Farrah Abraham Announces She’s Pursuing a Career in Stand-Up Comedy; Says ‘AGT’ Judge Howie Mandel is Helping Her Write Material

Farrah’s first attempt at comedy: wearing this ridiculous outfit on Teen Mom Family Reunion.

Farrah Abraham has tried her backdoor hand at an assortment of careers since making her debut on MTV, and now she’s taking on the world of stand-up comedy. 

The former Teen Mom OG star, who recently completed a stint at a treatment center where she says she worked to overcome past trauma, told TMZ her time at the center was “life changing” and it left her feeling happy and blessed. 

During her nearly one-month stay, Farrah said she underwent a series of “brain scans” and did “a lot of work with the 12 steps,” which contributed to her working through some of her past trauma. 

Me, thinking about what was found during Farrah’s brain scans…

“ … I learned how to move past stuck points and trauma so that way I could be resilient … I could move forward and not let legal problems that bother me all the time get to me and not affect my time with my daughter and making friends,” she claimed.

Farrah added that the work she did at the center has helped prepare her for “new career steps”– specifically, a career in comedy. She said that, she– for one– is looking forward to hearing herself nyuck it up on stage.

“I think I would really appreciate my voice in stand-up comedy,” she said. “I’m meeting with Howie Mandel tomorrow.” 

Howie, you’re supposed to be influencing Farrah, not the other way around…

The comedian, who also serves as a judge on America’s Got Talent, is reportedly helping Farrah write material for her upcoming stand-up debut; however, Farrah said she already had an idea of what subjects she’d like her act to focus on. 

If it involves her wearing or talking about this look, we’re on board.

“I’m just gonna keep it very Teen Mom, very mom,” she said. “I am a mom like none other, so it’s not too hard for me to have some fun. And I have [Attention Deficit Disorder] so, you know, I’m usually like, the funny one and people make fun of me, so it’s just easy going, ya know? I’m happy with it.” 

(Obviously Farrah’s stay at the treatment center did little to change her ability to spew “Farrah Speak” word salad, or brag about herself.)

Farrah said she may make her stand-up debut at one of the upcoming comedy festivals, but she won’t reveal any specifics because she wants to “have some fun” and surprise everyone. 

“The line to get tickets to my show forms right behind Michael!”

Farrah added that this new venture is allowing her to get past the “fear of people” she had been experiencing. 

“Now I can like, really tackle that, and like, overcome it and be on stage,” she said. “ … I’m just blessed to be able to do it.”  

Farrah hopped onto Twitter Tuesday to continue her praise of trauma programs, telling her followers they “really work” and that she’s ready to hit the comedy club stages to prove it. 

“ … I can now laugh at trauma rather then be stuck and hide in my house from it,” she wrote. “Blessed & ready to laugh with ya’ll.” 

That face you make when you realize you’ve made a terrible mistake…

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Twitter) 


  1. I HOPE she goes on stage , would LOVE to see the biatch bomb out, and be heckled off the stage. Would make a better video then when she was sprawled on on the sidewalk drunk, with her face in the dirt and cigarette butts! Guess Howie was not aware of her arrests for abuse, and the fact that she sells her shit, and has her daughter take pictures of her ass to post on line.. And not to mention the child neglect, and prostitution . Do you hope work Howie. You are better then this.

    1. Anyone on here following Howie? Perhaps give him a heads up about Farrah’? Would hate to see his reputation tarnished because he doesn’t know her history..

  2. She wants to “surprise” people with where she shows up to do her comedy. Ugh, no. Farrah should come with a trigger warning. If I was at a comedy festival or a show and she walked out as a surprise opener, I wouldn’t be able to handle it, I’d have to leave and ask for my money back. Her voice and her Farrah-speak are so triggering for me. The levels of cringe are physically painful.

  3. The jokes just write themselves at this point 💁🏼‍♀️🤣😂🤣😂 I can’t y’all

  4. You aren’t anything but a joke girl! Hope you know when you try that most people are going to be laughing at you and not with you!!!!

  5. This will be over faster than Javi at WaWa. Farrah CANNOT in any way handle criticism. As soon as a heckler shows up, she’ll lose her mind and go back to her bathroom.

  6. Imagine BEING the brunt of the joke and not realizing it to the point that she thinks she can be a stand up comic. Maybe Amy Schumer will take pitty on her and they can go make disgusting jokes about sexual experiences together.

  7. Thought she was going to be the next top lawyer in the country. What happened to that? Thought she was getting ready to take the baby bar exam.

    1. She gave up on that when she realized the baby bar has nothing to do with an actual bar…per law😉

  8. What an idiot. I’ve had trauma and never have I felt like “laughing” at it. Didn’t she try stand-up before? And I thought Howie Mandel’s career was going better than this. Does he know who she is, and just…why? I can hear her ranting about “haters” when she is heckled from the audience during the first show.

    1. Right!!
      That must have been quite the magical therapy program to go from debilitated from her “trauma” to entirely healed and able to publicly make fun of it doing something she has never even close to done and holds no appreciable skill for, or even seemingly transferable skills.

      This chick is bonkers.
      She seems to legit believe she has every skill in the book …though despite all her “I’m going to….”(insert any random task from 💩to⭐️🌙🏔) we have yet to see her do ANYTHING other than demolish any chance her kid has for a remotely sane childhood(heck, LIFE!) and play with her💩~literally!

      What a joke.
      Maybe she can open for Deb OG🤣

  9. There is nothing funny at all about Farrah or anything she does or talk’s about. The only thing that will be funny is she will get booed badly out of every comedy club or smaller venue she will appear in.

  10. Now the headline itself is comedy, but farrhoe is as about as funny as dried Turd in dog fur…

  11. While this is funny at face value, is it just me, or did Farrah actually sound *better*?

    Like she didn’t seem to be ranting, or very aggressive, and it was somewhat coherent. If Farrah is really sober and working kn herself, good for her. But I think less than a month isn’t enough time to unpack all that’s going on with Farrah.

    1. The only thing that got me was where she can laugh at her trauma. If its true trauma you will never laugh at it!

  12. Okie dokie. When I think of the next logical step after “law school”, I automatically go to stand up comedy. I’m not really seeing Howie working that closely with someone who played with her own poop though…just saying.

    1. Maybe her law school claims *were* her first attempts at writing comedy material.

      But, given her reaction to the the very sympathetically presented feedback that she wasn’t prepared for first-year college English, I can’t imagine her responding well to any part of the process of collaborating on writing and receiving criticism on something she doesn’t seem to even fully comprehend. I hope Howie or anyone else who’s agreed to try to work with her has a bunch of witnesses present, because we’ve seen how she has no hesitation about claiming even the most benign interactions that were captured on paper or film that simply weren’t 100% telling her she’s amazing or right as “Women Abuse”. (Note: I am NOT discounting her allegations of sexual assault, or that she has experienced other abuses and trauma. I am specifically referring to things like her claims of abuse and harassment by the professor, or her run-ins with law enforcement, for which she has shared her “evidence,” which better supports the alleged perpetrators than their own versions do).

      Otoh, if they really have an appointment scheduled, I’d love to hear what meeting *Howie* thinks he’s agreed to attend: I can picture his being pitched that, “There’s this sublebrity who is working to accept she has some neuropsychiatric diagnoses, with which she has struggled publicly for a long time, and I think she’d really benefit from meeting with you to hear about how you were able to use your comedy career both to cope with yours and do so in the public eye,” and he’d agree to do it, thinking he was having a private meeting to give back and support another public figure. I can honestly see how something would be arranged with genuine intentions and the same description given to both of them and his thinking he’s going to do a short-term bit of helping out another “public figure” working with mental illness, and her coming away thinking she has an A-list comedian who’s been hired to grant her the unconditionally positive boost she needs for the star-making turn she’s always believed she deserves.

      Hey, maybe she really got the help she needs, discovered a true passion and talent, and is going into this with full commitment and support. I’d happily eat my words to see her present even a mediocre but cohesive, articulate, intentional comedy performance, and accept and respond to criticism in a healthy and non-disturbing manner.

      But, I think it’s more likely that there’s been a great misunderstanding, with a much greater and more public clusterfuck to ensue.

      1. Just read through the comments and there are photos of Howie Mandel with Farrah. Someone paid for her 28-day “trauma therapy”, and maybe this person set her up with Howie.

    2. If he is helping her, he obviously did not do his research. I seriously doubt that Howie would be involved with this POS if he knew her story. Hope someone on his team makes him aware of her character.

    3. I can’t imagine that a guy with OCD and a severe phobia of germs is thrilled about a chick with feces fingers.

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