Elizabeth Potthast’s Father Chuck Opens Up On “90 Day Diaries” About 2016 Cancer Diagnosis; Worries His Ostomy Bag Will Hurt His Chances To Find Love

Chuck Potthast, father of 90 Day Fiance star Elizabeth Potthast, is opening up about his emotional cancer battle and how it has changed his life forever. 

In Us Weekly’s exclusive sneak peek from Monday’s episode of 90 Day Diaries, Chuck sits down for a chat with relationship coach Joy to talk about his health and how he feels it hinders him from finding love. 

Chuck tells Joy that he was diagnosed with cancer in 2016 and though he is cancer-free today, his cancer battle changed his life forever, due to him having to use an ostomy bag.

“It’s gonna affect me forever,” he added. “ … I don’t go to the bathroom like the normal person because I don’t have a bladder.” 

Chuck went on to explain that as part of his treatment, doctors had to remove his bladder and “do a reconstruction surgery.”

“I have what’s called an ostomy bag, which is a bag that my urine flows into, and it’s on the outside of me,” Chuck said, adding that he’s nervous to date because of the ostomy bag. “It’s not something that you really want to share with people and be intimate when you have this condition.” 

Further in the clip, Joy reminds Chuck that he didn’t choose to be diagnosed with cancer and he can’t continue penalizing himself for something that has happened to him. 

“You know, this is random, and you never expected this,” she says. “Before anyone can be OK with what you have going on with you, you have to come to terms with it and be OK with it, and you’re not there yet to welcome someone in that space.

Joy went on to point out that Chuck recently reached a milestone by turning 60 years old, which she called “amazing.” 

“I’m just thankful I’m still here,” Chuck replied. 

Chuck went on to recount some of the things he’s done since being declared cancer-free, which include walking two of his daughters down the aisle at their weddings and welcoming three grandchildren. (He’s due to meet his fourth grandchild soon, as Elizabeth is currently pregnant with her second child.) 

“When I think about that, I just thank the Lord everyday,” he said tearfully. “ … I’m still here, and I’m in their lives and that’s really important to me.” 

Chuck goes on to apologizes to Joy for getting emotional while telling his story, to which Joy assures him it’s OK, and that his story may ultimately lead to him finding happiness with a partner. 

“It’s going to make somebody fall in love with you,” she said.   

“90 Day Diaries” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery+. 

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  1. Dear Chuck lm in nursing and your courage is tremendous. I think your family is beautiful and you are an amazing person. I know that having an issue from cancer post surgical is very intimidating. You are so sweet and sincere l hope a special person comes into your life and encourages you to be the best man you are capable of being. God bless you and your family. You’re a inspiration to so many.

  2. I just think the world of Chuck Potthast he ‘s down to earth with a great hart and soul. I can tell he has a lot of love to give I like that he also seems very easy to talk to open up to and allow a person to be so comfortable that they can be there self around him and his family. I love the fact that his family is everything that means everything thing. I was in the nursing field for yrs and Chuck should not ever feel that that’s a game changer cause it’s not he is so much more then that and the right person will feel the same way I do. If there like me they would want him for him and the great person he is. I personally would love ? to meet Chuck I’m 60 I lost 10 family members in 3 yrs believe me that is a lot and really makes you treasure each and every day and makes you love even harder and really makes you want to be even closer to the ones you have left. I really felt strong about reaching out to Chuck and hope to hear back !! Thanks so much Christine Eiken

  3. This breaks my heart. Cancer does change everyone once in remission. He’s a warrior and he needs to focus on that, I know how hard it is to move forward without having moments where you get back in that dark space. As I’ve mentioned before in some posts, my 12 yr old son (now 13) fought cancer and in May he will be one year cancer free. We just had an appointment today and his team had the talk with him that he may be infertile, an affect that happens after going through such an aggressive treatment like he did. On the way home, my son was really upset thinking he MIGHT not be able to have children of his own when the time is right. No CHILD should worry about that, no one should have to ever experience cancer and it’s lifelong mental and physical effects. These survivors live with an immense weight on their shoulders of what ifs and possible relapses. I’m sure Chuck feels unlovable and like a burden, but someone is out there for him and I can’t wait to hear that story. Just like I KNOW my son will prove to be fertile once they check him and I cannot wait to see that smile and I can only HOPE he waits until he’s wayyyyy older and financially stable to start a family lol.

    1. Hi Chuck! My name is Jeanne. I actually live in Ocala. Hi neighbor! I was born in Tampa and moved to Ocala 20 years ago. Would love to chat! Let me know if you are interested!

  4. Chuck shouldn’t worry about the osteomy bag, it’s his rotten kids that will make a relationship difficult. Those kids are so focused on his money, Id be surprised if they will allow Chuck a life of his own.

    1. Spot on, Crusty. What a thirsty, screwed up, chinless, unpleasant bunch of greedy people who want to have their own spin off so bad, nothing will top their determination!

    2. Isn’t it crazy the stress they put on Chuck, knowing he’s a cancer survivor and that they probably should treat him kinder and with more love. What garbage kids. They are not grateful he survived, I mean financially I’m sure they are but maaaaaan they are a greedy bunch.

  5. This family annoys me but I feel for Chuck seeing as my mom was also diagnosed with bladder cancer and had her bladder removed resulting in having a permanent urostomy bag. It’s rough for her but she’s trying to make the most of it. I give him props for being open about having an ostomy!!!

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