Kody Brown Screams At Wife Christine After She Tells Him She’s Leaving Him: Watch a Sneak Peek of ‘Sister Wives’ Season 17

“I’m ditching the frizzy haired maniac but not the TLC paychecks! Keep ’em coming!”

Christine Brown let the world know back in November 2021 that she was leaving her husbandKody Brown, after more than 25 years (and six kids) together…and now Sister Wives fans are going to get to watch how that scenario and its aftermath played out behind-the-scenes.

In a first look at the upcoming 17th season of the TLC reality show, fans get to watch as Christine decides to leave Kody, and Kody and his other wives’– Robyn, Meri and Janelle— react as Christine informs them that she’s high-tailing it out of Flagstaff– and Kody’s family! 

“There’s some strange things happening between Kody and Christine right now,” Robyn tells us as we see footage of Christine loading her stuff into her car and Kody walking “sad Charlie Brown-style” through the wreckage that is his life in Flagstaff.

“Dang, I need to get Meri out here to cut these weeds. Robyn might trip!”

“I’m just supposed to stay out of it!” Robyn adds.

According to Christine, though, Robyn definitely did not “stay out of it” (with “it” being Christine’s marriage to Kody).

“I feel like, to Kody, Robyn’s more important,” Christine tells the camera, later telling Kody, “Its been heartbreaking being your wife– for years.” (Kody looks miserable and like he’d rather listen to Meri sing show tunes about the benefits of Lularoe leggings than sit there and listen to Christine.) 

When you no longer have enough hair on your front hairline to cover your eyes, you have to improvise!

“I agreed to be a sister wife, but I agreed to be an equal wife,” Christine declares. 

Janelle, who is still standing by her [basically platonic] man and Christine, appears to see the writing on the wall, stating that the couple’s split seems “inevitable” and that they are past the point of working things out. 

Speaking of Janelle, her own relationship with Kody seems to be sinking faster than Kody’s dreams of building his giant polygamous castle on Coyote Pass. 

“He’s no longer acting as my husband here,” Janelle tells us. 

Later in the clip, Christine makes her up her mind that she’s packing up her Plexus products and leaving Kody and his wives wife Robyn…and…the rest of the them…behind.

“I have decided to leave,” Christine finally tells the camera. “I’m going to leave Kody.” 

Kody does not take kindly to her announcement. In what appears to be a meeting of all five Brown Family adults, Kody explodes, telling the women he spent “18 months being persecuted by my own family, for trying to protect them!” (We can assume Kody’s talking about some of his family’s reactions to his extreme COVID-19 safety rules, which were discussed at length last season.) 

“My heart is broken!” he adds.

We can assume Kody has to touch Meri soon and that’s why he’s wearing those gloves or…?

In another scene, Kody then starts screaming at Christine in front of the other wives.

“You never tried to have really good relationships with these other people!” he screeches as Robyn sobs next to him. “And that’s why I’m really pissed off! Man! Just a knife in the kidneys after all these years! The SACRIFICES that I made…to LOVE YOU!” 

“Think of all those nights you got the bed to yourself while I was pickle-tickling Robyn! Um…YOU’RE WELCOME!”

Christine looks completely unbothered as Kody screams/sobs. He then storms off, frizzy hair flapping in the breeze behind him. 

When you realize you married a passive-aggressive egomaniac but it’s OK because all your stuff’s already packed and in the car…

We also get a shot of Robyn walking alone as she tells us (in a rather creepy way) that she’s “not ready for Christine to leave.”

Robyn then goes to forgotten wife Meri to ensure Meri’s not planning to split as well. 

“Hang on with me, OK?” she begs Meri, who assures her she will.

“If you promise to stick around, I’ll promise that we will call you down from the bell tower more frequently, OK?”

Robyn insists that they have to “rebuild” the family. However, Janelle later tells us that she’s “not really sure that we have a family anymore.” 

Robyn then pleads her case (seemingly to the viewers) to let them know that she didn’t purposely rip the Brown Family apart, as many ‘Sister Wives’ fans have accused her of doing over the years.

“I would never do anything to this family to hurt it,” she says. “I just wish that people could see that.” 

Why does Robyn look like she’s about to make Christine an “offer she can’t refuse?”

“The message that we had to the world about ‘functional’ polygamy seems so dysfunctional now,” Kody says sadly to the camera. 

‘Sister Wives’ Season 17 premieres Sunday, September 11 on TLC. 

Watch the trailer below! 

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(Photos: TLC)


  1. I think I can safely say that the new Sister Wives is not going to have asmany viewers. Robyn has been causing trouble since she came into the picture. Meri should never have divorced Cody so Robyn could have her kids. Duh, she at the least, would have had shared custody if not full!!! Her and Cody had things in motion when none of the other wives were in the dark about it. They really.started to notice a lot of issues that became more obvious in time. I think Meri is hanging on by a thread hoping for a miracle that he will love her again. (Not while Robyn is in charge Meri.) Janelle has quietly been feeling alone due to Cody and Robyn being so close that there was no room for the extra wives after Robyn and her kids got in the picture. I say that Robyn and Coty’s new business will cost them a lot with the loss of viewers. TLC needs to take heed with all this. No-one is gonna want to watch Robyn and Cody putting down the other wives and “his”other children, biological children!!! How cruel of him!!
    Cody is the most selfish a–h—!! Grow some Cody!!! I won’t be watching your new selective family, along with many others.Christine, find a “man” who appreciate ‘s you for you. Janelle, you need to see the signals from the past that told you that you and your kids were being faded out of Cody’s life and his plans. It’s Sad but Robyn’s thumb has been pushing a lot more that a broom!! People see through Robyn, her forced faces of crying as if she really cared. “Not!”.falsely acting like you wanted Cody to bed his other wives when all along she gives Cdy ultimations, a lot of us grew to hate Robyn and Cody. His other children should be a part of his life and profit from his business, after all he made them and they should receive equal moneys from his holdings. I could write a book on this , Yòu all probably are laughing and saying, “she’s àlreadý started it in this reply).

  2. Kody makes me ill. “The sacrifices I made to love you”. Get a life Kody. I’m happy for Christine to get out. Janelle please see the writing on the wall. Mari you are used as the pimp. How long before Mari finds Kody another wife?

  3. Sacrifices my ass. When he didn’t go to daughter surgery abuse of Robin told u EVERYTHING anyone needed to know. Meri and Janelle better wake up. Hope TLC cancel show let kody get real job quit using these poor women and kids to feed his lifestyle. Times up

      1. This reminds me of that comedian that says “what is the name of your god?” And they can’t answer the question lmao

  4. I really admire how Christine is just quiet and letting him throw a fit, completely unbothered. Let that man show his true colors girl 👏🏼 she has this look like ‘wow you’re really doing this in front of cameras’. All of these ladies deserve better, Robyn seems super pathetic “hang in there, we need to rebuild” 🤡

    1. Robyn is a total manipulator. She is getting exactly what she wanted. There’s nothing good about her. She’s just as bad as Kody. They deserve each other!

      1. I agree 1000%!! From day 1 Sobyn got whatever she wanted. She played victim often but was a master manipulator the whole time. Who ever couldn’t see that was watching a completely different show than I was.

  5. Robin has always been a snake she made sure she got in between meri and Cody marriage where he always said about divorce was prohibited in their religion she broke them girls and there families up shame on her ..She wanted a father figure for her kids and didn’t care about anyone of the other kids

    1. Kody wants to be in a monogamous relationship with Robyn. He tolerates Janelle because she makes no demands on him. He despises Meri even from before the catfishing. He married Christine because he need a 3rd wife to get his own planet. He’s a tiny, angry man. His bio kids barely tolerate him. He and Robyn are welcome to each other. ** I know way to much about these people.**

  6. I lost my sympathy for kody when he divorced Meri to marry Robyn. I know the reason behind it but he stopped being kind to Meri. It’s no wonder Meri stepped outside of the so called “family” to find someone who cared. He didn’t want to help her try again to have another child he just put her on the back burner. Sorry kody your dramatics are just not worth it anymore. Yelling at Christine in front of the others and huffing away. Just seems so wrong and not real.

  7. She should of left him years ago as Janelle and Meri should..he is a control nut..you women deserve so much more..Kody looks out for himself and only him..I am proud of you Christine for walking away..

  8. He agreed to love her. Well he has a awful way of showing it. Christine so much better off and she will do better when she finally gets to see what a Real man does and how much he loves you and only you for you. And only you. Not for 3 other people. She has never really been loved. She been used. She been abused by kody with his word’s and dominant out brust. Christine I wish you all the best in the future and I hope you find ❤️ and real happiness 😊.

  9. He never made any sacrifices especially during covid. He’s and egotistical, selfish , self centered bastard! Sorry but Janelle you should get out while you can. Meri is just desperate and thinks he’ll come back to her ‘, but everyone knows he made Robyn his choice like saying Meri should cut those weeds cause Robyn might fall! What an asand Robyn did her best to be number one. We all know it.

  10. I can’t imagine being one of their children and watching this play out on television…I’m sure there is going to be a lot more hurt spread around when they watch him treat Christine this way. Pretty much every single one of the kids (excluding Sobyn’s) have said that Christine was a true mother to all of them, and they all are very close. This isn’t going to go over well watching Kody berate her for his “sacrifice” as Robyn once again makes a point of declaring none of this is her fault….

  11. If Christine can sit through Kody’s temper tantrum with absolutely no emotional response means that this is not the first time she has witnessed this behavior. Just another day in paradise, her face shows it.

  12. Christine, “What took you so long?”, and Robyn, “Look over your shoulder, another wife waiting off camera!”.

  13. He is not worth it!! He acts like he’s been the victim! Bull! A loveless marriage is not a marriage at all. Good decision to leave that loser!

  14. Welcome back to Season 17 of the perpetual victim squad. Barf bags are on the right. When you run out of your own to give, WTF refills are on the left.

    1. Lol, yesssss! I’m gonna borrow that one! My brother and I always use *sweeping arm gesture* “See that view? It’s my field of fucks! Oh! None are in bloom?! Then I guess I have none to give!”

  15. I bet Jenelle hasn’t left yet b/c they have to wait and use it as a story line for the next season to keep stretching out the money train.

  16. There is no way Robyn doesn’t see what everyone else sees. She knows that Kody treats her and her children better than his own biological children and his other wives. It’s as if it’s an unspoken rule that everyone is supposed to quietly just accept and that says a lot about them. Kody and Robyn are in love and have made a little family together. Kody is not in love with Janelle or Meri. He only keeps them around because in their religion the more wives you have the higher lever you go to in heaven. So sad.

    1. Also, I don’t know any mothers who would stay with a man after he declined to be with their daughter during her back surgery because he just didn’t want to go.

  17. Kody should be thanking Christine, this show was dying. She got another season out of it.

    And yes, Robin, you should stay the f*ck out of Christine and Kody’s issues.

    1. “The sacrifices I have made to love you!”

      Well if that ain’t classic gaslighting, I don’t know what is!

      1. Absolutely. Cody is the ONLY person in this entire family who never has to sacrifice anything. Oh and maybe Solomon.

    2. And Janelle’s issues and Mari’s issues! If she’d kept her nose in the middle of her face instead of up Kody’s azz and in EVERYBODY else’s business, they’d all have fewer problems. To think Meri gave up her legal marriage for an ungrateful snot.

    1. The “Kody Charlie Brown style walked” made me wish you’d rip into Garrick Merrifield from Seeking Sister Wife. There’s endless material there! His ridiculous wife also.

  18. I truly detest everything about Kody. He has been a bitter angry little man as far back as I can remember. When Robyn joined the family he became emotionally abusive to everyone but Robyn. If he acts like a raging lunatic when he knows cameras are there & it’s going to be on national TV one has to wonder how much worse it is when cameras aren’t there.

    The greatest gift that Christine gave her children is getting as far away as possible from this little man child.

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