‘Teen Mom 2’ Ratings Continue to Plummet: A Look at Season 11’s Record-Low Numbers

Build your houses, make your Dr. Miami appointments & book your vacations while you still can, ladies…

Teen Mom 2 is continuing to lose viewers, despite once being a ratings giant for MTV.

The long-running series kicked off the currently-airing 11th season with only 459,000 live viewers– just over half of the viewers that tuned in to watch the premiere of the previous season. Unfortunately, things have only gotten worse since then. 

Starcasm reports that the first seven episodes of Season 11 have averaged just 407,000 viewers.


Last week’s episode was a record low, bringing in just 355,000 viewers. (The Season 11 premiere— even with its low ratings– remains the most-watched episode of the season.) 

Viewers’ thoughts on ‘Teen Mom 2’ after all these years…

Despite the sinking ratings, the most-recent episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ managed to nab a spot on the Top 20 original cable shows for Tuesday night among viewers ages 18-49. Still, the ratings have plummeted significantly from the Season 10A premiere, which aired in September 2020 and garnered a hefty 810,000 viewers. 

While ratings during the 10A season–- the last season to feature original ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast member Chelsea Houska–- went on to sink into the 500k-600k range, viewership never dropped below 500,000.

“Make fun of how we baby talk all you want, but at least I brought in viewers!” 

In December 2020, the Season 10A ratings were the lowest the series had ever seen. By Season 10B though, ratings descended further, with an episode in June 2021 even sinking to 400,000. (Three other 10B Season episodes rated in the 400,000s, as well.)  

The Ashley revealed last month that due to plummeting ratings, franchise higher-ups are planning to create a new combination show featuring moms from Teen Mom OG and ‘Teen Mom 2’ that will replace both of the existing shows. (Stay tuned; The Ashley has more info on that show coming up!) 

With the two shows becoming one, some of the cast will not be featured on the combo show.

” …y’all’s gonna miss some good stuff if ya don’t keep filmin’ me and Robo-Jaylan 3000.”

While cast details have yet to be revealed, Kail Lowry recently confirmed on her podcast that she will not take part in the new show, as she would prefer to have her own show.

The tagline for the reality show Kail is pitching… probably.

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  1. Who would want to watch Lsil on her own show? Goes to show you how over inflated her ego has become from making all that money on Teen Mom. Just got in at the right time. It’s done, move on to a normal life. And Leah moving a man into her home with 3 girls after knowing him 6 months , come on , maybe he is great but you are still a role model for girls that watch. Let’s not let your pussy et you in trouble again,

  2. The Money is all they Care about now when the Show started it was Teen Mom….it should have been Cancel long Time ago….Change the Name to Drama Mamas…Who watches this still. They not Teen Moms struggling with Money…they made Millions Promoting having Kids with multiple Baby Daddy’s and get Paid for it…What does it Teach young Teen Moms? Get on TV have Baby’s and get Paid for it?…Even having a Back Door Pornstar. This Show is a Discraze ..Cancel the Show it’s out of Contact with the Real World…

  3. Ditch Ashley and Barr, Jade, and Brianna. Ashley and Barr are nothing anyone wants to watch. I’m glad Jade is getting her life together but her story isn’t good by anymeans. Brianna is one I fast forward through. Her parts are always the same, baby dad complaining.

  4. MTV cribs and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous were cancelled when the economy got bad because no one wanted to watch that when people are struggling. I can’t imagine folks would want to watch these women build mansions,drive $65k SUV’s and go on vacations to Iceland and Hawaii while in the real world people are getting laid off and buying $4 gas while being forced to return to office.?‍♀️ MTV needs to read the room

  5. Teen Mom was new when my now-13yr old was a baby. At the time, I thought it was only going to follow the first year, maybe few years, of motherhood and then feature a new set of mothers. Instead, it’s been a never-ending saga of a small handful of people who have become rich by being reality stars. It’s no longer about being a “teen mom”, as these women are 30 now, and in fact is very detached from the realities of even ordinary mothering. It’s a wonder it ever survived this long.

  6. Okay- who is gonna tell Kail that her views are a part of the tanking views on the current show ? Your own show!? That’s ambitious

  7. I couldn’t care less about TM or the people on it. I hope this blog will eventually move on to better shows instead of staying centered around this loser of a show and it’s scum of the earth cast.

  8. More Beavers first of all. That family is REAL, and not afraid to put it all out there…the good, the bad, the ugly. That is REALITY TV.

    After that, they should to back to doing 16 & Pregnant again, and from that, take NEW girls, and follow their journeys with motherhood, relationships, school, and all the struggles that happen when you get pregnant young. Because THAT IS WHAT THIS FUCKING SHOW WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT!

    And….that’s what made us want to watch. Because we liked and wanted them to succeed.

    Now, we watch them pick out wallpaper for their mansions, and talk about podcasts and lie to us. It’s pure bullshit and honestly it’s boring as fuck and the girls(not ALL), become unlikable because they arent really showing us their true selves anymore.

    Wake up MTV, I really think 16 & Pregnant made a real impact with teenage pregnancy. Just go back to where it started.

  9. I miss is sometimes due to no ads reminding me of when it’s coming on and now now replays if you miss the episode….this is still a show I look forward at watching.

  10. support everyone in the show Kail I will miss you I cannot wait to see more seasons and Leah I really support you as a mother because you showed 10,000 people the dream you have to Aly walk come true Chelsea she come from a long way she’s a strong mother she get her GED test go to beauty school support Aubrey she’s really good mother I really like that love you guys❤️

  11. Somewhere, Chelsea and Cole are celebrating the fact that they fled this sinking ship.

  12. Think teen mom has run its course. It’s so far from what average teen moms go thru! I was a teen mom & now in my 50’s I’m still struggling finacially! These moms haven’t a clue what real teen moms go thru! They’ve been able to give their kids everything! Multiple homes, cars trips!!! That’s not what it’s like to b a teen mom! You should try putting the truth out there

  13. Unpopular opinion: The only way I am watching anymore is if they rebrand a show with just Kail, Leah, Maci, and Cate and Ty…that’s it…no more (well maybe an update now and then from Gary, but not full time and no Ambie pie)! The rest are unnecessary.

    There’s a reason Teen Mom 3 didn’t work out. Bringing them back was asking for the show not to work. And trying to add others from Y&P is unnecessary also. Keep them on Y&P or let them go.

  14. Kail own show ?? no one wants to watch her keep pumping out more kids with multiple men. That’s problem with these show these girls start to think they are talented or something. U are famous cause u couldn’t keep your legs together as a kid.surely mtv could think of better show than this crap

  15. Thank U Miss Ashley !!!! I needed my Monday laugh : )

    I know a few teen-moms aka 30 year old women, may have to get J O B S hahahahaha

  16. As long as The Ashley still keeps us up to date on the antics when the show is cancelled, I’m good. Haven’t watched in years – these articles and comments are far more hilarious and entertaining than the show. I come to this site for my daily comic relief. We won’t be let down as there are still plenty of updates on Farrah and Janelle. The show won’t live on, but we can still read about the lawsuits, new baby daddies, baby daddy drama, arrests, failed business attempts PLUS the bankruptcy filings once some of them have gone broke. No more new houses, fancy vacations and Chevy Suburbans.

    A+ captions in this article!!

    1. I think one of the many reasons people stopped watching is that they try and stick more of them in than they need. 4 at a time gave each person time to reveal their storyline over a 6 month period of time. Now the film crew is fighting with Covid restrictions and trying to keep up with too many people at a time and having to make a scoop out of the shittiest of content.

      Then giving people like awkward Chris airtime because there was drama there when he expressed he didn’t want to be on the show. He flat out acted an ass thinking that they wouldn’t show him instead of bleeping it in.

      Jade’s storyline was drug rehab for her on/off again baby daddy and getting along with her Mom still being a struggle. Nothing great there. Bri’s was Kail suing her and the same 2 Dad’s not doing anymore than they have done since birth. Nothing great there. With Kail’s break they showed an argument with Javi and her at Lincoln’s practice. Big whoop. Leah was the only one with semi new information but they made it look like she took that relationship way too fast. I don’t even remember what Ashley had going on…her and Bar got married off screen and…I don’t remember after that.

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