Take The Ashley’s “Best of 2022 Reality TV” Survey!

2022 brought us lots of reality TV drama…and Nick Cannon babies!

2022 is coming to an end, which means we are about to ring in a new year of drunken fights and trashy drama! It also means it’s time to take The Ashley’s annual “Best of Reality TV” survey!

This year brought plenty of craziness— from firings, to new shows, to on-set fights! We watched our favorite shows, sat open-mouthed as our favorite (or least-favorite) reality show stars shocked us, and tuned in to see who would be the trashiest of them all!

This year marks the 12th year The Ashley has done a “Best of Reality TV” survey!

Take The Ashley’s “Best of 2022” survey and vote for the best, worst and wackiest people, shows and events of this year. (To see how The Ashley’s readers voted last year, click here!)

(Results will be posted on January 1.)

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  1. Gotta say, it was a huge toss-up in the shocking moment category between Jen Shah pleading guilty after endlessly asserting her innocence and Kody losing three wives in a year.

    The Chrisley’s also shocked me. I’m surprised Todd and Julie weren’t nominated in more categories.

    Might I suggest another category: actions that disgusted me. I would nominate and vote for Josh Duggar (being disgusting, his whole trial, all actions of his attorneys, baseless appeals, and casting blame on everyone but himself). , JB Duggar (for bankrolling Josh’s appeals), Todd Chrisley (disparaging his daughter’s bio mother after being sentenced to 12 years and never taking accountability for his actions), Jen Shah (pleading guilty, using her mom’s 401k to pay her attorneys while guilty, using a suicide attempt to manipulate her cast mates against holding her accountable for her terrible behavior, though not criminal behaviors all season, and just being a terrible human) Matt Roloff (attempting to sell part of the family farm and bashing his sons for being unwilling to pay a ridiculous amount to Matt and being his business partner but having zero say in what happens with the business).

    There are certainly more actions that could make my list but I’ll limit it to these.

    Thanks for the fun poll, Ashley! You are the gift that keeps on giving all year around.

  2. I think Sister Wives made a great comeback in 2022. This season with the breakdown of the marriages, and with ultimately Christine and the other wives leaving Kody, made me glued to the tv on Sunday nights. I can’t recall any earlier seasons where I was so eager to watch each week.

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