RECAP: Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo Take a Post-Book Scandal Visit to DuggarVille

“Any chance we could just forget to mention to Dad that I’m in town?”

It’s been a while since we’ve swung by DuggarVille and checked in to see what those rascally Duggars have been up to since ol’ Joshy got his family’s reality TV shows canceled for his pervish deeds. The Ashley decided to head over to Joy Duggar Forsyth‘s YouTube channel to watch— and recap!— her latest video, which is entitled “Special Family Time.”

Anyfundie, Joy’s video starts out by introducing her family (TLC opening credit-style). There’s eldest blessing Gideon and female blessing Evelyn and, of course, Joy and her husband Austin (who recently admitted he pretty much hates having Joy’s camera shoved into his face on the regular.)

“And don’t even think about hiding in the bathroom and pretending to have diarrhea to escape the camera. It’s showtime baby!”

Oh, and Joy is currently “with blessing” because…Duggar.

Things start off with Joy announcing that her sister Jinger and Jinger’s husband Jeremy have arrived in DuggarVille for a visit. This is, of course, interesting, given that Jingy recently wrote a book (and went on a media tour) slamming the Duggars’ trusty IBLP cult. 

The men-folk head off to do men-folk things, while Jinger, Joy and their female spawns head to a place that’s legit called The Buttered Biscuit. (OK guys, it’s really hard for The Ashley not to make some cheap jokes about Michelle‘s oft-buttered biscuit here.)

Michelle, Jessa and a bunch of the younger Duggar girls are already inside. They don’t seem  thrilled that Joy is shoving a camera in their face. (Jessa looks particularly awkward, but she’s probably just mad that she didn’t think to use this “family fun time” for YouTube hits.) 

“Damn. A YouTube video with the title ‘Jessa Duggar gets her biscuit buttered’ would have put my traffic through the roof!”

We see that the young Dugs are still wearing the trusty long denim skirts that have probably been chillin’ in the Duggars’ shared closet since the “Crunchy Curl Girl” days of Duggar past. Jessa, Joy and the older girls have all realized the wonder of pants. 

Back with the men-folk, Austin is having Jeremy “help” him with some construction project stuff. Jeremy— who prefers posting food photos on Instagram to doing manual labor— does not look thrilled. 

“But…but…but…MY SNEAKERS!”

Back at the Buttered Biscuit, the ladies are gathering up for a full day of ding-damn Duggar fun! First the whole troupe of them will terrorize a local thrift store (surely hunting for more denim skirts and a “My Son Was Prisoner-of-the-Month at the Penitentiary” shirt for Michelle).

Then, whoever can drag themselves away from the bargains will go to a coffee shop to film vlog content.


Joy talks to Jinger’s daughter, Felicity, who is staying off-camera because Jing doesn’t want her kids to grow up with a vlog (or TLC) camera shoved up into their mugs like she did. 

They arrive at the thrift store and, after Joy does the required “hold my blessing” photo in the mirror, the shopping begins! (The young Dugs are careful to steer clear of the “pants” section, naturally). 

“Clearly I got my biscuit buttered about seven months ago!”

We see that Kendra– wife of Joe Duggar and human baby cannon– has joined the group for the thrift store shopping. (Naturally she’s pushing a baby carriage because…Duggar.) We even get a rare glimpse of Josiah Duggar, who has shied away from the cameras since around the time ol’ Joshy got cuffed and decided to have a more-private life.

“‘Member me?”

Next the gals head to a coffee shop to sip some trendy-looking drinks and talk about pelvic floors, lactation and how to turn on your man in a way that’s pleasing to the Lord. (I actually have no idea what these people talk about, but this is what I’d imagine conversations among the Duggar gals would be.)

“I’m just here in case anyone needs a babysitter!”

After the very busy Duggar Gals’ Day Out, Joy and her crew make it home, where Austin and Jeremy are just getting back from “work.” We see Austin come in, but there’s no sign of Jeremy. (We can assume he’s out in the truck, crying over the smudges he got on his Jordans while doing all that “work.”) 

Next, Joy, Jana and Jinger and the crew head over to Jessa’s house, where a whole cornucopia of Dugs are already inside. 

Judging by Jessa’s face here, I can assume someone just mentioned Josh…

The next day, the Duggars are back at it, with everyone heading to Joy’s house to hang out with Jinger. Jana immediately heads to the kitchen with some of the other women-folk to prepare food and drink. 

All of a sudden, we catch a glimpse of a man wearing a phone holster on his jeans. That can only mean one thing: Jim Bob is in the house! He’s awkwardly shoveling in pizza into his gullet, being careful to avoid discussing how his daughter just wrote a book that literally obliterated his beloved cult. 

Honestly, I don’t know who’s more uncomfortable here: the deer or Jimmy B…

After the masses leave, it’s just Joy, Austin, Jinger and Jeremy hanging out at Joy’s house. Jana has stayed as well (apparently no one needs their driveway shoveled, roof re-shingled or babies diapered that night)? 

Joy and Jinger are hinting about how exhausted they are (hint hint, Jana go home), and Jinger even mentions that they need to give their kids more melatonin so they’ll sleep longer. She then realizes that Joy’s got her vlogging camera rolling and quickly says, “No, that was a joke.” 

Sure, Jan.

Jeremy is either REALLY over having Joy’s camera in his face…or he’s still sore over getting his shoes dirty.

The next morning, the gang is up bright and early because Joy & Co. are going on a camping trip and Jeremy and Jinger are going back to California to their lives of movie stars and swimming pools (and shoes without scuff marks). 

Jinger and Joy talk on-camera about how much fun they’ve had together. (Of course, Jeremy has to grab the camera so he can jam his big ol’ head into the shot as well.) 

“Geez, Jer, can’t you even let me take ONE picture with my sister that doesn’t include your mug?!”

Jinger and Joy jabber on about the weather.

Shut up about the temperature. What we really want to know is…did Jimmy B. throw his phone holster at Jinger for daring to speak out about his beloved Bill Gothard?! Did Michelle sneak into Jing’s suitcase in the middle of the night, remove all of her ripped jeans and replace them with pilgrim dresses and sensible denim skirts? 


With that, Joy and Austin bid us farewell, promising yet another YouTube video to come to show their riveting camping trip footage.

Jinger’s like, “Peace OUT DuggarVille!”

You can watch the full vlog below!

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(Photos: YouTube)


  1. Love that they thrift shop, the fashion industry is one of the largest world polluters.
    Literally can’t stand anything else about them, but I’ll give them props for thrifting!

  2. I see JimBob’s ‘40 days of broth’ diet worked out well. I’m not into body shaming, but I’m really not wild about someone with his kind of platform and reach giving out shitty health advice to the masses either.

  3. I laughed so hard at “talking about ways to please your man that are pleasing to the Lord.” I miss your Duggar recaps, but I’m glad they don’t have a show anymore.

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