‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Dad Bar Smith Denies Addiction Claims Made By His Mom Shen Williams; Shen Threatens to Show Who Bar & Wife Ashley Jones “Really Are”

“And thanks to you, we have the screenshots to remember most of it.”

Shen Williams has angered her fine ass son, Bar Smithagain

The husband of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star Ashley Jones shared a lengthy statement on his Patreon page on Tuesday– shared by @teenmom.tea on Instagram– addressing recent comments his mom made on social media. Bar began his statement by warning fans, “here we go again.”

Dealing with Shen is hard twerk work…

As you may recall, Shen was interviewed on the Hot Tea Happy Hour podcast last month, during which she claimed Bar landed in rehab after becoming addicted to Xanax. (While Bar’s trip to rehab played out on ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter,’ the network did not go into detail about the reason Bar was seeking help.) 

This week, however, Bar denied the Xanax allegations and called out his mom for repeatedly bashing him publicly.

“ … I’m tired of my mom always bashing me and tearing me down publicly, she doesn’t do this to any of the other kids, it’s only cause I’m on tv … ,” he wrote. 

Bar then accused Shen of not acting like a real mom in years, despite him being there for her “24/7.”

Shen not acting like a real mom?! We can hardly believe it…

“ … I seen it all and ain’t nothing off limits no more NOTHING, I’m tired of being the bad guy,” he wrote. “So if she starts again, I’ll go down the loooooong list of the things I wrote [while] I was in jail, I will be hated at after everything I say and I’m ready for that since it’s already the case. 

“Remember I haven’t been saying anything REALLY for the last 8 years…. I ain’t put NONE of her business out… ,” Bar continued. “So here mom, here is my threat to you, unfortunate we have to do this.”

Shen had initially taken to her Instagram Story to respond to Bar denying his Xanax addiction, telling followers she would prove that she wasn’t a liar, while threatening to show who Bar and Ashley really are, as “reality TV is not reality at all at least not their story.” 

“He don’t get to lie on me and I just stay quiet,” Shen wrote. “U couldn’t just leave it alone now I’m gonna prove I’m telling the truth and y’all the liars lets go!”  

Shen went on to bash Bar for publicly calling her a liar, claiming she would “publicly prove [that she’s] not.”

“ … He should have stayed quiet,” she wrote. “ … Don’t tell me he is my son [none] of my sons would do the things he does to me nor would ever allow the lies to be said or have me or [his sister] Yaz attacked so go tell him I’m his mother!” 

Neither Bar nor Shen have commented further on their shenanigans, but stay tuned… 

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16 Responses

  1. Stop giving that pathetic woman attention…. don’t matter what it is you never bad mouthed your kid your the adult handle that mess privately.

  2. Shen reminds me of Farrah’s mom. They do incredibly questionable behavior then don’t take responsibility for damage to their kids.

  3. “Don’t tell me he is my son [none] of my sons would do the things he does to me”
    Could be wrong here but isn’t one of her sons in prison for murder and she stood by him? Seems to me like her priorities are a little off?

  4. Ah, “we” have to do this. This has Ashley and Tea written all over it.
    Tea showed her crazy lately.

    1. Tea has showed her crazy lately. Really…only lately??

      Seems she’s shown her crazy from the beginning…where do you think Ashley got her crazy from?

      Just like how Bar got his crazy from Shen. But compared to Shen Bar is relatively calm. That bitch is fucking pscho!!!

    1. The English teacher part of me is horrified by the way some of these people speak. Illustrates perfectly the fact that a big problem with these people is a lack of education… followed by a lack of common sense. Isn’t Ashley the one who doesn’t eat eggs because they are “chicken abortions?” Both Bar and Ashley’s parents owe them apologies for how stupid they turned out.

  5. They’re so embarrassing ?
    No. One. Cares. We all know they’re both garbage. No need to further convince me.

  6. I feel so bad for Bar and Ashleys little girl. She gotta have her grandma and daddy airing out their private family issues on instagram really? People need to grow up pick up a phone and talk to each other. Do it for your beautiful sweet little girl who has to see all this shit when she is older!

  7. Sometimes, being a blood relative of a person isn’t a good enough reason to allow them to be part of your life. I’m not a fan of Bar (or Ashley) but he needs to go no-contact with Shen. She’s hopelessly dysfunctional and toxic.

  8. Bar and Ashley and Shen are all trainwrecks. What mother and son attack each other on social media? Think about the fact that little Holly will read this when she gets older.

    Apparently neither Bar or Shen attended any spelling and grammar classes.

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