‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Star Malorie Beaver Gives Birth to Second Child; Gives Him a Very Unique Name

“Make some room in the Beaver dam! We made a damn baby!”

There’s a new addition to the Beaver clan!

Malorie Beaver— the sister of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant star Rachel Beaver— gave birth to her second child, a son, on Friday. Malorie and her boyfriend Achilles Crowe gave their baby a very unique name: Ascecieus Seagren Storm. (And, no, that’s not a spelling mistake…sadly.) 

Malorie is already the mother of daughter Emerson, whose father Lane Fernandez died earlier this year.

Malorie and Rachel’s mom, Stephanie Polo, proudly posted the baby’s photo and birth information after Ascecieus arrived. 


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“I would like for you to meet baby Asce he is 9lbs 7ounces and 21.5 inches long and Malorie had him naturally,” she wrote in the caption of the photos posted to Instagram. “I AM SOOOO VERY PROUD OF MY GIRL Malorie Kay Beaver you are tougher than me and so happy for Achilles Crowe and her they are happy parents. I have my first beautiful big grandbaby boy y’all and my sweet Emmy Kay is a big sister. I am one proud mimi.”

Malorie announced her pregnancy on the Fourth of July, and later revealed that she intended to name her child Ascecieus Seagren Storm, which garnered her a lot of criticism from her Instagram followers. In November, she explained why she chose the name and explained how it is pronounced.

“Since people are still confused as to how to pronounce Ascecieus’s name: Ace-sea-us,” she wrote on Instagram Stories.

Raise your hand if you just birthed a new Beaver!

She explained that she basically created the name herself by mashing together her favorite anime character’s name and the name Odysseus (as you do). 

“I came up with the name (taken from a name off of my favorite anime & the name Odysseus) & took letters from both his father & my name to get the spelling,” Malorie wrote.

Malorie also told her followers that she wanted her bundle of Beaver to have a unique name because it “ensures that no one else should ever have my son’s name.”

“I’m pretty sure you won’t have to worry about that!”

Malorie also explained why she is giving Ascecieus the middle name of “Seagran.” When The Ashley posted about the name previously, many fans assumed that Malorie was using the name as a tribute to Seagram’s, a company that makes gin and fruity wine coolers. Malorie assured fans that she did not choose the name because of the alcohol brand.

“As for his middle name Seagran, it has absolutely nothing to do with alcohol & was taken from the name ‘Seigrain,’” Malorie revealed. “I love the ocean & thought the name Seagran was fitting.”

(After a Google sesh, The Ashley found out that “Siegrain” is actually an anime character’s alias, although Malorie misspelled it as “Seigrain.”) 

Anyway, on Saturday, Malorie was apparently able to take the baby home, as she posted photos of him in his car seat.


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“God knew how much I needed you my little dragon,” she wrote on Instagram.

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  1. Isn’t this old news? I think I’ve read this elsewhere or I’m having an extreme case of deja vu.

  2. She knows what it’s like going through life with fu**ed up name, why would she want to do that to her child

          1. Yes it is, and the people that i know who have that name are beautiful…inside and out.

            Every Tina I’ve ever known was PURE TRASH, an absolute waste of breath!!!

          2. It’s hard to take anything you say serious when you are a huge fan of Amber. That’s all that needs to be said. Cool that you think taking a noun and spelling it backwards is cool as a name. That’s a bit junior high thinking but then again, that’s what I usually think of your posts. That’s why I asked your age one day.. LOL

          3. I never said I was a HUGE fan of Amber, just a fan.

            I don’t care how many mistakes a person makes, they still deserve happiness and love.

            Especially those with personal issues, they deserve more love than anyone so that they see a reason to overcome the past.

            But NOBODY deserves to be bashed no matter what they’ve done. Idc who they are.

          4. You may be a terrific person, but Tina is still a trashy name.

            It shows NO creativity, it literally shows that the parents couldn’t come up with anything better so they just slapped a name on the child and went with it.

          1. You got mad because she said nevaeh was a dumb name and you just did the same thing. You’re so weird.

  3. When I read his name, my mind immediately goes to ‘ah-sess-e-us’

    That poor kid is going to forever be correcting his name

    1. For me my mind goes a-see-shus. What a nightmare if a name, the poor kid. I hope he just goes by Ace

  4. Can you imagine this poor kid trying to learn how to spell his name in kindergarten? He is going to run out of crayons to write with.

  5. She said a few months ago when she announced the birth that the first name was pronouned Ace-see-us

    Maybe they’ll shorten it to Ace or Acy so its not embarrassing for him, then again he may think his name is cool because of the anime thing and want to go with it when he gets older?

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