Tom Schwartz Tells All on Tom Sandoval & Raquel Leviss’ Affair: Here’s What He Talked About During His ‘Watch What Happens Live’ Appearance

“Your secret is no longer safe with me, guys!”

Tom Schwartz had a very interesting appearance on Watch What Happens Live! on Wednesday night, dishing about all things “Scandoval”— and giving his surprising take on whether his pals Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss can make it as a couple, despite everything (and everyone) against them.

Schwartz– who admitted in the interview that he learned about Sandoval and Raquel’s affair in August 2022 — stated that he doubts the scandalous couple will be able to last.

“I think it will be a miracle if they make it,” Schwartz told Andy Cohen. “Their relationship is— I know they care so much about each other but, even in the short time they’ve been ‘in love’ or whatever you want to call it, it’s become toxic. I don’t know if it’s sustainable. It’s already toxic as it is, and then you add in the whole nation thinking you’re scumbags, I think it’s too much.”

Sandoval? Too much? Never!

During his interview, Schwartz also gave insight into his buddy’s currently feelings for Raquel. 

“[He] became obsessed [with Raquel,]” Schwartz said. “…He’s addicted.

“It’s an infatuation of all infatuations. Raquel is Tom’s heroin. … Man, he got lost in the sauce,” Schwartz added.

When Andy asked if Sandoval is still “lost in the sauce” of Raquel, Schwartz said he thinks so.

Schwartz also claimed that, despite finding out in August that Raquel and Sandoval were hooking up, he thought it was a “one night stand.”

“I didn’t think it was a linear thing,” he said, adding that he was led to believe that Raquel and Sandoval were only having an “emotional affair.”

“I only know what I was told,” he said.

“All I can do at this point is plead idiot!”

Schwartz stated that he found out how serious the affair was in January. 

“[Sandoval] came to me in January and he told me he’s in love with Raquel,” he said. “I was flabbergasted. Not surprised, because, you know, I think there’s a lot of people out there who kind of know [their affair] was an open secret.”

Schwartz went on to accuse his pal of getting “brazen” about the affair and not trying very hard to hide the fact that he was boinking Raquel. 

“After he told me he was in love, I don’t know, it was like a release for him,” he said, adding later that Sandoval “did a good job of placating me.” 

He also claims that Sandoval had told him that he and Ariana Madix— his girlfriend of almost a decade— had broken up frequently during this time.

“[He was saying that he and Ariana] weren’t happy, they weren’t healthy,” Schwartz said. “They’re not intimate, blah blah blah. All of it is inconsequential now in light of the way he handled it…he told me he was going to do the right thing but then he just kind of continued to procrastinate [breaking up with Ariana].” 

Schwartz claimed that he didn’t tell Ariana about Sandoval and Raquel’s affair because Sandoval led him to believe that his relationship with Ariana was basically over.

“Sure, Jan…”

You can watch a clip of the ‘Watch What Happens Live’ episode below! 


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4 Responses

  1. All these kids need to grow up…and that’s what they are doing..growing and making mistakes. Not one person is better than the other on this show but it is to the point of dangerous the bullying being allowed to happen and written about constantly. Raquel has been especially vulnerable to the bullying happening and it is sickening. These others know what they are doing and Andy allows it to continue. I seriously hope nothing bad comes of it! None of these others are any better and some are actually worse. Stop this behavior.

  2. Schwartz is such a loser. He is a 40 year old manchild, who cant commit to dinner reservations. His schtick is messing up an over moussed head of hair, and acting like a labrador retriever to escape blame for ANYTHING that he does. Lisa Vanderpump hit the nail on the head when she calls him a “wussy pussy”.

    He knew what his friend Sandoval was doing the entire time. He says he knew about the “one night stand” in August and then just figured that was it and it was over? Yeah right. He pays rent to live up Sandavals asshole. He knew the entire time.

    He’s an ass. Bah bye to both Toms, they are useless and can’t be trusted.

  3. Sandoval sounds like my ex husband. Any girl that looks his way, let alone farts on him, is the ONE and he’s IN LOVE. Man the countless times my ex has confided in me about his new GF being “the one” made me laugh. I feel for people like that, who become so infatuated they don’t know what they’re even feeling. He’s had more “the ones” than I can count. He knocked up his most recent one before saying she’s the one and now she has a ring on her finger. So I hope that works out because my kids happen to like this ONE. If Sandoval truly is addicted to Raquel, the nerve to continue the relationship AFTER getting caught. Disgusting. Too old to be acting like that.

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