‘The Challenge’ Star Jemmye Carrol Claims Camila Nakagawa Tried To Blackmail Leroy Garrett After Her 2017 Racist Rant Against Him

It’s been over five years since Camila Nakagawa‘s infamous tirade against her Challenge co-star Leroy Garrett, but there is new tea that has been spilled by longtime competitor Jemmye Carroll

After fans called her out for not cutting ties with Camila following her racist rant against Leroy in Season 30’s Dirty 30, Jemmye responded with a jaw-dropping allegation.

Camila and Leroy, mid-Dirty 30 tirade…

“After the szn, C[amila] asked Leroy & the rest of us to forgive her & we did. Then right before the episode was set to air she tried to blackmail him so that’s when most of us dropped her for good,” she tweeted.

When asked to elaborate, Jemmye wrote, “Long story short, she basically said if Leroy made a big deal about the episode if/when it aired that she was going to tell his then gf some dirt on him…. She dead a** was trying to keep him [quiet] by using the info she had on him. That’s when I realized she was truly out of her mind.” 

The explanation came after Tori Deal appeared on a live podcast episode of Challenge Mania, and stated that former cast member Ashley Mitchell should be permanently blocked from competing on the show after she called Josh Martinez an offensive name during last season’s “Spies, Lies & Allies.”

A fan called out Tori’s statement on Twitter, to which Jemmye replied, “So let me get this straight.. Men who say or do worse way worse than what Ashley did should be forgiven and brought back? But a woman shouldn’t? I thought her brand was about women empowerment.” 

‘The Challenge’ fans were quick to point out to Jemmye that she seemed to forgive Jordan Wiseley after he made racist comments towards his cast member Nia Moore in 2013’s The Real World: Portland, as well as her seemingly continued friendship with Camila. 

In 2021, Leroy opened up about the incident in a lengthy Instagram video. He told fans his decision to quit ‘The Challenge’ stemmed from his feeling unsupported by MTV during and after Camila’s treatment of him.

He shared that the incident weighed on him for years and wanted to speak out in order to forgive himself and start his “healing process.”

In the video, Leroy looked back on the episode where Camila kept yelling at him and called him a “black motherf**king p*ssy.” She then hurled a pillow at him after thinking Leroy had tossed a pillow at her back.

MTV producers could be heard and seen off-camera during Camila’s rant…

Leroy called MTV out for not kicking Camila off the season, where she went on to win $450,000. 

“So you basically rewarded her for being racist and being violent. That made no sense. I’ve seen people get sent home for less,” he stated. 

Jemmye responded to his post with, “Forever an ally….& Ill [sic] forever regret not doing more that night.. . I love you so much fam and I’m so proud of you & the man that you are…” 

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(Photos: MTV; Twitter; Instagram) 

9 Responses

  1. He needs a years long healing process due to being called some words by a drunken lunatic? They’re words, get over it

  2. The fact that MTV never public ally acknowledged Camilla’s bs that comes spewing out of her mouth every time she’s drunk and has a camera in her face is appalling. I guess because she’s not white, she can slide by. I was disgusted that she won a huge chunk of that money. Good for Leroy.

  3. Leroy felt unsupported? I don’t understand that. All the Challenge cast and fans were in his corner after the episode aired. Also, If I remember correctly, MTV even aired a special with Nessa hosting called “Race in America” with him and Camila talking about the incident.

  4. Jemmye says things to get attention and keep herself relevant. I normally take anything she says with a grain of salt. In this case though I wouldn’t doubt that Camilla stooped so low. For years Camilla was abusive on The Challenge and not once booted off. She said WAY worse to Leroy than apparently we even saw according to Johnny Bananas. She was slinging the “N” word around continuously then claimed “ignorance”. ignorance is always the excuse people say because they think claiming ignorance absolves them from being racist. It doesn’t. She is a grown ass adult and knows better.

    MTV is trashy. They have no values. Keep in mind that Camilla did not get kicked off and banned because of her racist tirade. No, they invited her back the very next season. She got kicked off and banned because she jumped into a producers golf cart and crashed it in a tree while being shitfaced. Then she assaulted a producer. Apparently if you assault a employee of MTV that won’t be tolerated. But racism, physical and mental abuse is ok in MTV’s eyes.

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