“90 Day Fiance” Stars Mursel Mistanoglu & Anna-Marie Campisi Welcome First Child Via Surrogate in Ukraine; Anna-Marie Describes Scary Journey to Pick Up Their Son

“Can we get a spin-off now?”

The 90 Day Fiance family has grown yet again!

Anna-Marie Campisi and her husband Mursel Mistanoglu announced on Monday that they have welcomed their first child together. The baby boy— who arrived five weeks early on April 11–was welcomed via a surrogate. The baby was born in Ukraine, making the couple’s journey to pick him up difficult, due the current situation in the country. 

“Mursel and I are excited to announce the birth of our son, Gokhan John!” Anna-Marie wrote on social media. “He was born 4/11/22, 5 weeks early. He’s doing amazing! Just a small guy at 5.3 pounds 18 inches.”

Anna-Marie (who is from Nebraska) and Mursel (who hails from Turkey) appeared on “90 Day Fiance” Season 7 and have been married since 2019. She is the mother of three sons, but Baby Gokhan is Anna-Marie’s first child with Mursel.

In July 2021 Anna-Marie posted that she and Mursel had sent embryos to Ukraine to be used for surrogacy. In January, Anna-Marie announced that they were expecting a baby.


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Unfortunately, the current situation in Ukraine made it extremely difficult for the couple to pick up the baby. Anna-Marie credited the non-profit group, Project Dynamo, with assisting them in getting their baby boy and bringing him home.

Unfortunately, though, Mursel was unable to go into Ukraine with Anna-Marie to meet their son, due to visa issues. 

“Upon arrival to Poland we spoke with the group to start logistics of our travel into Ukraine,” she wrote. “They asked to see Mursel’s Schengen Visa to see if it was a one-entry or multi-entry visa. We found out it was a one-time-entry visa. So from there the plan was for Mursel to stay in Poland. If he came with to Ukraine, he wouldn’t be allowed to leave. So I had to go into Ukraine alone.

“Thank God for this amazing group [Project Dynamo]! I didn’t have to go alone,” Anna-Marie continued. “They planned the logistics including travel into Ukraine, a safe place to stay while in Ukraine, and travel while inside. They were with me the entire time. We left Warsaw with Project Dynamo, they crossed us across the border by foot and then transported us to a safer hotel. The next day I was transported to pick up our baby and get all of the documents completed while inside Lviv, Ukraine.”

To make matters even more complicated, Mursel needed to be hospitalized during the trip.

“On our way back to the hotel, they told me Mursel was transported to the hospital via ambulance, due to heart pain,” Anna-Marie wrote. “A member of Project Dynamo stayed with him until I was able to meet him so he wouldn’t be lost in the shuffle. Then I was transported to the border and walked across into Poland with the baby. They got me to the hospital where Mursel was. The tests came back that his heart was ok and bloodwork came back ok. So we went back to Warsaw after. [Project Dynamo] helped with that also.”

“This is such an amazing group! They go into countries with wars and hostile environments to help people get out!” she continued. “They have helped numerous people in Ukraine get out of towns, they’ve moved surrogates and babies. We will forever be grateful to them! This is a non-profit group that relies on donations to help with their missions to get people out!”

According to Anna, their surrogate– whom Anna described as an “amazing woman”— is doing well following the birth. In February, Anna-Marie stated that the surrogate had to leave her home to move to a safer area. 

(If you would like to read more about Project Dynamo, or to donate, click here!)

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  1. They always seemed like nice people, but what an odd couple. Hopefully Mursel decided to take some English classes or Anna took some Turkish classes so they don’t have to use that translation app to communicate every single sentence anymore.

  2. This isn’t a happy story. They got their baby with no thought for the effect of has on the woman who carried him. It’s exploitative at best.

  3. Congrats to them! The last picture with the caption ‘Anna Marie and mursel with their new baby boy.’ That is not Mursel haha. He doesn’t have a beard.

  4. A note to The Ashley: no one from Ukraine appreciates it being called, “THE Ukraine.” It’s simply Ukraine. I used to do the same thing until a neighbor who immigrated from Ukraine in the 90s set me straight. Calling Ukraine “the Ukraine” started as an attempt to connect it to the former USSR and most Ukrainians hate that and want nothing to do with that regime. We don’t call Russia “the Russia.” With everything going on over there, please, don’t mislabel the country. They are Ukraine. Period.

    P.S. Love this site and not trying to be on my soap box but I feel like Americans in particular were poorly educated on Ukraine and, honestly, any foreign cultures. Out schools are sick. Leah from Teen Mom illustrates that perfectly.

    1. @MTV– I really do appreciate this. I am in no way trying to be disrespectful, I’m simply uneducated on this topic. Changing it now, thank you! -The Ashley

    2. I’ve had to explain this to my oldest daughter the other day, which felt unfortunate due to the fact that the majority of my side of the family came from Ukraine. It’s such a small correction, but means a world of difference.

  5. No doubt that sweet surrogate was under extreme stress with everything happening in her country. Happy to hear she and the baby are doing well. I hope she remains safe. ?

    1. I’ve wanted to become a Commenter here on The Ashley for about 3 years now, but seemed to never get signed in correctly. I’m hoping this works and I can join the great community of users here! I’ve loved reading the threads on shows we are ALL watching, not just Bravo shows, which nobody really watches anymore! This site covers 90 Day and LALU, THE MOST POPULAR, HIGHEST RATED “reality TV” shows on TV today!!!

      Anyway, about the thread…there’s always been something very unlikable about this “couple” to me. Why would someone, with dependent young male children, choose to connect with a clueless, uneducated “village idiot.” And she is not very attractive, either. Plus, she disregarded her boys in the equation. It is like watching two “Special Needs” people try to navigate life, parenthood and marriage, but it just is not interesting enough. I hope the baby is healthy, happy and will not be developmentally disabled. I hope all is well with the surrogate and she has healed completely, both mentally and physically, from carrying and birthing a surrogate baby.

      Just my opinion, folks. Thanks and hope I get to be a welcomed member of “The Ashley Family.”

  6. Congrats to them! Beautiful little guy. He looks like Mursel. Thank God baby, surrogate mom and parents were safe throughout.

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