New Spin-Off ‘Naked & Afraid Castaways’ Features Nude Participants Marooned on Remote Island with Only Wreckage to Survive

“…regretting our decision to audition for this show instead of Survivor.”

Naked and Afraid…and stranded.

People reports that the latest ‘Naked & Afraid’ spin-off, Naked & Afraid Castaways, will feature nine adventurers marooned on a remote island hundreds of miles away from civilization, attempting to survive–- and ultimately, escape the island–- without the use of tools or maps….or clothes.

Instead, participants will be forced to rely on wreckage and debris found throughout the island, according to Discovery Channel’s recently released trailer for the new series. 

“For survival, it’s not a question of what I want, it’s what I have to do,” one castaway says in the trailer.  

If “Spirit Airlines” decides to join the cruise ship business…

The ‘Naked & Afraid Castaways’ challenge will begin with the nine contestants being split into teams of three and dropped into ocean, with each team swimming to a different environment on the island where they will officially start their “distinct journeys.” 

Three distinct journeys, none of which are pleasant.

From there, the survivalists will have to reach the finish line using only the wreckage and debris found scattered throughout the island.  

The gruesome trailer shows contestants facing an assortment of island creatures along the way–– armadillos, snakes and swarms of bugs, to name a few–– and utilizing their bare hands in place of provided tools. 

“This is a whole new ballgame and it is much harder,” one castaway says of the ‘Castaways’ element in the new spin-off.   

“We have no idea what we’re walking into,” another states–- though fortunately for (some of) the survivalists, one group is seen discovering a promising boat wreckage in the trailer.

Contestants are later shown taking on the ocean in a rather sus makeshift raft. 

“…for an impromptu Gilligan’s Island photoshoot.”

Check out the full ‘Naked & Afraid Castaways’ cast list below: 

Kerra Bennett of Nashville, Tennessee

Patrick French of Canterbury, New Hampshire

Justin Governale of San Antonio, Texas

Bulent Gurcan of Point Roberts, Washington

Na’im McKee of Aurora, Colorado

Candice Mishler of North Phoenix, Arizona

Andrew Shayde of Lexington, Kentucky

Heather Smith of Brookeland, Texas

Rachel Strohl of Oahu, Hawaii

‘Naked &Afraid Castaways’ premieres Sunday, July 30 on the Discovery Channel. Watch the first trailer below. 

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(Photos: Discovery Channel; YouTube) 

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  1. Watching the previews I noticed one thing and that is the show isn’t what you potray it to be. You messed up when that guy caught an armadillo. Armadillos are not found on tropical islands. The only way they would be there is your show put them there or the people aren’t truly on a tropical island, meaning somewhere in the southern USA or certain places in South America but not on an island. Lol oops

  2. As a castmember on this show, I have to give you props for your hilarious captions for the photos. Spot on! Great article..

    Heather Smith
    Naked and Afraid Castaways

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