Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Reveals She Reached Out to Kris Jenner For Advice On Creating An “Empire” For Her Sons

“Wanna help me take my kids from ‘Barely Famous’ to ‘Super Famous,’ Kris?”

In an effort to become a successful “momager” to her many sons, Kail Lowry admitted this week that she once sought advice from THE momager, Kris Jenner, matriarch of the Kardashian family. 

While discussing Kris & Co’s Hulu series The Kardashians on this week’s episode of her Barely Famous podcast, Kail recounted to podcast guest Kat Stickler about the time she reached out to Kris for advice on how to catapult her own children to fame.

“This was years ago so before anyone comes [for] my neck…I wrote to Kris Jenner and I was like, ‘Listen…I see what you did for your daughters and I’ll raise you, multiple sons,” Kail told Kat. “Can you help me create this empire for my sons and you can take 20, 35, 40, 50 percent, I don’t care. Like, I just need your guidance.” 

As fans of the Kardashian family know, Kris has six children– Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob by first husband Robert Kardashian, and daughters Kendall and Kylie by former spouse Caitlyn Jenner

Meanwhile, Kail has four sons– Isaac (with ex Jo Rivera), Lincoln (with ex-husband Javi Marroquin) Lux and Creed (with ex Chris Lopez).

(There is intense speculation that Kail had a fifth child— this time with her with current live-in soulmate Elijah Scott– but Kail has not confirmed the rumors.) 

“I’m happy to change all of their names to something that start with the letter K if that helps.”

Though Kail said she contacted Kris via email several years ago, she never received a response from the momager.

“The worst that she could do is literally not respond, which was exactly what happened,” Kail said of her decision to reach out to Kris. ” … I just feel like she could really turn my life around but she didn’t care, and that’s fine.”

“No worries. We’ll be here waiting, Kris.”

“This is like the Shark Tank version of PR for my kids,” Kail said of her pitch to Kris. 

“She probably didn’t even read [my email],” Kail said. “But that’s fine.” 

Kail spoke about the Kardashian family again during Monday’s episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, telling co-host Lindsie Chrisley she’d even be interested in doing a “mom swap” with one of Kris’ many K-named offspring.   

“I’ll swap with Kim Kardashian because she has the closest number of children to what I have,” Kail stated, referring to the four children Kim shares with ex-husband Kanye West

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22 Responses

  1. Wow talk about punching above your weight! I mean we all know Kail is thirsty and delusional, but this is just stupid. No one cares about watching your kids grow up and cringe at your life and not many really care what is going on in yours anymore, so why not just try and live a normal life before you hurt your back or some surgery ruptures?
    These people do remember they are “famous” for being screw ups that got pregnant underage right? The only reason any of them stay relevant is for squabbling with newer idiots on the show about dumb shit that normal people that are out of middle school don’t care about. I mean she does see the K trash backlash right? All we need now is for someone to unplug Beyonce’s bot armies and bullies, and we might actually get some talented people doing entertainment again. These people are not role models unless you are trying to figure out a man mustard/dollar ratio lol.

  2. Did her kids even get a say in this? The answer is an obvious No. And worse part is, they were all super young when she reached out. Like, why does your 2 year old need representation? She’s gross

  3. Kail if you have 4 kids, and Kim has 4 kids, why does Kim have “the closest number of kids” to what you have ?Wouldn’t she have the same amount of kids as you? Or is it because you have five…..

  4. Um, first of all, your boys have to be GIRLS! Girls are what’s needed to sell merch! Pay attention, you could’ve figured that out for yourself for FREE!! How about get a job and try not to embarrass your sons even MORE!!

  5. Aside from the obvious wtf of that whole thing, I find it interesting how she worded that that sentence. She said “I’ll swap with Kim Kardashian because she has the closest number of children to what I have”. That’s not what you say when it’s the exact same number. I feel like she just basically confirmed that she does have 5 kids now. Which I think is fine but like why hide it? F what everyone else thinks, that’s your kid don’t make them a secret, I feel like that’s worse.

    1. @jade ~ as i replied to @jojo, came here to post exactly this. ? gave her ‘secret’ away w/that one.

  6. All the Kardashian girls look miserable, except for Kourtney. Why be a momager and nake your kids miserable for an extra buck?

  7. She’s already made life hard for those boys, yet wants to make it even more difficult. Settle down, Kail. You have an infant to worry about.

  8. An “empire” for your sons.

    No thanks.

    I cant stand parents who push this “kidtrepreneur” bull, mommy forcing baby to hawk a product, and that’s exactly what this would be.

    She’d be better off starting a family YouTube channel and pimping them out on there.

  9. Well the Kardahsians weren’t some piece of white trash family that got lucky by getting on a tv show about teenage pregnancies. They were already wealthy and well established within the community. So no…she doesn’t have advice for a teen mom who’s livelihood relies on multiple pregnancies from multiple dads, and who only stays relevant because she pops out a new baby every couple of months or so or picks fights with her trashy baby daddies.

    1. I mean, the Kardashians also exploit their trashy interpersonal drama to stay relevant. The Kardashians were rich and had some connections to famous people through Kris’s spouses, but Kris and her spawn certainly weren’t famous by any means. Kris basically built their empire by proximity to fame and trashiness, which is the same thing Kail wants for her family.

  10. Of course she’d want to thrust her poor children into the spotlight to make a buck so she doesn’t have to work! SMH. Even if they begged not to be on TV, she’d be like “oh well, get out there and do it anyway cuz I said so”. I so feel for her kids. Isaac seems like such a sweet and shy kid, who wouldn’t want the world watching him navigate those awkward teenage years.

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