Kody Brown Demands His Ex Christine Brown Stay In Flagstaff Even If She Marries Someone Else: Watch the Shocking ‘Sister Wives’ Preview Clip

“I’d rather be strapped to Meri’s wetbar and waterboarded with nasty Coyote Pass lake water.”

The new season of Sister Wives premieres on Sunday, and a sneak peek clip shared on TLC‘s social media accounts had fans shocked at Kody Brown‘s treatment of his now-ex-wife Christine.

In the clip, Christine— who announced in November 2021 that she had divorced Kody after more than 25 years of marriage— tells Kody that she doesn’t think she will remain in Flagstaff now that they have broken up. The statement does not go over well with Kody and he demands that Christine stay near him and the rest of his family (which includes his other wives RobynMeri and Christine and his children). 

“You grow up and do it!” Kody told his ex of staying with his family.

For years, Christine had been adamant about wanting to leave Flagstaff and go to Utah to be near some of her older children. However, Kody demands that Christine stay put.

In fact, Kody insisted that, even if Christine were to find love with another man, she should still remain in Flagstaff and just bring her new beau there.

“It’s fun here. Who wouldn’t want to join this FUN!?”

“You get married to somebody else, you could bring them here and they can become part of the family,” Kody said angrily. “You don’t break up the family with what you’re trying to do! If you’re a grown-up, grown-ups do that!” 

Despite Kody’s shocking suggestion, Christine managed to remain calm, asking Kody, “You expect me to stay here?”

“I’m going to Utah to find me a real man who doesn’t wear visors and knows how to treat his woman!”

Kody— who shares five grown children and 12-year-old daughter Truly with Christine– insists that because they “have kids together” Christine should stay in Flagstaff. He then accuses Christine of “poisoning the well” for him with the other members of the family.

Despite his obvious disdain for Christine, he continues to insist she not leave the family, even if she’s leaving their marriage.

“We can still salvage the family!” Kody says. “Grown-ups make it work for the kids! I don’t have to be your lover to be able to be a good parent to our children.”

All of our faces watching this scene and listening to the things coming out of Kody’s mouth…

Judging by comments about the clip left on social media, fans appeared to be as shocked by Kody’s comments as Christine was.

“Christine was not happy in Flagstaff. He was very condescending here as usual. He took her for granted and then wants to grasp at straws and manipulate her when she already had one foot out the door,” one person wrote on Facebook.

“He’s right, he doesn’t need to be her lover to be a good parent. He hasn’t been her lover in a long time and he still decided to be a s**t parent,” a comment left on Instagram reads.

“I know a lot of grown-ups, and I cannot think of one who left their husband, remarried, and came back to be a part of their exes family. What on earth is this jagweed talking about?” another person wrote. 

As ‘Sister Wives’ fans saw last season, Christine finally made the decision to leave Kody after he told her that he was no longer interested in having an intimate marriage with her. Kody told Christine this was because he didn’t like how she was behaving, and because he didn’t feel she had been a good sister wife to his other three wives, MeriJanelle and Robyn. Christine responded by telling Kody that he was no longer welcome in her room.

The new season of ‘Sister Wives’ will show Christine making the decision to leave Kody and the family, as well as the family’s reactions to that decision.

‘Sister Wives’ Season 17 premieres on Sunday on TLC. You can watch the clip below!


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27 Responses

  1. Who does Kody think he is? You were not married to Christine when she decided to leave. Kody you showed which children you favor and what ones you don’t. Christine doesn’t have to do anything you demand. You need to quit demanding and get your life right. You are a mean person that uses feelings and being together as a weapon to beat others with. Admit the truth. Live your life. Let others live theirs as they choose. Not your place to say how.

  2. Is he high…..oh yeah he is…high on being on TV. His head has swollen and thinks he’s so important. “A grown up does that” WHAT…get over yourself Kody…you don’t even give a damn about your adult children.,keep the family together….I almost fell off the chair hearing that

  3. He wants to bring in another wife because he is scared shi*less his cash cow show is going to end then he and Robin will have to get real jobs. Oh no, he will make Robin go on welfare for free medical, food stamps and $.

  4. WOW!!
    His thought process is so bizarre, I hope it was written for ratings and are not his “reality”!
    He gives substance to the negative views about that religion.

  5. So is this what Kody did?; when he was done with one wife, moved onto the next without leaving the forst one?

  6. Wow that was gross. I legitimately want to vomit over those statements. I’m so glad she left. No one deserves that type of treatment. Gaslighting at its finest right there.

  7. OMG!! I can’t believe what he just said about her Christine staying in Flagstaff! He’s more warped than I thought! The idiot! As we all know, no one poisoned the well with his kids but is own selfish self!!

  8. A lot of their (biological) children don’t even live in Flagstaff!

    What the ?

    Christmas is just one day of the year that might be an issue when she has a new partner. Where do the kids go, their mom or dad?

    Why would she be invited to family gatherings when she stays and even brings a new man into the family but not when she moves away?
    It’s about control.

  9. “if you’re a grown up.” lol.

    Dude you need to calm down, you’re being too loud.

    It’s funny that he spent all the time bullying Robin’s ex-husband and forcing him out of the custody of his own kids and moving those kids around to a bunch of different places, and now that it can happen to him he’s so mad about it.

    I guess it’s a good thing that Kody didn’t sign the birth certificate now. Those kids don’t have a legal father.

      1. I don’t think so. I think they were so afraid of getting caught as polygamist that they didn’t list any father on any of the kids birth certificates except for Meri’s or any paternity.

        I think in the past, the wives have fought because Meri and her daughter were the only ones on Kody’s health insurance.

        And Now since he’s married to Robin and adopted her kids, those are the only ones covered. I think you can be on your parent’s plan until like 26 years old.

        I can see how angry that would make Christine that her kid is the sick one and need health insurance and all she’s can get it.

  10. Kody is an asshat! Go about your business Christine! If that means moving then MOVE! Your no longer a sister wife HELL he divorced Meri to marry Robin for some ODD reason. Funny how he didn’t divorce Meri to marry you or Janelle. Then COVID hits and he spends all this time with her and tries to put restrictions on everyone else? Screw him and his narcissistic ways. You have a lot of people rooting for you!

  11. Listen Mr. Grownup,

    YOU poisoned the well. YOU chose Robyn and her children over everyone else, including your daughter having major surgery that you wanted her to go through ALONE! What kind of grownup parent chooses to be there for some but not all of their kids? What grownup throws a tantrum like a two year old and stomps their feet every single time something doesn’t go your way? Who emotionally & mentally abuses MULTIPLE wives for years?

    Just skeevy Kody with the bad hair.

    1. AND Kody told Ysabel that he hopes that she doesn’t grow up to be a bitter old housewife. What kind of dad says that to his daughter?

  12. What the actual fuck? Bring the new spouse into the family? His mentality is disturbing. How would any one want to be near this top ramen headed asshole? I’m so glad Christine left! I wonder, did he pull this shit with Meri? Is that why she stays?

  13. Don’t do it Christine, he is just worried the show will end and there goes his and Robins cash cow. That is why Meri stays. Move to Utah, let them cancel this shitty show. You are so loved by the fans we will beg TLC to give you your own show.

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