Shanna Moakler Slams Ex-Husband Travis Barker & Kourtney Kardashian; Says Things They’ve Done Are “Absolutely Disgusting”

“He’s all yours, Kourt!”

Shanna Moakler is no stranger to reality TV, but she has no interest in keeping up with–– or being friends with–– the Kardashians.  

On this week’s episode of the Miss Understood with Rachel Uchitel podcast, the former pageant queen and Playboy Playmate— who was married to musician Travis Barker from 2004 to 2008— spoke about her ex’s marriage to Kourtney Kardashian, calling the union “so f**king weird.

She also called out the couple for things they’ve done and said in the past that she feels has been “absolutely disgusting.”

Travis and Kourtney began dating in 2020, got engaged in 2021 and ultimately tied the knot three times the following year. The couple’s largest (and final) marriage ceremony was held in Portofino, Italy, on May 22, 2022. Fans/haters can watch the couple’s big day go down on Hulu’s ’Til Death Do Us Part. 

When asked about the initial public reaction to Travis and Kourtney’s relationship, Shanna recalls being “so bullied” in the media. 

“It just has put a really bad taste in my mouth,” she said, admitting part of that “bad taste” was due to her admittedly “not being a fan” of the couple.

“If I made any statement whatsoever I was just called bitter and jealous,” she added.

As longtime reality TV fans may recall, years before Travis sold his soul began rubbing non-photoshopped elbows with the Kardashians and Jenners, he and Shanna had a reality series of their own: Meet the Barkers, which aired on MTV from 2005 to 2006.

Blast from the past, comin’ in hot.

Shanna and Travis appeared in the series along with their children Landon (now 19) and Alabama (now 17), as well as Shanna’s eldest daughter, Atiana, whom she shares with boxer Oscar De La Hoya. (Travis remains close with his former step-daughter, Atiana, to this day.)

Back when reality TV was at its best, and camera quality was not…

Shanna claims she isn’t bitter or jealous about Travis moving on to a new wife (or reality show), as she doesn’t even know her ex-husband today.

“I don’t even know Travis Barker anymore,” she said. “We haven’t been together since almost 2010, 2012, and I don’t even know him. I don’t know what his favorite movie is, I don’t know what his favorite food or color is. We’re not together [and] I have been in my own relationships.”

In another part of the interview, the Celebrity Big Brother star called the Barker-Kardashian union “f**king weird.” 

“I just think the whole thing is so f**king weird,” she said. “I really don’t have anything positive to say about it. It’s not because I’m bitter and I’m definitely not jealous, it’s just I think things that have been said and things that have been done are absolutely disgusting.

“I wish them nothing but the best and as long as they’re good to my kids, that’s all I care about,” she continued. “But I think the whole thing is really weird.” 

While Shanna did give Travis props on the podcast for being a “great dad,” she admitted they’ve had co-parenting “up and downs” over the years, and said she’s looking forward to no longer having to deal with that in the near future.

“We only have our 17-year-old [Alabama], who will be 18 this year, and then our work is done here,” she said. “And we never have to see each other or talk to each other ever again and I look forward to that day.” 

Listen to Shanna’s full interview below. 

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21 Responses

  1. Shanna’s just freaking out because Alabama is almost 18 which means Shanna loses her child support payments from Travis. Shanna is mostly bitter that she’s gonna have to get a job now.

    Oh, and Travis and Shanna did pretty gross things together, too. She needs to check herself cuz she already wrecked herself.

  2. ik their pda is way too excessive but the real weirdo here is shanna for constantly talking about them especially if she’s supposedly moved on

  3. I am pretty sure her kids are embarrassed by her constantly talking about their dad and Kourtney. If they were so horrible I’m sure her older daughter wouldn’t be around Travis and his new wife. This speaks volumes to me sometimes mothers don’t see the toxicity they spew and the effect on their kids no matter how old the kids are.

    1. Right- even if I felt this way I certainly wouldn’t say it somewhere my kids would hear. Esp. about never having to speak to him again once the kids 18yo like thats the day you stop parenting? I dont kno just a really weird take & thing to announce to the world aka a 20k listener podcast

  4. Shanna, honey, you are bitter. You are jealous. You are obsessed.

    Get a good therapist and get some actual clothes for Alabama. Terrible family, all of them.

  5. She definitely sounds bitter. And the fact that she thinks she’ll never have to see or speak to Travis again means she plans on staying bitter. What about their children’s birthdays, weddings, holidays,and future children? If she doesn’t plan on having to see him at any of those events than to me it sounds like she either wants her kids to plan around it and accommodate her every time or she just doesn’t plan on being around for any of that.

  6. Did yall see that Shanna claims that she caught Travis and Kim having an affair while they were married?
    I’m not saying I believe it, but just imagine that it’s a true. I can understand her hate and bitterness, but honestly I think it’s just because she’s a shit mom, she’s realized this and she’s about to lose her last child, as she turns 18 this year.
    She’s losing her daughter to the Kardashians, and she’s pissed.
    Shanna, you should’ve been there for your kids. You sound so bitter.

    1. And did she mean …they..their relationship is weird or that the situation is weird. Being with the sister of the girl he had an affair with, this constantly in her face & always being asked about it

  7. I LOVED Shanna on Celebrity Big Brother, but come on girl, just admit you’re bitter. She constantly talks about how disgusting and awful they are, but can never name a single thing they’ve done that is awful or disgusting.

    And I hate to tell you, but once Alabama turns 18, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to see or speak to Travis anymore. Alabama will probably get married and have kids someday, or (hopefully not) get sick or in an accident, and as her parents, you’ll have to interact.

    Just grow up and show you’re stable and not obsessed with Travis marrying Kourtney, and you’ll all be fine. Life is too short to play these petty games.

  8. Strange how we live in an era where a woman want’s to wear underwear to her wedding and take pornographic pictures AND her husband is ok with that….

    1. Isn’t it? I wish women wore outerwear as outerwear again. They all look so cheap. There’s no air of mystery anymore.

  9. I remember watching “Meet the Barkers” back in the day. I remember not realizing Travis was the reason he and Shana got a show on MTV in the first place, and I always rooted for them as a couple, especially the episode Shana revealed she was pregnant with Alabama…Plus Atiana and Landon were SO CUTE. Atiana’s “elevator” on thanksgiving comment still lives in my mind rent free. I can only aspire to be that bougie. That being said, Shana is now giving off desperate bitter ex vibes. 2/3 of her kids are adults now. She needs to move the fuck on.

  10. So I don’t really follow all pf this non sense. Ecause to me, it was random but it’s probably not. Idk.

    I think what Alabama sees is a woman giving her attention. Her own mother didn’t give her attention amd didn’t have that connection.
    I never had that with my mom, and I realized as an adult I had “mommy issues”. I was always gravitating towards older women for their approval eetc.

    It’s probably a bonus that it’s a Kardashian to her, but I see it mostly as just having a mom figure or mom-like-role- model-friend not saying she’s a great one..

    1. I also feel like Shannon realizes that and that’s made her jealous and bitter. She realizes her daughter will now be out of her life and walks right over to step mom.

      How Shannon said she looks forward to the day they never have to speak again, but does she realize that probably means also her kids to?

  11. Shanna needs to stop being bitter and jealous then. She was kind about Travis’ hospitalization, but liking mean tweets is the same thing.

    For example, Shanna liked this tweet,”Shhhhiiiii that broad don’t got nothin’ on you. Travis downgraded big time.” How is that not shady?

    Yeah, their PDA was a bit much, as well as the movie ordeal fiasco and photoshoots. Travis has probably been the best partner Kourtneys ever had, she took a long time to find it.

  12. But what did they do or say that’s so weird and disgusting? If she doesn’t provide context, she just sounds jealous and bitter ?

  13. Maybe they should all stop talking about each other and taking pictures of themselves being gross for social media and pay attention to Alabama who is clearly starved for attention. Look at her IG page and tell me that’s a well adjusted 17 year old. Good parents, my ass.

    1. Right?! Pretty unrealistic to say she’ll “never have to see him again”, you don’t think there’s going to weddings, babies and other reasons that you’ll both have to be at the same function with your grown children and future grandchildren?

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