Tyler Baltierra Blasts ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Producers For Their “Shameful” Treatment of Cast & Crew: “Worst Production I Have Ever Been A Part Of!”

Tyler, describing his experience on-set…

The Ashley has been keeping you posted on all the drama going on behind the scenes as the second season of Teen Mom Family Reunion films in Oregon. From nasty, spit-filled cast fights, to cast members being kicked off, to a COVID outbreak, to a crew strike, the production has been plagued with issues over the past few weeks.

Cast member Tyler Baltierra recently spoke out about the less-than-desirable conditions on-set of the ‘Reunion,’ blasting the show’s producers for having a lack of morality and ethics and for their “shameful” treatment of the show’s crew and cast.

“This #TeenMom: Family Reunion has been the worst production I have EVER been apart of!” Tyler tweeted. “Their treatment towards the crew & cast is a shameful  embarrassment. Their lack of morality/ethics is shocking to say the least.”

Tyler also confirmed The Ashley’s previous report that the set was the scene of a COVID-19 outbreak. 

“5 people down & out with COVID, due to their negligence alone,” he wrote.

Tyler and his wife Catelynn Lowell confirmed on social media that they were two of the cast members affected by the virus outbreak. The Ashley can confirm at least two other cast members also got positive tests and were forced to miss most of the filming while quarantining. (Several others who were in close contact with those who were positive were forced to quarantine as well.)

“Staying inside, sitting on the couch and not doing anything in the name of ‘quarantining?’ Sounds good to me!”

As The Ashley previously told you, the crew working on ‘TMFR’ went on strike earlier this week, claiming that the production company will not give the crew members a contract. (The crew that works on ‘TMFR’ is a different crew than the one behind Teen Mom: The Next Chapter and the other ‘Teen Mom’ shows, just FYI.) 

A rep for the IATSE confirmed to The Ashley on Tuesday that the strikers are “looking for industry standard health and retirement benefits, that were not being paid. In order to do so, they joined together and are unionizing.”

The Ashley’s sources told her that the producers frantically began calling old crew members— camera operators, audio techs, etc.— who had worked on Teen Mom OG or Teen Mom 2 in the past. They were able to get enough crew members to come immediately to Oregon so that production could continue. 

(One source tells The Ashley that the COVID outbreak happened before the new crew was brought in and that the new crew members “had nothing to do with the cast getting COVID.”)

What The Ashley imagines it looked like when COVID was flying all over the set…

Despite all of the issues, the production is still ongoing. Some of the cast members have already gone home, but new ones continue to arrive to shoot their scenes.

The Ashley will keep you posted…

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(Photos: MTV; Twitter)

20 Responses

  1. Don’t go traveling and get surprised you sick.. everyone is getting it now, don’t they have a kid in school? You can’t tell me that kid isn’t a risk for Covid too guys, I have kids in public school and my whole family has gotten Covid multiple times. I think it’s kinda gross when people blame others for getting Covid at this point.

  2. Tyler just mad they cut casts pay. Think it’s time he gets a REAL JOB, he’s never worked a real day in his life. Just using kids for paycheck instead of providing kids with semi normal life and privacy not being paycheck

  3. These ‘stars’ wont bother getting a real job and their side hussles are jokes that flop and have been done by other cast mates ? great job TM for giving money to teen moms who never stepped up to better their lives for their babies they had as teens. They’ll be so proud lol

    1. That boy will never be able to handle a real job! His ego has artificially been inflated by a bunch of pre-teen girls and MTV. He believes he is above it all and will never be able to work a job where he has an authority figure over him. Basically MTV has flat out ruined their lives and their expectations of life. It’s a sad fact. I firmly believe MTV knows they cannot leave these adult-children to be responsible for themselves or the gaggle of children they have created. MTV will be supporting these losers for the rest of their lives. I mean really. The proof is there to support it. We’ve seen what has happened to those who have been fired, should have been fired or quit of their own free will. They still believe they’ve been bestowed with some power. MTV needs to put the brakes on this shit before they ruin more lives. It’s sad they think this is a joke. They’ll keep going until the last 5 viewers turn off their tv’s.

  4. You all act as if you love your jobs and if you didn’t you would just walk away and quit.

    I can’t blame Tyler or Cait for sticking around as long Viacom/MTV will pay them. It’s a great JOB where they can make money and spend time with their kids.

    And as far as not having skills or anything else. They may have went under during covid but they had a clothing line for kids that Tyler ran for the most part. And Cait does eyebrows. I think they’ll be part of the few that will be ok if the show ends.

    Actually I hate to say it but most of the cast has a side hustle these days. Amber will probably have to take Gary up on renting a trailer on the back of his farm …but most of the others have podcasts or clothing lines. I think Brianna works as a travel agent or something. But I mean look how long Jenelle has been able to squeeze her funds.

  5. Tyler is obviously just upset he got covid-19. He won’t know why they are striking as he has never had a job. Considering he is unable to pay taxes on the ungodly amount of money he is paid he will be the newest, and most mediocre member of staff at the nearest place with the lowest standards.
    I highly doubt the conditions are that bad-love island with more arguments probably.


  7. Frankly I’m not sure why anyone is still paying any of these white trash lowlife piece of garbage to be on TV no one should be watching them all you’re doing is encouraging their file behavior domestic violence drug use I mean there’s nobody on this cast it’s even halfway decent they’re all abject garbage

    1. To be fair, Tyler never had legal troubles, addictions or domestic violence allegations. He’s a loving father and husband. You can dislike him but he’s pretty decent.

      1. Yes, the same loving father and husband who left his pregnant wife and child behind while he goes to live in an apartment by himself. To figure life out as whether he wants to stay married or not.

  8. The crew is on strike demanding more benefits from a dying show, with ratings in the toilet. This is the perfect opportunity to cancel this trash heap. The real ratings will come in 5~10, from the “Where are they now?” special. I would be gitty if these lazy, entitled little bitches had to get real jobs, and live in the trailer park, just like before the TM gravy train came to town.

  9. But you still collected your check and will gladly sign up for another wont you?

    Put up or shut up.
    GTFO with this controlled opposition bullshit.

  10. Considering these are the same people that are flogging a dead horse trying to squeeze every last dime out of the TM brand, I’m not at all surprised that they don’t want to pay the production crew the benefits they deserve.

  11. Ohh man, he’ll go crazy if he ever has to get a real job!! Then he’ll have real problems!! He’s seriously crying over nothing right now! Go live one of our lives for one day & see the stress and problems that come with a 9-5 job! You’ll be running back to the octagon of horrors so damn quick!! Good luck once the show ends with massive tax debt & no actual JOB skills! But look at it this way, at least you’ll all be in the same boat!!

  12. Quite simply Tyler … if you don’t like the conditions .. then leave!! Instead of buying therapy animals and new cars every year ..maybe you could of put those teen mom $$ into an education .. then you wouldn’t have to deal with mtv at all !! Remember back in the first season when you gave up Carly to get an education ????

    Yeah .. obviously not ….

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