‘Below Deck’ Fan-Favorite Captain Lee Rosbach Leaves Season 10 Early Due to Health Issues; Answers Questions About His Future on Show

Sea ya later, folks!”

Below Deck mainstay Captain Lee Rosbach has stepped down from the show.

On Monday’s episode, the captain announced to his crew that he would have to leave Season 10 early due to health issues. 

“As you guys know, I’ve been struggling with my mobility and it’s been hard. And I’ve let you guys down, and for that, I apologize. So I’ve made a decision to leave,” Captain Lee told the ‘Below Deck’ crew. 

Captain Lee had previously told the cameras in the same episode that his nerve issues were getting worse. 

“The left side of my body, I don’t feel anything,” he said. “I expected a lot more progress than I’m experiencing and the most frustrating part about it is, I can’t do a goddamn thing about it, and it’s hard.” 

He shared that he “owed it to my crew to do right by them” and leave his post at the helm. He added that he wasn’t able to “observe” the goings-on within the crew and that the captain “should be putting the best interests of his crew first.” 

At the beginning of the season, the “Stud of the Sea” revealed that he had undergone back surgery prior to filming Season 10. The normally stalwart captain was seen leaning on a cane for support and had trouble navigating the boat. 

“I’m a little incapacitated,” he was shown telling the crew in an episode. “I have a nerve issue on my left side so I am going to depend on you guys in some areas.” 

He added, “The worst is behind me now and the doctors have assured me that I’m just going to continue to get better.”

Unfortunately, Captain Lee’s healing process proved to be a lot more extensive than he anticipated. 

Despite his health hiccup, Captain Lee seems to be on the mend. A ‘Below Deck’ fan took to Twitter to ask the “Boat Daddy” about his health. “I’m doing well, thank [sic] for asking, appreciate you,” he replied. 

Another fan asked Captain Lee if he will be back for next season.

“I will as along as it’s fun, which it is and you guys still want to have me,” he replied. 

It remains to be seen who will be replacing the captain who has been with ‘Below Deck’ since Season 1. The only other captain featured on the show was Sean Meagher, who took over duties at the beginning of Season 9. 

Captain Lee had undergone a medical procedure and enlisted Captain Sean to temporarily lead the helm of My Seanna but he came back ready to work with gusto. Upon his return, Captain Lee told cameras, “I’d rather sandpaper a tiger’s a** in a phone booth than miss a charter. That’s not gonna happen.” 

Captain Lee’s insistence that he’s doing well and is willing to come back to ‘Below Deck’ next season has fans reassured for the time being.

As for Monday’s cliffhanger, Lee tweeted, “What a night, eh? Thanks for tuning in, I appreciate it so much. You guys know the drill, gym in the am and to those I missed tonight, catch you on the flip side. Next week show should be interesting to say the least. See y’all then.” 

‘Below Deck’ airs Mondays on Bravo. 

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  1. Always thought he was a douche. He never missed an opportunity to belittle someone and make them feel like shit over any little thing. Wish him well but won’t miss him at all.

    1. Yeah what a douche for not liking when people slack or try to pass the buck. LOL. Tell me one person he was unfair to….

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