Robin Hibbard— Former Star of ‘The Challenge’— In Jail After Being Arrested For Violating Restraining Order; Looks Unrecognizable In New Mugshot

Robin during her ‘Challenge’ days…

Robin Hibbard has spent the last month behind bars, after being arrested outside her family’s home on April 2 after she was allegedly “harassing” a family member who has a restraining order against her.

According to the arrest report obtained by The Sun, the nine-time vet from The Challenge “was harassing the victim and standing/pacing on the driveway at the residence, displaying aggression.”

Robin— who got her reality TV start on The Real World: San Diego and went on to appear on nine seasons of ‘The Challenge’— was arrested and charged with a violation of a domestic violence injunction. (Back in April 2022, Robin’s relative took out a protective order against her after the relative claimed Robin broke into the family home, was destroying things and was injecting drugs on their property.)

Robin was hauled off to Hillsborough County Jail, where she took a harrowing mugshot that shows how much her appearance has changed since her time on ‘The Challenge.’ 

Robin’s latest muggy…

The judge set Robin’s bail at $2000 but, as of press time, she remains behind bars in Florida.

Robin has been arrested several other times, in addition to this arrest and the arrest in April 2022. In August 2022, the 43-year-old was picked up for Resisting Arrest (without violence) and providing a false name to law enforcement. Other arrests have been for trespassing, possession of drugs without a prescription, and possession of heroin.

As The Ashley has previously reported, Robin has been homeless and living near Tampa, Florida, for several years. During an appearance on Johnny Bananas‘ podcast in January 2022, Robin’s ex-boyfriend Mark Long opened up about Robin’s post-‘Challenge’ struggles, stating that she is currently battling drug addiction.

Robin and Mark on ‘The Challenge’…

“I wanna say this because it’s sad, I’ve been getting a lot of messages about Robin and I wanted to speak on that a little bit,” Mark-– who began dating Robin on 2004’s ‘Battle of the Sexes II’ and partnered with her on 2012’s ‘Battle of the Exes’–- said. “She’s in a bad place; I think the addiction has really taken a hold of her in a terrible way. I know a lot of people have tried to reach out, including her parents and her husband.

“I hope someone can get to her and convince her to get help. I know deep down she probably wants it but it breaks my heart knowing that she’s in such a bad place,” he said of the nine-time ‘Challenge’ star.

Robin’s mugshot from August 2022….

Robin has two children with her husband Brian Coulter. However, Robin and Brian lost temporarily custody of their children to Robin’s parents in 2019. It appears that the children still live with Robin’s family.

Robin is still currently homeless, as she is listed as having “no address” and being “at large” on court documents obtained by The Ashley for the case.

Robin’s arraignment is scheduled for Tuesday, May 9.

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15 Responses

  1. She had such a lovely personality, I loved her. So heartwarming, so sad that drugs took over her life.

    I wonder if she stayed with Mark, how different her life path would have been (they were also a very gorgeous couple)

  2. Gosh, this is so awful! She was one of my favorites, especially when she was with Mark… Oh Robin, I wish you made better choices and had the support u needed… 🙁

  3. I wish mtv would provide mandatory counseling for anyone appearing on their reality shows. So many of their “stars “ end up having issues. And I’m not blaming the channel completely but they need to start trying to mitigate some of the emotional damage being a reality star comes with.

  4. Don’t do drugs, kids.

    She used to be so beautiful & athletic. She had the hugest heart. She was so down-to-earth and real. So much potential, especially after appearing on MTV and having so many connections.

    It blows my mind that kids these days can see the effects of drugs all over the internet, just like this, but still think they can have fun with them and not end up in the same place.

    We only get one trip on this earth, don’t play Russian Roulette with your one chance.

    1. Sad for her, even sadder for her kids and loved ones. Fentanyl and meth leave a horrible path of destruction in their wake – everyone impacted loses.

    2. I keep hoping I’ll read that she has gotten her life on track. I don’t know why she turned to drugs & hope this is her rock bottom so maybe she will ask for the help she needs & gets it.

  5. Geez each mugshot she looks worse. I hope that she can get some help before it’s too late.

  6. This is so sad. How come so many people are drug addicts in the US? Is it that cheap? And so many “celebrities” with their lives ruined by drugs. It blows my mind

    1. Bigger country with more people equals more drug addicts. No, it is not cheap. Source: I’m fifteen years sober. Now, quick question, do you come here just to rile people up and be as offensive as you can? If so, just change your name to Troll, Mick. What country are you from so I can pull the drug statistics where YOU live? It’s a worldwide problem, my sweet summer child. It goes by percentage of people in each country because, GASP, all countries aren’t the same size. That means we use percentage of the population who uses drugs as the measurement, not a head count. Got it? Good. Take your divisiveness elsewhere. The world’s on fire already, put down the blowtorch.

      1. lol you’re crazy. He wasn’t being offensive and being 15 years sober doesn’t make you an expert. It does apparently make you hyper sensitive though. And super condescending to say “my sweet summer child” Just because you have some anecdotal “source” of “I UsED tO Be oN DRuGZ sO I kNoW!” doesn’t make you an expert and certainly doesn’t mean you get to be rude and talk down to people.

      2. Mick was not offensive at all and asked a genuine question. Idk where you’re from but I’m here in California and travel to Los Angeles quarterly for my child’s oncology appointments and the drug problem there is awful! It’s a whole new breed and yes sometimes I wonder how cheap can drugs be that a HOMELESS person can afford their addiction?! I’m two hours away from LA and my hometown is not even HALF as bad as it is in LA. We have weird bums but not as bad as the ones elsewhere. It’s definitely a problem and it definitely has infected our country. You don’t see these types of drug addict stories running rampant in Japan for example, I sure haven’t heard too much. Our country is in trouble. And you need to chill out and not speak for the rest of us who were NOT offended by the original posters comment.

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