MTV Calls ‘Jersey Shore’ OGs “Ungrateful” After They Denounce ‘Jersey Shore 2.0’; Spencer Pratt Claims the OGs Were Given Platform Built By ‘The Hills’

“Uh, I hope the ‘T’ in ‘GTL’ stands for ‘Thanks, Spencer!'” 

The original cast of the Jersey Shore is up in arms over MTV’s recent announcement that Jersey Shore 2.0 is happening, and the protest statement released by the show’s OGs denouncing the reboot certainly isn’t helping things. MTV– as well as Spencer Pratt, a cast member from another “OG” MTV show, The Hills— called the original ‘Shore’ cast out for being ungrateful…and giving itself too much credit.

As The Ashley told you last week, MTV revealed ‘Jersey Shore 2.0’ will feature a new cast, a new house, and a new reason for people to tune in to watch shore shenanigans, now that (most of) the original cast have grown up, settled down and appear on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Unfortunately, the news was not met with fist pumps of joy from the OGs, who nearly all banded together to denounce the new show by posting matching statements on social media, claiming that MTV was “a network in need” at the time their show started. 

This part of the cast’s statement reportedly upset network higher-ups. According to TMZ, the network called the cast “ungrateful” and said, “it’s disgusting they’d take a swipe at the network.” 

Seriously? You’re surprised THIS cast took a swipe?

The network also reportedly disputed the claim that MTV was struggling before ‘Jersey Shore’ came along… and Spencer recently took to social media to dispute the claim as well.

In a series of Tik Tok videos, the former star of ‘The Hills’ and The Hills: New Beginnings claimed ‘Jersey Shore’ didn’t premiere when MTV was at a low point, but rather when the network had the No. 1 show on TV: ‘The Hills.’

“Slow your roll here, ‘Jersey Shore,’” Spencer said. “You guys are an incredible show, but you guys did not come along when MTV was in a time of need. Actually, you came when MTV had the number one show, ‘The Hills,’” Spencer said in his first video addressing the situation.


#greenscreen lol @mtv was not in a time of need! They were sick of paying The Hills cast millions so found you guys to pay thousands at the time #thehills

♬ Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

He went on to throw some subtle shade at the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast.

“[MTV] got sick of paying us millions of dollars and you guys were so cheap and affordable, that they gave you guys our platform that ‘The Hills’ built,” he said.

“OK, so maybe it wasn’t so subtle…”

“But it’s okay,” he continued. “Ya know, I still like ‘Jersey Shore,’ I’m not shading it. But don’t you dare say that you came along when MTV was in a time of need. That is not facts, okay?” 

In a second video, Spencer again told followers that he was a fan of ‘Jersey Shore,’ but he simply has an issue with the cast claiming to have come along when the network was in need. 


Reply to @luc_vona let me be more clear ! #thehills #mtv #jerseyshore

♬ original sound – Pratt Daddy Crystals

In another video, Spencer denied being “mad” about the situation, noting that MTV also announced recently that they will be rebooting ‘The Hills’ with an all-new cast.

Spencer said he refrained from writing “a little essay about how blah blah blah,” as he claims the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast is doing. 

“I’ll do a little video instead!”

In a TikTok video posted last week, Spencer addressed the new version of ‘The Hills’ that is coming. (MTV gave the show’s working title as The Hills: Next Gen.) 

“A ‘Hills’ reboot with a new cast has been greenlit,” Spencer said. “I can’t confirm or deny that I may end up narrating the series. Most likely I’ll just be the host of the after-show. That’s what I’m manifesting with my crystals.

“I’m excited because the cast I was involved in was hot garbage so I look forward to this new cast who probably deserve to be on television,” he added. 

One thing about MTV is that they never have any trouble finding garbage…

Last week, Deadline reported that ‘The Hills: Next Gen’ will feature “a brand-new cast that is expected to be more diverse than the original.”

The cast is described as “a close group of twentysomething friends and aspiring entrepreneurs who are coming of age in a very different L.A.”

“They will navigate realities of race, class, identity, addiction, family drama along with the thrills of romance and becoming self-made amidst the exclusive enclave of the hills in Malibu.”

No premiere date has been given for either ‘The Hills: New Gen’ or ‘Jersey Shore 2.0’; however, as The Ashley previously reported, the production company behind ‘Jersey Shore’— 495 Productionshas been having issues finding a Jersey town willing to let them film the new show this summer. 

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(Photos: Theo Wargo/Getty Images; MTV; TikTok; Instagram) 


  1. Jersey Shore 2.0 is located in Georgia not New Jersey. They call peeps from that area “Buckhead Bettys”. Buckhead is an affluent suburb of Atlanta. As for Spencer, he is just jealous that Jersey Shore has managed to last years beyond what anyone expected, as of Angelina’s wedding they had been filming on/off for ten years.

  2. Lmao, Spencer is literally upset that he is going broke and in debt because nobody likes the hills anymore. So he is throwing shade at other mtv shows that had better rating and viewings then the hills did. 🤣

  3. Well Spencer needs to slow his roll and stop being so arrogant like for real get of your pedestal I dont even watch your show looks so boring and stuck up I like Jersey they’re funny less stuck up

  4. Finally!!! The original JS cast is old news. Once they made money they all changed and made the show really shallow and fake. It should have always had a new cast each new season. They seem greedy and ungrateful

  5. Spencer was a nobody on the show and is a nobody in life he lives off his wife he is a bum and always will be he needs to “DISAPPEAR” from this earth and Heidi will be more happier with her long list “BFF”. He is the reason for all the garbage that happened on the hills show. If he never showed up on the show the show would have been a lot better “RIP” Spencer Pratt.

  6. I don’t blame the Jersey Shore cast. MTV needs to stop it with these reboots, and come up with something different for once! And that Spencer Brat needs to have a million seats cause his opinions don’t really matter.

  7. Spencer’s not wrong. The statement the Jersey Shore cast gave was embarassing. The fact they think MTV was in need back in 2008/2009 is laughable. They weren’t the trailblazers they think they were.

  8. The group of SPOILED DRUNKEN JERSEY BRATS , are just mad because they need to GET A REAL JOB now. Instead of sleeping around, drinking, and getting arrested. Their freakin EGOS are way over BLOWN..

  9. I love Jersey Shore and would watch both shows. What really bugs me is that they say “they took a chance on MTV”. Wtf? Like there wasn’t a thousand other orange people waiting to be casted.

  10. You have misused the word “degrade.” If you write for a living, be careful with your vocabulary.

  11. They don’t have to worry about Jersey Shore 2.0 I highly doubt that any Jersey Shore town will give them permits to film, after the crime rate soar for Seaside heights after the series premiered.

    1. Nobody is going to watch Hills Next Gen or Jersey Shore 2.0. Both IP’s fan bases are in similar age to the original cast & don’t want new younger people. Teen Mom already tried and failed to do this. This is the worst and laziest decision MTV has made since ridiculousness.

      The cast is right to be pissed. MTV basically just admitted they are going to attempt to phase them out of their livelihood. Everyone can see the writing in the wall.

  12. I wish mtv would respond to the ungrateful teen moms like they responded to the jersey shore brats.

  13. Well, I mean, it’s what he’s manifesting with his crystal meth… Good for you, Spencer! You’ve maintained being a semi functional batshit crazy idiot for how long now?!

  14. While I understand the original cast not wanting to have anything new pulling focus from them and their dwindling storylines, it’s like they have forgotten that their show was always suppose to be a revolving cast each season. MTV is just returning to their original idea for the Jersey Shore a decade later.

    The show was originally planned to revolve around Danny’s shore house and his T-Shirt shop that the casts would work at during the summer. There was suppose to be a new group of people each season just like the Real World.

    Then the punch heard around the shore happened about half way into the season when that guy in the bar punched Snookie and the show and this cast became must see tv for MTV. There were stories back then that MTV changed their mind about the show’s revolving cast idea when the internet went nuts over Snookie. From then on the show became about the original 8 cast members instead having a new group the next summer. Even the editing of the show changed because Danny and the T-Shirt shop were regularly in the episodes the first season but would be pretty much fazed out as time went on.

    JS OGs, just be happy y’all got a 2nd go on MTV and take the checks while you can. At some point MTV will clean house and start over with new 20 year olds on all of their shows…well we can hope so because these casts on most of MTV’s shows are too old to be having the petty repeat and do again storyline they all have.

  15. Two words: Whitney Port. She models behavior I dig. Appreciation, sense of fun, deeply talented and ever appreciative. I believe she is a model of how to both move on and stay relevent at the same time. She’s not trying to reinvent the past. She’s trying to enjoy and appreciate it. Now, with Siesta Key, she’s got my old self watching a new show. Reminding us that growing up is something we all do so put on your sense of humor and have fun with it. I loved how the Shore OGs stuck together in terms of pay. Well done. I try not to see all that make up, plastic surgery and self roasting going on. That Hills reunion did elicit fond memories. Not of the returning cast but of Lauren & Whitney. They’re aging like wine not like day old bread. I would watch them anywhere. The rest are cautionary tales. Especially, Audrina. I feel bad for her and have used her as an example of young women who seek relationships with broken dudes.

  16. Actually agree with Spencer mtv NEVER been in need 😂 thats what happens when u give talentless people a platform it’s goes to there heads and they actually think their someone.

  17. Lol..

    Talk about hatters. Cast 2.0 has nothing to do with the original cast. It doesnt take away from the boring show about sad middle- agers that they do now. It doesnt effect their pay at all.
    Grow up. Stop being big babies.

    All the crap we talk about TM, ať least they dont act like this when 15 new versions of the show are rolled out each year.

  18. They are boring to watch now anyways. I haven’t seen the last two seasons of family vacation.
    They need new people and to ditch these old ideas

  19. He’s not wrong. MTV was not a network in need. The cast of Jersey Shore were in need. They’d literally be living boring normal lives if mtv had not made Jersey shore. Stop being ungrateful brats. You still have your family vacation show, you’re still collecting millions of dollars, pipe down..

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