Leah Messer Responds After Her Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Star Jenelle Evans Shades Her For Bringing Her Kids to a Pride Parade; Jenelle Fight Back

“Y’all don’t need to be frettin’ ’bout what’s going on in my holler!”

Leah Messer just delivered a holler-full of shade when responding to Jenelle Evans‘ post about Leah and her daughters attending a Pride parade– and Jenelle is not happy about it!

As The Ashley told you, Leah and her daughters marched in a West Virginia Pride parade earlier this month to support the LGBTQ+ community. After Leah posted pics of her and her kids in the parade, the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star received a wave of backlash from fans. 

A few days ago, Jenelle randomly posted a photo of Leah and her girls, along with the caption, “What are your opinions about taking kids to Pride Events? Agree or Disagree?”

(While the fired Teen Mom 2 star didn’t give her thoughts on Leah’s actions, she did include a photo of Leah and her kids on the day of the parade in her post.)

When In Touch Weekly contacted Leah’s “rep” for a comment about Jenelle’s post— which was obviously trying to drum up controversy about the topic— Leah’s “rep” said Leah had no comment…only to then deliver several deliciously catty comments telling Jenelle to mind her own business/youngins, while also accusing Jenelle of trying to use Leah to stay relevant.

“Leah Messer has no comment. She trusts in her parenting choices and will continue to follow that versus the opinion of others,” the rep said. “She recommends the former cast member of ‘Teen Mom 2’ to focus on herself and her own kids.”

Our faces when we see that Leah made sure to point out that Jenelle is a FORMER cast member…

“This is Jenelle looking for some sort of clout off of commenting on Leah,” the rep added.

Jenelle was able to take time off from taking pics of her cooter-and-tooter for The OnlyFans to respond to the comments Leah’s “rep” made about her. Jenelle declared on her Facebook page that her post had nothing to do with Leah or her daughters, despite the fact that Jenelle literally posted their photo with her post. 

“It was an open ended question intended for any kids at ANY pride event,” Jenelle wrote on Tuesday. “It was not directed towards Leah, but if the shoe fits wear it. If Leah doesn’t want comments being made about her children, maybe she shouldn’t be posting about them online and focus more on her children’s privacy.” 

Jenelle— who tagged Leah on Facebook— denied that she was posting about Leah for clout. 

“As for clout? I’m sure I have enough of my own.. def don’t need hers,” she wrote. 

In the comment section, Jenelle accused Leah and her “rep” of wanting “to twist some s**t and make it about me of course.”

“Ya literally posted a picta of Leah in ya post! Christ on a cracka, Juh-nelle!”

(The Ashley suspects that Jenelle randomly posts things about her former ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars to her Facebook page because it drums up engagement, making her eligible to earn bonuses from Facebook.)

Jenelle’s explanation that her post was not directed at Leah did not go over well with the fans on Jenelle’s Facebook page. 

“’An open ended question intended for any kids’” — but post it with a picture of Leah and her kids. Don’t try to back peddle now,” someone wrote in the comment section.

“I’m confused. If it was in no way directed at Leah, why did you share her pic when you asked that question?” another person wrote. 

“Why share the post and ask for opinions?? You should’ve just kept scrolling, this was obviously going to start drama,” someone else commented.

“I’ve been stirring that damn ‘Teen Mom’ pot for over a decade now!”

Jenelle’s ever-present husband David Eason jumped into the Pride parade discussion. Several days after Leah shared her Pride parade post, David took to Facebook to post about Pride parades, as well as his own firing from ‘Teen Mom 2.’ (As you may remember, David was booted from the show in early 2018 after making a series of homophobic and transphobic tweets.) 

“Now y’all want to be mad about kids attending pride parades but yall are the same ones that got me fired from MTV for saying ‘I don’t want my kids around trans people,'” he wrote.

(That’s actually not what David said to get himself fired. He actually compared gay/transgender people to flea-covered dogs and other things. You can click here to read what David actually said in the rant that got him fired.) 

Anyway, Leah and her “rep” have yet to respond Jenelle’s latest statement.

What I picture Leah’s “rep” looks like…

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40 Responses

  1. Gotta love the lack of intellect from someone who is against inclusivity but thinks it’s okay to plaster their used up balogna sandwich online for all the world to see. Not like what you post on the internet will be there forever, right? Not like your actions and those photos will eventually resurface and bring embarrassment to your children, right?

  2. What’s wrong with taking kids to Pride parade? It’s fun, Jenelle and David are losers teaching their kids to hate. I swear people who show such hate for the LGBT+ tend to be limited minded unhappy people.

  3. The same folk who claim lgbtq+ are dirty and unfamily oriented are the same ones subscribing to OnlyFans work and interact with pornbots accounts.

    And if we’re being honest, any of Leah’s daughters could take on and outsass (probably outsmart) the Eason kkklan.

    1. That doesn’t even make sense. The people that are saying lgbtq activities are not appropriate for kids.. would obviously say the same thing about porn and onlyfans.. kids shouldn’t be suggested to onlyfans and porn..
      the parents taking their kids to lgbtq and other disgusting activities like drag shows that have lewd activities.. they’re the ones that wouldn’t have a problem with onlyfans and porn..
      there’s so much sexual activity that happens at these pride events.. there’s no difference between the 3.

  4. I don’t have any problem with pride parades or the LGBTQ community. I’m also definitely not a fan of Jenelle but I do think there is legitimate criticism of kids attending pride parades. There are multiple videos of X rated stuff going in those parades that is definitely not appropriate for children’s eyes. There should be an age requirement to attend the parades or pornographic content should not be allowed if kids are going to attend.

  5. Right Jenelle, these kids shouldn’t be exposed to things at a Pride Parade but they should be exposed to animal cruelty/murder, onlyfans content from parents, physical and verbal abuse, emotional breakdowns from parents, back and forth fighting, mother’s awful tiktok dances, alcohol and drug abuse….shall I go on?

  6. Jenelle needs to worry about that lazy, sunburned, river rat,fart magnet, hammer toed,cheese ox husband living in her own house before she judges anyone. She does only fans and shows her meat curtains off to her customers and she thinks that wont get back to her kids? Who is she to judge anyones parenting, she chases a man down with a gun in car threatening him with her son in the car, her daughter messes with a dog that bites her so her husbands slams it on their deck and shoots it? Go back to selling yourself and screwing your dog killing, goat killing and eating dirtbag husband. But…i digress.

  7. Jenelle had a fwb relationship with one of her friends though. She ate her coochie and told the whole world she had purple curtains. I guess she only hates the gays when she’s not trying to come. As a queer person I am disgusted by people like this. They secretly want us but bash us in harmful, dangerous ways. LGBTQ people are safer than her groomer dog murdering husband.

  8. “If the shoe fits wear it” HAHAHAHA JENELLE you literally tagged Leah and posted her PHOTO!

    On the other hand…. Who cares if they went to a parade. I actually think this is very cool of Leah. As long as a child is not being harmed, abused, made to be uncomfortable or upset… then why even comment on it?

  9. jenelle is SUCH a piece of sh*t. ?
    like, just when we think she can’t go any lower/be more trashy ?️ ~ she somehow finds a way.

  10. sad to say but the pride parades I saw had lots of lewd activity in them–no way would I take my kids! You can teach your kids without exposing them to lewd sexual activity–it is not needed for pride

    1. Yeah that was clear at the White House event for trans… that was supposed to be family oriented. someone flashing for the cameras. It’s already shoved down kids’ throat without taking them out to a parade or any other activity for PRIDE, subjecting to them perverseness and inappropriate behavior. None of it is family oriented. People wouldn’t take their kids to a strip club but a drag show and to a pride event where they’re flashing their disgusting body parts and doing other sick things is okay and parents who take their kids to them are praised in this society. It’s gross.
      This website is trash.. “Christ on a cracker”… disrespectful.. but shouldn’t expect anything less… I doubt this comment will even be approved since I’m saying something about the site and LGBTQ activities in which kids are subjected to. Oh wait I forgot.. it’s okay for others to offend Christians and people who are against the homosexuality lifestyle ?

          1. My username clearly states what I think about this topic. God forbid someone speak out against the children of this country being subjected to perversion. If that makes me gross, then I’m okay with that. I don’t hold myself to the standards of other people, especially ones who encourage this kind of behavior. Have a nice day!

      1. People flash their tits at sporting events. Is a baseball game inappropriate for children? Sometimes the jumbotrons even have “Kiss Cams.” Do you think heterosexuality is being shoved down children’s throats when the kiss cam shows a man and a woman kissing? Do you think the Kiss Cam inappropriately exposes children to sex?

        No group shoves their viewpoints down others’ throats in the US more than Christians.

      2. Your name is accurate because you’re disgusting. You know who grooms and molests kids, then look no further than the church. Go educate yourself, gross.

  11. Wasn’t Jenelle in a same sex relationship at some point?! TBH I don’t want her in our community anyway! Stay on your land and mind your business. Leah taking her girls to Pride is showing them they will be loved no matter who they are or who they love. It’s all about inclusion!

  12. JE could not be more stupid in any way, shape or form. Like she literally makes p0rn. Leah took her kids to a parade. The actual f*ck? JE will do anything to remain relevant.

    1. I completely agree. people that actually subscribe to her dirty vids are more harmful to the world than taking your kids to a PRIDE parade

  13. Jenelle is a piece of trash that CLEARLY wants to still be relevant. I’m literally cracking up at her posting Leah’s photo and then saying the post was not about Leah!!

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