Kail Lowry Reveals Who She’s Cheated On & Talks About the Real Reason Her Relationship with Malik Montgomery Ended

The cornucopia of Kail’s beaus…

Kail Lowry is setting the record straight on which of her significant others she’s cheated on. 

The Teen Mom 2 star opened up about the topic on the latest episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, addressing the fact that her haters and the ‘Teen Mom’ “trolls” accuse her of sleeping with people she never did. She admitted, though, that she has been unfaithful in several of her past relationships— but not with her most-recent ex-boyfriend, Malik Montgomery

As The Ashley previously reported, Malik went on a social media blitz after his relationship with Kail ended a few months ago, stating on Instagram that he felt like Kail “played” him and insinuated that Kail cheated on him with her current live-in love machine, Elijah Scott. (Malik has since started a podcast and claimed he was going to write a book about his time with Kail…as you do.)

On her own podcast, though, Kail addressed the Malik/Elijah situation and went on to tattle on herself regarding all of the significant others she’s cheated on in the past.

“Let’s hang out. I need a new ideas for the next chapter of my book!” 

“I just want to clear this up,” Kail said. “I saw some posts on the Internet or whatever saying that I cheated [on Malik] with Hot Neighbor [Elijah], and he cheated with me. But nobody cheated. We both ended our prior relationships, and actually he ended his relationship with his ex way before I ended mine. Nobody cheated on anyone.

“I do understand the way that the timing was and the way that we met was, whatever, but nobody cheated. That is a rumor and it’s completely false.”

Her co-host then asks her to clarify who she’s “actually cheated on” in relationships.

“I cheated on Jordan [Wenner] with Jo [Rivera].”

“If it helps, that two-minute pickle tickle I got from Jo wasn’t worth it.”

“And, depending on how you look at the situation, I did briefly date a girl on and off,” Kail said. “She would probably say I cheated on her. I didn’t feel like it was a real relationship but I will take the ‘L’ and say that I cheated on her.”

(Although Kail didn’t specifically name her, The Ashley believes Kail is talking about her ex-girlfriend Dominique Potterwhom she dated in 2017. After their split, Dominique pointed out online that Kail was still dating her when Kail and her ex-husband Javi Marroquin hooked up.)

“Any chance you want to relive that special moment? WaWa in 10?” 

Kail went on to discuss her other relationships.

“I never cheated on Javi, never cheated on Chris [Lopez]. I know the timeline with Malik was weird but I never dated two people at one time,” she said.

Her next statement, though, made it sound like she would have cheated on Malik with Chris, had Chris been game.

“There was a time where Chris and I were done but I still wanted to see if I could make it work, and at this time I was with Malik,” Kail said. “But I wasn’t sure— I never cheated on him with Chris or anything.”

“…but you’re welcome for that one, Malik!”

Kail said that she has no reason to lie, since she’s been open about her infidelity in the past.

“I never cheated on Chris with Malik, and I never cheated on my boyfriend now, that never happened…I have cheated in my lifetime and I am completely open to talking about it. I never cheated on Jo.”

Kail noted that she’s been wrongly accused by ‘Teen Mom’ online trolls of doing the horizontal mambo with most of her male friends.

“There have been a lot of male friends that I’ve had that I did not sleep with that the troll pages and other publications have posted me with but I did not necessarily sleep with all of them…a lot of these rumors are crazy, but I have cheated on people in my lifetime. I will admit that and talk about it.”

“For one thing, I wouldn’t have too much to talk about on this podcast!”

She then clarified why she and Malik actually ended their relationship.

“I broke up with him,” Kail said. “I no longer wanted to make it work. I did not love him the way that he loved me. And that is the reason I broke up with him. No other reason; it was not because of somebody else. It was not because of lying, cheating or dishonesty, how he put on his Instagram. That is completely false. That is the conclusion that he came to on his own, after and I’m gonna tell you guys why, now that we’re on the subject.”

Kail explains that Malik likely thinks she was cheating on him with her neighbor Elijah because of an incident that happened shortly after she moved into her current home. She said she had asked Elijah to sign for some furniture that she was having delivered while she was out, but he was unable to do it. She then called Malik to come over and sign for it, which he did…only to find Elijah (who had become available) there to sign for it. 

“So Malik thinks that I cheated on him with [Elijah] but I, in fact, did not,” Kail said, later adding, “But looking back, I can 1000 percent understand why Malik thought that. I 1000 percent understand why [Elijah’s] girlfriend thought that…but I feel like I have been good at owning all my s**t that I had not previously wanted to own or talk about but I never cheated on Malik with [Elijah]. That never happened.” 

Kail said that she realized that she and Malik were too different to make it work. 

“We didn’t have the same goals and in some instances, the trolls are right when they say ‘it’s Kail’s way or the highway,'” she said.

“It’s obvious you’re not willing to abide by our family motto: ‘Kail is always right!'”

 “There were just things that went about that I didn’t love, and I’m sure it was that way the other way around. But we did not break up because of dishonesty or cheating or anything like that. 

“I don’t know why he said that,” she added. “Maybe he’s a little butt-hurt.”

“On my way to Delaware again! I wish Kail would stop breaking up with people. This is a lot of travel time to date every one of her exes!”

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  1. “There was a time where Chris and I were done but I still wanted to see if I could make it work, and at this time I was with Malik” what? am I stupid or something?

  2. Why does Karl have all these men willing to sleep with her?

    And she is obsessed with Chris. Because he’s the only one not obsessed with her and she can’t stand it.

  3. 1. Wtf is wrong with Bri’s ass.

    2. ‘There was a time where Chris and I were done but I still wanted to see if I could make it work, and at this time I was with Malik’

    After all of her bitching & moaning about Chris, she’s still obsessed with him. Kail sucks & is nothing but an attention whore, and all her fuckery is only going to make it hard on her kids.

  4. Ok Briana walking to Delaware is perfect!!
    Also I can understand why Malik thought I was cheating
    I understand why ex girlfriend thought HE was cheating
    And now you are together?
    Where this is smoke there is ? fire!!

  5. Kail also cheated on Javi (he cheated on her too). This was all confirmed on “Marriage Boot Camp” via lie detector test. I guess Kail forgot about that.

    1. I remember that because it was when I realized Javi was a cheater too, up until then I felt sorry for him & thought he was thi great guy and Kail was screwing it up.

  6. I completely forgot that Kail managed to sleep with a white guy.

    Also, is she really willingly listing a(very big) bunch of people she slept with for the whole world to hear? Our society is so sick.

    1. That is not a lot of people. You’re very naive if you think most people only sleep with 2 or 3 people. She’s a grown adult, there’s absolutely no reason she shouldn’t have sex with other grown adults. There’s nothing sick about that. Society has bigger things to worry about than people having fun together.

  7. Rrivlewonder if Kail knows that emotional cheating is still cheating? Just because you didn’t bump uglies doesn’t mean you’re innocent and hdone nothing wrong. She needs a new shrink not paid for by MTV cameras. If she’s actually going to one, they aren’t trustworthy. They seem the type to excuse all of her bad behavior with the excuse of mental illness. I’m mentally ill (bipolar disorder 1) and even my shrink will tell me when I’m self sabotaging amd being an asshole OUTSIDE of my mental illness. So sick of the show painting mental illness as an excuse for everything. You can be mentally ill and an asshole at the same time. Kail and Amber…both are horrible people UNDERNEATH the mental illness.

    1. Did anyone else watching the reunion think, Dr Drew will be out and Coach B will be in?
      He really needs to go.

      1. It brought me a sick amount of immense pleasure, thinking of how it must be eating Dr. Drew alive to consider how he has kissed these girls’ asses for over a decade and tried to offer his sorry excuse of expertise to help them, while he surely noticed but chocked up their disdain for him to either projection because he was such a good doctor or reunion antics because he was such a good celebrity, only to have this random *life coach* woman come in for two weeks, seem to actually have far more success in helping many of them, AND have them all love her.

    2. You called it! Kail has talked so much about learning to deal with her issues in therapy, but it doesn’t seem as if any progress is being made. Continuing to blame others for your poor choices is not what therapy should be. Maybe Dr Drew is her therapist?!

  8. After reading this article, all I can say is you need a power point presentation to fully understand all of the dating/relationship history of Kail…good grief! She’s just a hot mess and a very screwed up person. I can’t stand her.

  9. y’all have to remember that javi lied about him and kail and his deployment. kail filed for divorce BEFORE javi deployed and they agreed not to talk about it until he got back, so they were already broken up when he was deployed and when she started her thing with chris and javi already had a house and everything. but kail didn’t understood why when javi came back he started acting like he didn’t know any of this and started telling people she cheated on him. she goes in on more detail on teen mom trash talk podcast and javi even admitted to lying

  10. Kail was still married to Javi when she started in with Chris, right?

    And i call bullshit again bc when Javi was stationed, she was seeing Tyler Hill.. Right?

  11. I feel like she had something going on with Chris before Javi was out of the picture. And she was dating Jordan when she was still living with Jo’s family. I feel like based off Jo’s reaction maybe he thought their relationship was fixable. Kail’s a dog.

    1. love your name on here btw because that’s EXACTLY how jenelles lips look like ??

    1. And right after Kail said “butt-hurt” which made it even better. My butt hurts just looking at that picture of Briana’s botched rear end.

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