Paedon Brown Says He Thinks His Mom– ‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown– is Moving Too Fast In Her Relationship with Boyfriend David Woolley

“Slow your roll, Ma!”

Christine Brown is very happy in her new relationship with boyfriend David Woolley, despite some Sister Wives fans stating that they feel Christine is moving too fast in her first relationship since divorcing Kody Brown. Earlier this month, Christine and Kody’s only son, Paedon Brown, revealed that he actually agrees that the couple needs to slow their pace down a bit. 

A clip that recently surfaced on TikTok from earlier this month shows Paedon discussing Christine and David’s connection, with him stating that he thinks Christine may be rushing the pace a bit. (As The Ashley previously reported, Christine and David became “Instagram Official” on February 14, but had been dating for several months beforehand. The couple frequently use Instagram to profess their love for each other.)

“Last night [I told her], ‘Hey Mom, you’re going fast. I’m not telling you to slow down. I just want you to be aware that you’re rushing this. You were in– you’ve been in a bad relationship [with Kody] for years,'” Paedon said during a TikTok Live a few weeks ago.

“She was in a bad relationship…it was actually good at one point…but at least for the past, minimum five years you’ve been in a bad relationship and I’m really sorry about that.”

Christine, I think I speak for everybody when I apologize that you had to deal with…well, THIS….for so long…

Paedon said that, in his opinion, Christine and David need to pump the breaks a bit.

“…You’re now rushing into this relationship [with David] very, very quickly,” he said of his mom.

He is, however, happy to see his mom in love.

“I’m very happy for her. I’m very happy that she’s happy. It’s absolutely amazing,” Paedon said, adding that Christine asked him how he feels about David. 


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“I told her that I’ll probably never be really close with him, but that’s not a problem at all,” he said. “My mom was never close to her stepdad. And that’s OK…I’ll probably never be close with David. But that’s OK. She’s happy and I’m very, very happy for her.”

Paedon didn’t specify why he feels he can’t be close with David, although he did mention that he and David “are both standoffish.” 

“We’re both tall guys. We’ve both got a lot of experience, but he’s got way more [life] experiences,” Paedon said, adding that, “It will never turn violent. I’ll never hit him and he’ll never hurt me.” 

All of our faces when Paedon randomly brings up the fact that he and his mom’s boyfriend aren’t going to box…

After assuring everyone that he and David aren’t going to go all “Former Fundie Fight Club” on each other, Paedon called David “a completely wonderful guy” and acknowledged that it doesn’t matter what he thinks of the pace of his mom’s relationship.

“She can move as fast as she wants. She’s an adult,” he said. “I’m just looking at this as her son…it’s completely up to her. She can move as fast as she wants, it’s her life. It’s completely up to her. However, if she asks for my opinion, I give her my opinion. And now you guys have asked for my opinion and I’ve given my opinion to you guys. ”

He stated that most of his five sisters “are on my side” (which we can assume means that they like David but feel the couple is moving very fast).

“Doesn’t anyone care what ROBYN thinks about this?!”

Truely– the youngest of Christine and Kody’s six kids together— “feels a little different,” according to Paedon. 

Fans were a bit disturbed by a recent Instagram video posted by Christine that shows Truely literally biting David on the hand. However, Paedon assured fans that Truely likes David.  

“She’s very, very happy with [David], but she lives with Mom…she, living with mom, has a little more of an opinion,” he said. “I don’t live with Mom. I live a half-hour away from Mom.”

During another part of the Live, Paedon gave an update on his often-strained relationship with his father, Kody. 

“No I don’t talk to my dad, for a lot of reasons, personal reasons,” Paedon said.

‘Sister Wives’ Season 18 is due to premiere in September, according to what Paedon said during the Live. 

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14 Responses

  1. Way too many biased people in this comment section automatically disagreeing with Paedon just because they don’t like him.

  2. I think what people are forgetting is that Christine is 50. At her point in life you don’t have a ton of time left to “take a few years to be single” and have you seen the dating pool at that age? If she found a good one, she should jump. To says she needs time is really infantilizing her, we should take her word that she has been working on herself and is ready. When you are older and have been in crappy relationships, you learn really quickly what you don’t want. Also, Paedon seems like Kody 2.0 IMO. As long as Truly is safe and cared for, let the woman live.

  3. Just my opinion but yes Christine does need to slow it down. Especially putting her relationship out for the world to see. Hasn’t she learned anything from sister Wives? Her kids had their lives turned upside down due to their parents putting the private lives out there for all to see. I am not saying Christine should not date. She should just slow it down. She is still raising a 12 year old who I am sure is confused, hurt and just wanting some privacy in her life. If this relationship blows up it affects not only Christine but Truley.

  4. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but she is a grown ass women. Let her do her thing. If she gets her heart broke, oh fucking well. Or maybe they stay together for 30 years. Who knows, who cares.

  5. She needed to stay single for a couple of yrs to untraumaize herself from Cody. Why are women RUNNING to the next mistake…what’s not a mistake is time you give to you..take it enjoy it by yourself…she always had to share…be single and live it ladies

    1. Wrong…the best way to “untramatize” one’s self is to surround yourself with love and positivity not isolating themselves and expecting happiness to just appear…sometimes you have to seek it out.

      And how do you know this man is a mistake, she looks happy…I mean seriously I haven’tune!! seen that genuine of a smile from her in a long time!!

  6. What a weird take. So if Christine stays with him for the next 40 years, oh well, Paedon has just decided he’ll never have a close relationship with David? For no real reason? Yeah that’s a healthy outlook on life.

    Second, Christine and David both have more than double the amount of life experience as Paedon, so who is he to give them relationship advice? Relationships in your 50s are completely different because life is different then, you know yourself by then, you know how to read others by then, and on and on.

    Also, Paedon just recently stated he likes working at the strip club so he doesn’t have to deal with “regular” girls & being in a relationship, and he’s never had a girlfriend or been in love. So maybe Christine could get her advice from someone other than Paedon. Call me crazy.

  7. Why does all these reality show people discuss their own and other peoples private life with strangers on the Internet?

  8. I admit I was hoping she’d take more time to be single after being married for most of her life and figure out who she is and what she wants/likes but it’s not my life. ??‍♀️

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