Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Farrah Abraham Opens Up About Daughter Sophia’s Boyfriend: “He’s A Good Boy Or I’ll Make Him That, Either Way”

Sophia, counting down the seconds until Farrah says something embarrassing…

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham is a tough-– and often indecipherable-– critic, but it looks like she’s given her daughter Sophia’s boyfriend her stamp of approval.  

Farrah opened up to In Touch Weekly recently about her 13-year-old’s relationship, joking that she talks about her daughter’s dating life in therapy.  She also promised that Sophia’s boyfriend would face the Wrath ‘o’ Farrah should he do anything Farrah doesn’t like.

“I will banish you to the driveway Porta-Potty!” 

“He’s a good boy or I’ll make him that, either way,” Farrah added of Sophia’s boyfriend. 

In August, Farrah took to social media to creep everyone out reveal a “gift” that she was putting together for Sophia’s boyfriend. In her video, Farrah encouraged other parents to force their daughters’ boyfriends to read odd self-help books, too, before mumbling through a list of her recommended reading material.  

“I hope you threw in one of my CDs on the list of recommended listening materials!”

“If you’re going to date my daughter, you’re getting some 12 step books,” Farrah said. “I would highly recommend getting your daughters’ boyfriends King Baby, The Twelve Steps and Shame, and Emmet Fox[‘s] The Sermon on the Mount: The Keys to Success in Life.

“Only the best and hopefully that boyfriend turns out ok,” she added before mentioning that she “threw in some snacks” for the teen. 

Sophia first showed off her significant other back in August, revealing in a TikTok video that he bought her a Build-A-Bear. The teens reportedly met while attending a songwriting camp at the Paramount Theater.

When asked how her mom has handled the whole dating thing, Sophia said “there’s a few ups and downs, definitely.” 

“I think Sophia might be saying, like, she’s limited with her boyfriend,” Farrah noted. “ … They got, they got some good music every time they’re together though.” 

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Farrah admitted she’s “a little bit shocked that Sophia is dating before [she is].” 

When you turn a conversation about your daughter’s boyfriend into another opportunity to remind everyone that you’re still single…

“That’s what I had to talk to my therapist about,” she explained. “But anyways, I definitely have limits. Um, but I’m happy. I’m happy for Sophia dating them. That’s, uh, kosher right now.” 

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  1. So Farrah is ‘shocked’ that Sophia got a boyfriend before she did? Sounds like she’s jealous, especially because she made a point of talking to her therapist about it. We always knew Farrah would see Sophia as competition.

    I wonder what she thinks of the fact that Sophia attracted a boy, even though she doesn’t have implants or plastic surgery- the boy likes her as she is. That must blow Farrah’s mind.

  2. Is it me, or does Sophia seem to be compensating for her mothers attention whore nuttiness? She appears kinda shy, gothed out, anti-mainstream. I love it, but it seems ear what she’s doing.

  3. There’s no way a 13 year old boy (assuming he’s the same age as Sophia) is going to read a bunch of self help books. ?? Farrah needs to focus on herself, by that I mean work whatever trauma/drug programs she is in and maybe take an English course so she can properly write and punctuate sentences. I certainly hope Sophia is in therapy, she was dealt a difficult hand in life being Farrah’s child.

    1. It can do damage, but doesn’t necessarily ruin. There’s no known way to cure a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, but it IS possible for victims to heal from narcissistic abuse. ❤️

  4. i get 13 is the usual age when kids start dating but why does it seem like farrah’s expecting them to eventually get married??? they’re only 13 why is she getting so involved, talking about it in interviews and driving this boy away already, i can’t imagine what she’ll do when sophia’s older and gets a serious bf

    1. Farrah’s mom asked a boy going on a date with her after she had Sophia if he wanted to go to heaven with them.

      So I assume this is just the status quo in the Abraham family.

      1. Not that I enjoy defending any of them, but that’s not as weird of a question as some might think, although stated very shitty (expected behavior in that family). Some religious people believe that you do indeed go to heaven with your family to be together forever in the, well, afterlife I suppose you could call it (they all have different names for it).

        So asking someone “do you want to go to heaven with them” or any form of that question is really just a horrible way of saying “do you intend to stick around long term or is this just a wam bam thank you ma’am sort of deal”. It’s actually a pretty valid question, when asked right, especially for parents that actually love their children and grandchildren and want stability for them (not really the case for Deb, pretty unstable and uneducated family, but, most families, it is, lol)

        None of them are very articulate, whatsoever, I’m surprised any of them graduated high school to be honest. I don’t expect most of what comes out of their mouths, which sadly includes Sophia now, to make a whole lot of sense. They are additional proof that even people who DO get an education, can be completely unintelligent, unintelligible, idiots with absolutely zero decorum, tact, class…..I don’t think I need to go on, lol.

  5. Sny truth in this!!!
    It is now coming out that Farrah Abraham’s dad Michael secretly went to rehab for a drug addiction. Somehow, he was able to keep this quiet and the fans are just now finding out. Radar Online shared about what went down with Michael from “Teen Mom OG.”

  6. Imagine being a 13 year old kid and expected to replace your videogames with adult self-help books by the mother of a girl you’ve known for a few weeks.

    Also Farrah, maybe this 13 year old boy doesn’t need trauma therapy books. Not everyone is the same as you Farrah. Maybe he’s had a normal, stable life and is well-adjusted. Why are you assuming everyone else is as much of a disaster as you?

    She’s a freaking trip man.

  7. And here it is. This is what MTV has been waiting and waiting for, biding their time. Place bets now on the first Teen Mom KID to get knocked up or to knock someone up. Because MTV probably had a pool going too.

    1. What worries me is that Farrah might encourage Sophia to have a sexual relationship in the hopes that MTV would have them back if Sophia was pregnant :/

      1. I believe she very much IS pushing for exactly that, because she assumes that all relationships, even close friendships, result in sex. She has absolutely no idea whatsoever how relationships, again even friendships, actually work. If sex and money isn’t involved, it’s not real. She’s clearly pushing this back on Sophia now and she IS the one who encourages her to “date”.

    1. I haven’t heard about this and Google isn’t helping. Can you please share more about this? Sophia and drugs? Say it isn’t so!

      1. It wasn’t in the mainstream news or anything. It was a blind.

        Mom is a known drug user. Mom has drugs available. Child has never had any structure or real parenting. They go to clubs together. Its 100% possible.

        >The offspring of this former reality star who has been on our screens since she was in her mid teens, was recently kicked out of a summer program for drugs. Sophia Abraham/Farrah Abraham/”Teen Mom” (Fans call out ‘unrecognizable’ Farrah Abraham in new TikTok)

  8. Poor, poor Sophia. My young teen daughters definitely do NOT date! They don’t have “boyfriends.” They are busy with school, friends and activities. No one around Sophia is concerned with what is appropriate for Sophia, and what is in HER best interest! Praying for her.

    1. No- I thought that too but looked into it. Here is the synopsis… “Discusses the King Baby personality – the childish ego traits seen in people who have reached adulthood without acquiring emotional maturity – a self-centeredness common to alcoholics and addicts”. It’s published by Hazelden which is a publisher of literature pertaining to mostly addiction… Farrah is a kook! He’s 13…

      1. Hahaha ok that makes a bit more sense, however I can also see Farrah being like yeah that fat baby with a crown has so much knowledge and wisdom. Look he know how to get people to do stuff for him. Yeah it is exactly what I learned in my hybrid business/ law school class for extra smarts people who have culinary degrees, which none of you do so you don’t KNOW!

  9. 13 seems a little young to have a boyfriend. However I will say that Sophia seems more mature than her mother so hopefully she makes better decisions.

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