‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Catelynn Lowell Denies Taking Her Kids’ Money To Pay Taxes; Jenelle Evans Accused of Being “Salty & Jealous” of Chelsea Houska’s Success & More

“I don’t like your shoes!”
“Well Juh-nelle…I don’t really care.”

From trying to kill their former co-star’s commission to trying to kill rumors of stealing their kids’ money, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last few days…

Catelynn Lowell Responds to Her Brother Nick’s Claims That She & Tyler Baltierra Used Their Kids’ Money to Pay Their Tax Debt

“Not gonna lie, Cate, but this kid’s really starting to peeve me off!”

Catelynn is clapping back at her little brother’s recent claims about her and Tyler and their finances!

As The Ashley has previously reported, Cate & Co. have been having a very public online family feud over the last week or so. The family problems were made public last week when Catelynn slammed her mother April, teen brother Nick and grandma on Instagram. Nick later made two videos in response to Catelynn’s post. 

In his first video, Nick accused Catelynn and her husband Tyler of taking money out of their three daughters’ bank accounts to pay off their massive tax debt. (As The Ashley told you, Cate and Ty paid off their $800,000+ tab to Uncle Sam in January.)

In Nick’s second video, he accused Tyler of mistreating Catelynn, stating that Tyler frequently criticizes her about her weight and other things.

“I mean, there was that whole quesadilla scene, Ty…”

“I can’t and won’t respect a man who tells my sister that he’ll love her no matter what, then proceeds to call her a heifer; a person who says he doesn’t care how she feels, a person who would constantly drag her down about her weight, and make her cry herself to sleep,” Nick said in the video posted earlier this week.

On Thursday, Cate took to Instagram Stories to respond to Nick’s latest claims and once again state that Nick is lying.

“Never in my LIFE have I taken money from my damn kids!” she wrote. “[People] that do that are disgusting!”

“Thanks for not taking my MTV moola!”

(Years ago, Tyler talked about how his daughters all have trust funds with the money they’ve earned from being on ‘Teen Mom.’ He stated in 2020 that the kids are “totally set up for life…college is paid for.”)

Catelynn also responded to Nick’s claims that Tyler mistreats her.


“And PLEASE, Tyler emotionally abuses me?” she wrote. “That’s LAUGHABLE.

“The real problem is none of them have EVER seen a REAL & HEALTHY relationship! Just more and more lies. #ToxicFamily,” Catelynn added.

That face you make when someone in your family is being called toxic and for once you have nothing to do with it…

Farrah Abraham Uses Yelp to Accuse Her Doctor of “Female Suppression,” “Women Abuse” & More

“CLEARLY you don’t know how to treat a CELEBRITY, peasant!”

Farrah has delivered another one of her signature Yelp reviews, this time taking aim at the ENT surgeon who performed her recent nasal and sinus surgeries. The Backdoor Teen Mom— who has written one-star negative reviews for everything from a med spa (in which she accused the business’ technician of “face robbery”) to Harvard Extension School (which she memorably called “educationally abusive” after a professor told Farrah she was mentally unstable and had a neurological issue.)

Anyway, Farrah’s latest Yelp masterpiece took aim at the Austin, Texas, ENT who performed a septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery (which are not plastic surgery procedures, by the way.) The fired ‘Teen Mom OG’ star accused Dr. Zachary Wassmuth of  being a “medical legal liability” who “plays mind games so you don’t use your own insurance. (It sounds like Farrah was charged for the procedures, despite claiming her insurance covered it.)

“Zachary Wassmuth is a scam fraud…” Farrah wrote before launching into the “Farrah Speak” word salad that her writings are infamous for.

Farrah claimed that the doc “discureges” insurance use. (For those of you who don’t understand “Farrah Speak,” that’s The Big F’s attempt to spell “discourages.”)

On behalf of all speakers of the English language, I’d like to “discurege” Farrah from committing any more “language abuse.”

She also accused the doctor of creating “breathing health issues.”

“My breathing health has declined since all of his failed surgeries,” Farrah wrote.

She claimed Dr. Wassmuth has a “greedy ego that’s severely dysfunctional and in denial,” and accused the doc of being a “red angry bolt face lier” at her post-op appointment. (As always, The Ashley has left all of Farrah’s writings intact to better preserve the genuine “Farrah Speak.”)

Farrah was also big mad that the doctor wouldn’t prescribe her a non-steroid nasal spray. Because of his reluctance to provide the anti-histamine spray, Farrah stated that the doctor had committed “female suppression.”

As you do…

“PER LAW, I will not be standing for this, PER LAW!”

“This is what female suppression is!” Farrah wrote. “Women abuse, emotionally manipulative and abusive tactics using my own words against me.”

“He couldn’t use your words against you because he probably had no clue what you were trying to say. Also, neigh.”

“Trying to blame a patient since his ego got in the way of healthcare,” Farrah continued. “I now have chronic sinusitis and nose polyps from this man, no steroid or shot fixes this as I’m left with a sexist ENT IN DENIAL!”

Farrah finished her review by stating, “highly don’t recommend!”

(Just FYI- Dr. Wassmuth currently has a 4.5/5 star rating on Yelp.) 

As The Ashley has previously reported, Farrah has used the power of Yelp to accuse numerous people and businesses of being sexist or woman-hating, even her female gynecologist. 

Jenelle Evans Gets Called “Jealous” of Chelsea Houska After Jenelle Randomly Discourages Her Followers From Buying the Shoes Chelsea’s Promoting

“You really need to get a hobby, Jenelle.”

Jenelle‘s attempt to shade her former ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star Chelsea has seemingly backfired on her.

The fired ‘Teen Mom 2’ star— who frequently posts about her former co-stars despite claiming she has moved on from the show— took aim at Chelsea this week for a post the Down Home Fab star made to her “Like To Know It” shopping page. The post featured links to an outfit Chelsea had posted, including a pair of $560 Gucci sandals. 

(Just FYI- Like To Know It is an affiliate marketing program, so Chelsea earns a commission on every product she recommends using the LTK link.)  

For some reason, Jenelle did not like that Chelsea was promoting expensive sandals on her social media accounts, so Jenelle posted about it on her own Facebook page.

“You can probably find these same shoes at Target, Dillards, or Forever 21 and they won’t be that much money,” Jenelle wrote in the caption of a screenshot of Chelsea’s post. “In fact, here are some I found that are similar. You’re welcome!”

(Jenelle then linked to a pair of random sandals that don’t look like the ones Chelsea was wearing.) 

The Lady ‘o’ the Land’s attempt to kill Chelsea’s commission didn’t go over well. In the comment section of Jenelle’s post, fans called Jenelle “salty and jealous,” among other things.

“All I see in this post is you being so jealous of Chelsea and her success that you can’t keep her name out your mouth,” one person wrote. 

“I love how Chelsea never even acknowledges Jenelle,” another person wrote.

“You spent way more on a broken down boat for a guy who won’t work,” someone else pointed out.

The guy…
(Also…this photo will never NOT be funny…)

“Always hating on Chelsea,” another person commented.

One comment pointed out that Jenelle gets more attention when she posts about her former co-stars. (Jenelle also likely earns more money from Facebook bonuses by doing this, as she likely is paid more when her posts get more engagement.) 

“Posts a picture or video of her own family and it only gets 50 likes or so, posts ‘Teen Mom’ or Chelsea and gets 100s of likes. This is why she posts other teen moms cause she gets the attention,” the person wrote. 

“You are obsessed with Chelsea’s life,” another comment reads.

This is not the first time that Jenelle has randomly posted her thoughts about a ‘Teen Mom’ star. She recently posted a photo of Leah Messer and her daughters going to a Pride parade, and asked her followers to give their opinions. Leah clapped back at Jenelle (via her rep), stating, “[Leah] recommends the former cast member of ‘Teen Mom 2’ to focus on herself and her own kids.”

After Leah responded, Jenelle claimed the post wasn’t about Leah…even though she used a photo of Leah and her kids in the post.

As per usual, Chelsea has not responded to Jenelle’s latest antics.

“Sorry…which one was Jenelle again?”

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here

(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 



  1. Slightly off topic, happened with Cole and Chelsea’s lawsuit battle with that entertainment agency?

  2. Can we get a update on the fight between Farrah and the security guard she hit?
    Per Law you have to write about this!!

  3. And did Chelsea aka. Miss Perfect ever pay her back taxes? MTV always gave Chelsea the best edits.I recall the episode where her and Coles house got robbed and how she wanted to move immediately. because she was scared. She looked high in that episode in the car. Probably some type of benzodiazapine.

  4. Farrah, you can buy your nonsteroidal antihistamine spray over the counter.
    Sounds like someone didn’t like the full priced bill they received following surgery, even though she’s such a celebrity. *Eyeroll*

  5. Unpopular opinion I guess but I don’t like chealsea.. she’s a spoiled brat and modeling 500 dollar shoes just sits wrong with most people

    1. Yeah, she seems to be a decent enough person and mother (credit to her for choosing Aubrey’s privacy over the MTV paycheck) plus she’s not trashy like most of the other girls. And she did seem to learn from her youthful mistakes. But I feel she gets too much credit for where she is in life. Unlike most of the other girls (except for Farrah but her family is whacked-out and Maci – Cheyenne doesn’t count since she was an adult when she became a mom), her family is socioeconomically comfortable.

      Chelsea was born on second base, but she still became a mom as a teenager. Her dad knows how to navigate finances and other trappings that come with D-list fame much better than say Babs, Butch or Jade’s mom. Cole sort of irks me too – he happily hopped on the really TV gravy train.

      IMO Gary is probably the one that has done the best from TM. He didn’t come from much – his mother’s apartment was ragged. Assuming he’s still a cop then he has a real career, married a good woman, is a good dad and has a more comfortable home and life than he would have without the show. But it is time for him to withdraw from the show as well for the sake of Leah’s privacy.

      Bring on the downvotes!

        1. Yeah. How else would he be able to pay his bills? He only quit once I think Layne was born.

          I mean that’s not a moral value, it’s just practical. He was a government worker, I think he held the sign at construction jobs you know the stop signs, easy work, and he got benefits. Like medical, etc.

          Like if they broke up he would have walked away with nothing.

    2. Modeling expensive shoes sits fine with me… ya got it flaunt it. Is she spoiled and privileged tho? Absolutely

    3. I’m starting to wonder if Jenelle stays bc of his oldest daughter. I’m curious what will happen when she graduates.

    4. Chelsea could care less what her followers or jenelle thinks.. she’s never been one that could relate to most people and she’s never claimed to. Her dad is very wealthy and has supported her all her life. macis parents are also well off but Maci SEEMS much more down to earth and relatable, in my opinion… It’s all in how you’re raised. Who cares if she promotes Gucci shoes… jenelle clearly has too much time on her hands.. but I think someone on here said she gets paid for talking about everyone on teen mom.. so she’s no better

    1. That’s what I was wondering. Surprised she has not been sued for defamation before. Hope this poor doctor sues her ass. And miss ashy, what’s up with Farrah’s court date for assault going to happen?? Can’t wait to hear you report on that!!

  6. Farrah should attend ENT school next, since she clearly knows more than her surgeon. 😂

  7. All of this is crap but gotta be honest though. Advertising $560 dollar shoes to fans who are likely struggling financially is someone with their head in the clouds. She never seemed to have a sense of what it’s like to be in the real world considering her dad has $. Be nice to see her advertise something financially sensible for once.
    Don’t get me wrong, happy for the girl but it would be nice to look at all angles not just the angle of people with money to throw around.

    1. She can’t legally advertise or endorse a product or brand without potentially suffering financial consequences. It may seem stupid, but it protects the rights of companies and individuals, so it is what it is. She can mention them in the same way you or I might, but certainly not outright advertise them.

      9 times out of 10 people who advertise for companies and brands are not out there asking to do so, they’re being sought after instead. The brands and companies choose who they want and go after them. People can say “no thanks”, if they so choose, though they don’t often say no lol.

      Most of the brands people think of that are on the more affordable end of things are endorsed and advertised by people of much higher net worth than Chelsea and far more well known too. You won’t find someone like her advertising for garanimals (super affordable at walmart-especially toddler clothes) for example-but you’ll find much more well known people doing it (even though they don’t likely actually buy them, lol). Weird catch 22 sort of deal I suppose-but it’s how things have always been.

        1. Lmao, not even close to Farrah. That girl couldn’t put a coherent sentence together if her life depended on it.

          I do see some people don’t understand how actual advertising works, though. Chelsea gets paid for advertising certain brands, just like anyone else would. It’s not likely a brand that caters to people of less means (that includes me and my family, lol) would seek out someone like Chelsea for advertising.

          It’s not a knock on anyone, really, it’s just how advertising for brands works. Brands seek out people, and typically the brands that are considered more affordable seek out either far more well known people, or people no one knows at all because the brand itself is very well known and doesn’t need endorsements.

          It shouldn’t be surprising that Chelsea doesn’t have advertising and endorsement deals with more affordable brands.

  8. Cate is probably right this is the longest and most healthy relationship in the family. Its its a healthy relationship, probably not, C&T or so co-dependent its insane. I think Cate needs to step away from SM, no one really is on her brother or mother’s side. So engaging at this point is just bad for her mental health, she should also just block her mom, brother, sister, and grandmother at this point.

    Farrah- step away from the scalpel. She is one more nose job away from turning into Michael Jackson.

    Jenelle- yeah are those shoes insanely over priced yeah. But Chelsea is and has always been in a completely different tax bracket then in Jenelle. I don’t think Chelsea has shopped at Forever 21 since high school, and she has never shopped at Walmart. Jenelle and Chelsea have never a had single thing in common except getting pregnant as a teen and then being on this show and now having a bunch of kids. Would I spend $500 on those shoes no, but do I care that Chelsea did, no. She pays her bills, her bills are paid. She fine. mind your own and move on.

  9. Farrah’s reviews really make me laugh. I wish someone would get her to write reviews for them on the regular just so I can sit back and cackle one good time every day.

  10. I’m a fan of absolutely none of these folks. Not one

    Farrah is on drugs.
    I’m shocked that they let her have surgery being a serious drug addict.

    Cate started this airing out of the drama. They’re all so very very gross.

    Good for Chelsea paying Jenelle dust. The TMs who always atart shit could learn to do the same to each other.

  11. The whole Catelynn/Nick saga is draining and I don’t even personally know them. I’m not a Cate and Tyler fan but I don’t think they steal money from their children. I do agree that we have all seen Tyler put Cate down repeatedly on the show. I don’t know what their day to day life is and honestly don’t care. As long as their daughters are taken care of and I believe they are.

    Farrah is mentally unstable. She has had so many unnecessary procedures that I keep waiting for the day that they all droop and collapse. I don’t think anyone takes her illiterate Yelp reviews seriously.

    I don’t particularly care for Chelsea but I will say that I think she is a good mother and Cole and Chelsea provide a stable and loving environment for their children to grow up in. Jenelle chooses swamp thing over her kids. Jenelle is a horrible mother and is abusive just like David. I wish that Jenelle’s kids had a stable home to grow up in.

  12. I love the caption on the last picture… sorry which one was jenelle again..
    as ole Nathan would say.. stop it.. lol
    Priceless The Ashley.. priceless.

  13. I think Jenelle is garbage, but if she is desperate for “likes”, “clicks”, or any sort of useful attention…LEAVE YOUR HUSBAND!!!

    And that’s free advice.

    1. She’d get thousands of likes if she took the kids and left that trash heap huzzbin on that swampy piece of hell.

      Thousands, Jenelle. Are you reading this??

  14. Omg Farrah is just the strangest, most out of touch creature I’ve probably ever seen. Like no sense of reality, no logic, no brain cells…

  15. Oh Jenealous…when will you move on? Imagine being so irrelevant to someone that you keep talking about them and they don’t even bother to respond in any way?

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