RECAP: Farrah Abraham Degrades UK Restaurant Staff For Not Singing “Happy Birthday” To Her; Throws Tantrum Over Birthday Candle

“Hey waiter! Get back over here so I can throw a bag of frozen peas at your head!”

Farrah Abraham is currently terrorizing the United Kingdom, after flying across the ocean to get her botched butt job repaired (or something). Since The Big F’s 31st birthday is approaching in eight days, she decided to celebrate early by showing the wait staff at a UK restaurant why the name “Farrah” brings fear to customer service personnel from sea to shining sea!

In an Instagram Reel posted by Farrah herself, the former Teen Mom OG star is shown demanding the restaurant staff celebrate her birthday, “calling them out” in a the video (which actually only makes her look bad), and then acting bashful when the waitstaff finally complies by singing her happy birthday.

Allow The Ashley to recap the Backdoor Teen Mom’s latest international hijinks!

After getting her butt plucked, pumped and reshaped (or glued back on…I have no idea what could be left to do on that thing at this point), Farrah went out to dinner with some “friends” and was angry to discover that, when the waiter brought her dessert, she dared not to include the birthday candle that Farrah requested…for herself.

“I did ask for a candle,” Farrah says to the waitress. “Can I have a candle? Ma’am, can I have a candle please?” 

Farrah is angered when the waitstaff doesn’t immediately go fetch a birthday candle, so she charges like a Botox-filled bull in a china shop to the kitchen, where she finds a group of waitstaff not getting her candle.

“Trust me guys, just get her the candle or she’ll have you all dressed like this within the hour. Also, neigh.”

“She goes behind us– texting and talking to coworkers right behind us where we can see,” Farrah writes of the waitress. “Does not bring a candle.”

Farrah then goes and yells at the waiters, holding her candle-less dessert.

“Hi, you’re texting and talking, not getting a candle and singing happy birthday,” Farrah tells them. “Give me a candle! I don’t work here.”

If she really wanted them to sing to her, she should have threatened to start singing herself. YIKES!

Finally, the restaurant manager sees that a washed-up American reality “star” is causing a ruckus in her restaurant and goes over to see what the problem is. Farrah starts raising hell, bringing her “belligerent, anti-Christ attitude” known throughout America, finally ending her rant with something that sounds like, “So I can eat and get out!” 

(Shoutout to the fellow diner who slyly sticks their phone out to record the Botox-filled American acting a fool in the restaurant.) 

Farrah’s UK friends seem to find her entitled rant amusing, laughing in the background as the waitress looks absolutely shocked that a grown woman would have an actual meltdown in the middle of a restaurant over a birthday candle…when it’s not even her actual birthday!

These poor waiters seem surprised by Farrah’s behavior. They have apparently never seen ‘Teen Mom’…

The manager, bless her British heart, tries to make the angry lady-child happy (or, rather, get her to shut her trap), so she apologizes and brings out a dessert— with a candle.

Farrah begins to sing “Happy Birthday” (to herself…as you do), in an attempt to prompt the waitstaff to sing to her.

“I heard you guys were going to sing to me!” Farrah says in a jolly tone.

The manager looks like she wants to take the birthday candle and light Farrah on fire; however she immediately begins singing the least happy “birthday” song ever to be sung. Random busboys and waiters join in. (They are clearly mocking Farrah, though, unbeknownst to the ‘Teen Mom’ star, who most likely thinks they just wanted to sing so they could tell their friends they sang “Happy Birthday” to someone so famous.) 

Farrah, in what may be the most “Farrah” action ever, then proceeds to act bashful and almost surprised by this “sudden” outburst of good birthday cheer. She excitedly blows out her candle, but is clearly more-thrilled that she got what she wanted and was even able to rub the waitstaffs’ faces in it.

“How did you guys know it was my birthday!? It must be a national holiday here in The England.”

While Farrah may have thought the video was funny/cute/proof that she could efficiently terrorize foreigners, her followers did not. Most of the comments left on the video called Farrah out for her incredible entitlement, immaturity and rudeness.

“No one is obligated to celebrate you!” one person wrote.

A second person agreed, adding to the comment that the UK does not have the tradition of singing “happy birthday” at restaurants like the United States does.

“Nothing like an entitled American demanding the British do something they don’t normally do on a day that isn’t even her birthday,” the person wrote. “The way she dismissed them [was] so rude. Embarrassing she posted this actually thinking this is funny, cute or good.” 

Others pointed out that Farrah’s childish actions actually show just how much she yearns for attention.

“Get over yourself…no one gives a s**t it’s your birthday month… you don’t need [people] to sing to you like you’re [a] child,” someone wrote. “I would’ve laughed at you if you complained about not getting your candle.”

“She really did all that drama to get a candle to sing for herself,” another person commented. “Like she has serious issues. Why she needs attention that bad?”

Most people were dumbfounded that Farrah would actually post this video herself.

“Leave it to Farrah to not need the paparazzi to film her, she literally shows the world how terrible of a person she is by filming and posting it herself!” someone wrote. “There is a right and a wrong way to ask for something. Show some class.”

You can watch the full video below. 

@farrahandsophia ?Don’t ruin the tradition! #birthdaysong & candle at a restaurant ! when you lie to a #gemini♊️ #geminiseason #birthdaysong #birthday #itsmybirthday May 31st don’t forget to wish me happy birthday or else ! ???? #fyp #fy #motivational #farrahabraham love @MissHudsonsAcademy ♬ Birthday – Twista

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(Photos: TikTok; Instagram)

34 Responses

  1. She is so awful! Do restaurants even have candles on hand? I have worked at many restaurants and I have never worked at one that had candles for birthdays. Whenever Farrah starts to berate someone she always stands exactly the same, kind of leaned over a little, waving her hands. She really needs professional help.

  2. Why does she suck so hard at every single thing she does?? This trick can’t ever act like a normal person in any situation that she is ever in.

  3. She believes that she’s the MOST important person in the universe! Farrah doesn’t realize that she is a D-list “celebrity.”Guess again.

  4. As long as no one stands up to her she will continue the sick behavior. Knock on my door you fake ass, I’ll put your Botox ass in place! You are a has-been, a washed up self absorbed, spoiled brat! And you need to sue the plastic surgeon for the botched up many surgeries! You were pretty before you had even one surgery, now! YUK!

  5. I can not wait for the day when Farrah goes up against the wrong person. It has been a long time coming, and it will be glorious.

    It’s actually bewildering that no one has beat the crap out of her yet. With alllllll the people she has treated like this. Although I guess she helps her odds by mainly picking on people who are at their place of work, so they can’t respond to her how they really would like to.

  6. Articles like this on Farrah who left the show awhile ago give me reassurance that when ‘TM – The Menopause Years’ is finally cancelled that the Ashley will keep us laughing at these morons. Even though they’re getting older, these fools keep doing ridiculous things.

    Loved the line about gluing on Farrah’s rear end which looks hideous. But I guess she thinks it makes her look like a Kardashian.

  7. They should’ve lied and told her they were out of candles. Hahah. That wouldve put a damper on her obnoxious antics.

  8. Why does an almost thirty one year old woman need a candle and HBD sung to her? She has severe mental health issues that need to be addressed. I really hope that someone, some day tells her NO. There is no excuse for her behavior other than that she thinks she’s someone special when she’s not. If her parents had any decency at all they would be mortified by her behavior but they’re too scared of her and let her behave how she wants. Hell it appears her dumbass dad is in the comments. Farrah needs to grow the fuck up and quit behaving like such a child. Mature, well adjusted adults do not act like this.

  9. WTF is her problem? Every time she goes out to eat, she causes a scene unnecessarily. Maybe she needs to do a month of daily etiquette classes next. If you can’t behave, stay home!

    1. I would be worried about them spitting in my food or doing something if I acted that nasty! Whatever personality disorder she has, she think’s she’s absolved from accountability. She really needs to go back to a facility long term and shouldn’t have custody of her daughter until she does!

  10. Most places do shit even if you mention a birthday. One restaurant that did had you stand on the table as they sang. Maybe farrah would have liked that hah

    1. Did Sophia accompany Karen on the trip? She moved in with Amy and Michael in Texas, so maybe Sophia is there.

  11. She doesn’t represent America.

    What an entitled, delusion woman.

    Farrah only picks on people she deems beneath her. Security guards, waitstaff. One day she going to push the wrong person, and they are going to push back.

  12. Rehab did nothing for this entitled bitch…..if she ever really went. RELAPSE!
    God how I hate her, I long to see the drunken video of her face being ground into the dirt, and cigarette butts! Guess she signed out a tad bit early? lMAO. , Total trash….how you like her now Howie Mandel. Dam you got taken dude…. You should have done you research. I lost a lot of respect for you dude. I use to respect you. Anyone who sells her shit on line does not deserve your attention.. TRASH!,,, CPS, you failed her child, shame on you all…..btw, happy fucking birthday you disgusting piece of your own shit. I think that’s nice.

  13. “We don’t do that here. Happy birthday I guess?”


    The Ashley is not wrong about the customer service quip. This is truly a Karen moment of disgusting proportions.

  14. At this point I think we all know she has mental issues. For real I mean. Was she diagnosed with something that we know of?

    1. Farrah, you suck on so many levels. No one owes you anything! You owe the world, and your daughter a big ass apology. Bigger then your botched ass surgery. Hard to feel sorry for a drunk ass drug addict that exploits her child , happy fucking birthday you POS!

      1. You do know that Mick isn’t Farrah correct? This person powts here prettt often and isn’t Farrah positive. Starting to think your rants are as unhinged as Farrah’s…

    2. As a therapist it’s generally not cool for me to speculate about a stranger’s mental illness and is not something I usually do, but I’ll make an exception in Farrah’s case! To me, she absolutely reeks of narcissistic personality disorder with features of borderline personality disorder as well. I really do think she’s profoundly mentally ill, but that does not, in ANY way excuse her appalling behavior. She has the resources to get real help and apparently chooses not to do so.

      1. That’s the sad part – she has the resources to get good help. But of course the second any therapist or doctor suggests that she’s not 100% in the right, or that she make even a slight change, she stomps out and never goes back.

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