time.

Finally, Paedon discussed his mom Christine’s new online show, Cooking with Just Christine, and the possibility of Christine getting a solo spinoff show that is televised.

Here, The Ashley breaks down some of the most-interesting parts of Paedon’s interview. (The Ashley knows this interview is several weeks old, but she only recent discovered it.) 


On Robyn’s statement that his parents didn’t try to make their marriage work:

“Kody, come get your son. Kody? Don’t make me breakdance in there and tell you again!”

“[They spent] almost 30 years of working on a marriage. Her finally having the last straw when he didn’t want to be intimate with her…he said the words, ‘I don’t want to be intimate with you.’ Not just hasn’t been [intimate] in a while, but said the words, ‘I don’t want to,’ there’s no need to work on it anymore because [they’ve] been working on it for almost 30 years. [Their marriage] was rocky from the start!”

Paedon then addressed fans’ claims that the arrival of Robyn caused Christine and Kody’s marriage to break down.

“A lot of people think, ‘Oh, the problems didn’t start until Robyn got there.’ That’s so not true! Robyn made problems more visible but she didn’t bring problems into the family. Some started with her, but a lot were made more visible with her around. And that’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing.

“Robyn did many good things for the family. I want to make that clear…but that was not her place to say [things about my parents’ marriage] either.”

“But you best stay in your lane, Robyn.”

“Because Mom and Dad have had issues since before they even got married,” he continued. “And they had issues when [their oldest child] Aspyn was born; they had issues when Mykelti was born and I was born. They’ve had issues over the past 30 years. We didn’t talk about it because it’s not something you talk about. But it’s reality. And it wasn’t bad issues, but Mom had a final straw. And this was that final straw. And we all completely support Mom in it…we’re all like, ‘S**t, go Mom!'” 

“[Robyn] sees what she sees…but I am going to say that she was wrong, because Mom and Dad have been working on their marriage for almost 30 years. And after 30 years, if you’re not happy? Bye!”

On what Kody does to make money outside of the show:

When people tell Kody to get a real job…

Paedon said his dad does, indeed, have a job outside of being on ‘Sister Wives.’ While he wouldn’t confirm what Kody actually does for a job, he joked that “he does not sell his body” for money.

“Sorry, ladies, but there will be no OnlyFans anytime soon.”

The podcast hosts mentioned that Kody has spoken about going to conventions for work, and that he has also stated that he works in ‘precious metals.’ These hints made the hosts conclude Kody may do something with gun sales, but Paedon wouldn’t confirm or deny it. 

He stated that Kody used to be a sign salesman who had a few big deals that made him a lot of money.

“Dad was a sign salesman for many, many years,” Paedon said, mentioning a sign seen in early episodes that said ‘Fajita Cantina’ that hung on a shed at the family’s Utah home.

The mysterious ‘Fajita Cantina’ sign…

“He sold them a sign that fed us for many years,” he said. “He made a lot of money off of that sell and they gave him the old sign…several big sign sells fed the family for a long time.”

On why Meri is so alienated from the rest of the family:

“Looking at the mountains can only work so long, guys…”

Paedon stated that, while he is close to Janelle, he does not keep in touch with Kody’s other wives, Robyn and Meri. (He claimed that it’s mutual, and that Meri and Robyn don’t seek out a relationship with him either.) 

One of the hosts pointed out that, on the show, Meri seems to be isolated from most of the family.

“[There are] reasons for everything,” Paedon said cryptically.

When the hosts asked him to elaborate, he said he wasn’t allowed to talk about that topic in detail.

“That’s one of the ones I’m not allowed to talk about,” he said. “There’s some things I choose not to say, and there’s some things that Mom has told me not to say. And, out of love and respect and fear, I don’t say things she told me not to.”

On the possibility of Christine getting a televised show:

“The only thing I refuse to make is Top Ramen, because it gives me flashbacks of Kody’s hair!”

Christine’s online cooking show, Cooking With Just Christine, launched recently, and many fans have expressed an interest in Christine getting a show on TV about her life post-Kody and post-polygamy. Paedon encouraged her fans to watch the cooking show, basically implying that Christine’s online show is a test to see how much of an audience a show about Christine on her own would do. 

“Go support her in it, love it, because she loves to do that [show]. Hint, hint, wink wink.”

You can listen to Paedon’s full interview with the Supporting Sister Wives podcast below! 

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10 Responses

  1. What an absolute pointless interview!

    Robyn is toxic AF!

    Meri should really move out too. He doesn’t love her. She doesn’t love him.

    Chanelle well Kind of a 3rd wheel now.

    Let Robyn and codi be happy together alone that’s what they want anyway

  2. What does Cody do for a living? Can’t talk about that.
    Why is Mari a pariah?
    Can’t talk about that.
    Why did Christine finally leave?
    Because no sex, well damn we already knew that it was on the freaking show.
    Great interview, should have left it where you found it.

  3. Robyn pretending she was upset by Christine leaving was probably one of the most disingenuous moments in TV history.

  4. Robyn’s comments on the relationship or lack of relationship between Kody and Christine were completely out of line. No one really knows what goes on between a couple except the couple themselves. Robyn seems to think she knows it all. But I feel sorry for any woman who decides to be a part of a polygamist family. All I can see is that it messes with your head, constantly fighting feelings of jealousy, insecurity and wondering where you really fit in. But now it is down to Kody and Robyn. Good luck Robyn. Eventually a younger woman will join and you see how you like it.

    1. It depends on the relationship and the people within it. Plenty of people have exceptionally happy polygamist relationships. THIS?!? This is not healthy nor happy and is a poor representation of actual polygamist relationships.

      1. “Plenty of people” – I’m gonna need some receipts on that. Because despite the Brown’s best efforts to seem happy, there were always cracks.

        In general, we as an American society have seen nothing but endless scandals involving the deeply religious, not to mention all the abuse we don’t know about until people speak out. When a man begins collecting wives to have tons of kids they can’t financially afford, that is NEVER a healthy environment

        1. That’s the Brown’s. And polygamy is not always religious. I have friends who are polygamists and are happy within their relationship. I also have friends who have open relationships and are happy within their relationship. It’s about open communication between all parties involved and discussing rules within the relationship so that everyone is happy. There’s nothing abusive about it nor is it about having as many children as possible. In fact, my friend and his two S/O have 7 children total and all children are taken care of and loved by all.

          I can’t produce “receipts” as they aren’t on TV and I’m not going to give more information as it’s not my place.

      2. People give you shit for speaking the truth Mimi. These women chose to be in relationships and Christine chose to be out of the relationship. They all have choices every.. single..one of them. They know what polygamy is going into it and the jealousy etc. they were parents were into ,,they had a family member that was into it this was a choice. I am Jack to the part where people continually call them victims. Christine left that was her choice her choice was to be married into it as well. Janelle Married into him and then left him for a few months and went back that’s another choice. Meri Continues to stay that’s another choice she also chose to have an affair that’s a choice too. I think people really discredits these guys when they talk about them like their victims. These are grown ass women that make choices.

  5. When they were in Vegas I saw Kody selling guns at several gun shows. Also you can see members of the family wearing gear from Spartan Arms on the show, which is a gun store in Vegas

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