‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Season 1B Episode 21 Recap: Writing Books & Wedding Day Looks

What are “things Leah Messer should not give advice on.”

Well, here we are again.

We are now in the 815th season of a Teen Mom show. And, before you ask—no, we still don’t have anything better to do than watch this crap that MTV has been shoveling our way for the past decade-and-a-half or so. We’ve survived on-air brawls, battles with pillseseseses, failed lie-detector tests and driveway Porta-Potties and, yet, here we are.

Anyway, a new season of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter has premiered, and unfortunately The Ashley has slacked off on her recapping. (She’s been too busy slicking down her greasy bacon sidebangs, drinking Bud Lights and preening her Albert Einstein couch puppet.) 

So we’re just gonna pretend this new season of ‘Next Chapter’ started at Episode 21, OK?

We kick things off with a recap of the previous episode, where Catelynn and Tyler move, Leah plans a big party for the twinseseses’ birthday and Bar is busy completing his community service.

Seriously, that episode could have been aired in 2011. The plotlines never really change: someone is always moving, someone is always having a ridiculously over-the-top party and someone is always trying to resolve their legally challenged issues! The only difference is that everyone has better hair now.

Anyway, that brings us to the most-recent crapisode. We start off at Cate & Ty’s new mansion. (Not gonna lie, I’m sure gonna missing calling their house the Octagon ‘o’ Triggers.) Apparently Nova (the oldest Not-Carly) is fighting with Catelynn over a cheerleading shirt Cate wants her to wear. Nova is only 8 but already self-conscious about her body, Catelynn tells “the gals” (I see they’re still trying to make that whole “group chat format” happen.)

“Telling everyone on national TV how self-conscious Nova will help A LOT!”

Nova tells Catelynn that she’s going to be so embarrassed to wear the tank top. 

Oh, if only they made little girls’ shirts with sleeves!


They go into the place that Nova does her cheerleading (which, for some reason, appears to be in a barn?) 

Nova prepares to take off her sweatshirt and they legit start playing TENSE MUSIC to build the suspense. Really guys? Has it come to this?

We then see that Nova is not wearing a “tank top,” but actually wearing some sort of kiddie crop top! (Yes, The Ashley is aware that kids wear stuff like this at cheer, but they don’t have to, especially if they’re expressing that they’re uncomfortable being so exposed.) 

Why do I feel like Briana and Jade also own this top?

As Nova is trying to cover herself, Cate goes ahead and announces to all the other moms that Nova was self-conscious about wearing the crop top. 

Can we get a therapy horse to the cheer barn, ASAP? This kid’s gonna need it. 

When they get home, Cate makes sure to tell Tyler about The Great Crop Top Caper. Tyler is understandably concerned, and wonders if there is a reason for Nova’s sudden need for body privacy. (It could be because the kid’s literally had a camera in her face since she slid out of Cate’s hooter?) 

“It’s almost like she doesn’t want to have her midruff blasted on millions of TV screens! OK…thousands, but still!”

Meanwhile, over in Ye Olde Holler, Leah comes over to where Ali is sitting and Ali just gives her this look, like she knows Leah’s about to bring up some embarrassing topic for the cameras. 

“What’s the talk gonna be about today, Ma? Sex? Tampons? Armpit hair?”

Ali decides to cut Leah off at the pass, and instead blurts out that she wants to write a book about horse therapy. 

Leah, the literary genius of our generation, said she was about to talk to her publisher about starting her own second book, but says she’ll do Ali’s first. 

(I don’t know about you guys, but I, for one, am anxiously awaiting Mama Dawn‘s memoir. Imagine the tales of Walmart fights, love stories at the Waffle House and ding-dang Holler hijinks that book would contain!)

“I ain’t so much for writings and such, but if you set me at one of them fancy Apple boxes, I’d give it a ding-dang try!”

Leah vows to talk to her publisher and start getting the wheels in motion for Ali to write her book. I suppose this means that, sadly, we will have to anxiously await Leah’s follow-up novel, which we can assume would be titled Unending Photoshoot: My Time with Jaylan.


“Ali, you just gave me a whole new season of storylines!”

Next we head to LA to check in with Cory. It’s the day of his infant daughter’s heart surgery, and he and Taylor are both crying. There’s honestly nothing funny at all about a little girl having surgery, so let’s go ahead and skip right through this part…

We skip on over to Las Vegas, where Ashley and her family are going out to dinner. They’re still reeling from the death of Ashley’s brother. 

JESUS GOD LEAH! This may be the most-depressing episode of ‘Teen Mom’ ever (except for the episode where Kieffer was arrested and therefore taken off our television screens. That was hard on the whole country.)

The next scene, Bar is dancing with the cat (as you do), and Ashley is talking about their upcoming wedding. 

I vote that Mr. Whiskers gets to be the ring bearer….

Ashley tells her mom, Tea, that she wants to fly to Dallas to see a wedding dress designer who makes “very exquisite” dresses.

Does SHEIN have a Dallas location or…?

Next we head to Tennessee to see what Maci is up to. We see the family sitting in front of their MTV Mansion, with Taylor throwing a baseball around with the assorted mulleted youngins. Maci tells us that a couple of weeks have past since Bentley went out to dinner with his dad Ryan, one-on-one. She says she wants to check in with Bentley to see how he’s handling everything.

And what better place to do that check-in than ON-CAMERA! She calls up Coach B to chat with her and Bentley (and the MTV camera crew, natch.) 

Bentley tells Maci that she’s doing everything she can to support his suddenly rekindled relationship with his oft-arrested, drug-using father. 

Taylor is not too keen on Bentley getting closer to Ryan. (Go figure!) He says he wants to teach Bentley how to be a man who is nothing like Ryan. 

Taylor, on figuring out how to work a “Things That Matter” shirt into literally EVERY scene…

They decide to ring up Cate and Tyler on The Facetime to talk about the Ryan situation. (Catelynn’s bangs are giving “just got slapped in the forehead with a pound of greasy bacon” in this scene. YIKES.)

It’s been like 10 years, Cate. I think it’s time to realize the cute sidebang thing just isn’t gonna happen…

We see this is Christmastime (due to the décor in the background), so keep in mind this convo is happening before Ryan got arrested for heroin possession and before he allegedly trashed his home, etc.

Taylor tells the gang that he’s not supportive of this renewed interest in Ryan. He thinks Ryan will eventually muck it all up (spoiler alert: he basically does), and that he’ll have to pick up the pieces of Bentley’s broken heart when his dad gets crappy again.

Tyler reminds us that he grew up with the King of Crappy Dads, Butch

Butch may not have done well in the parenting department.. but man could that man grow a quality mullet…

Maci seems to totally disregard Taylor’s objections to Bentley getting all cozy with Daddy Dearest, but, thankfully, Tyler tells Taylor how proud he should be that he stepped in to parent Bentley while Ryan was off shooting cats, threatening people and slamming the Big H. 

Tyler says that Bentley having Taylor as a father figure all these years will be what shapes Bentley into a good man.

“Because we all know it wasn’t Ryan!” Catelynn cracks. 

We are then treated to even more Catelynn (and her slick ‘n’ speedy side-bang). I’m not sure I can take this much Cate and Ty in one episode without at least a spoonful of Butch and/or April. It seems unfair. 

It’s time to talk about Nova and her tank top again. Super. This plotline rivals the riveting yesteryear content that was Aubree’s cellphone or Isaac’s wallpaper line. 

You’re not alone. It sounded weird to me too…

Catelynn then tells us that Tyler was particularly worried about Nova’s sudden body insecurities because he was sexually abused when he was Nova’s age. 

They decide to do more therapy. 

This therapy does not come in the form of a therapy horse (or pig). Instead, it’s a therapist named Sandra who beams in via Zoom to talk to Cate and Tyler about all of this.

After that not-fun convo, they make us go right into Cory’s baby’s heart surgery.


What we all really need right now…

They surprisingly let MTV’s cameras right in the hospital, up until they’re literally about to give the baby her anesthesia. I’m out on baby surgeries, so we are gonna skip right along again…

We hop on over to the Holler to see Leah. She’s firing up the dial-up Interwebs to have a video chat with her book publisher, Ashlyn. They chat about Leah’s ideas for her second book.

“I was thinking relationships, the healing journey after,” Leah says. 


All of us when we hear that Leah Messer Simms Calvert (almost) Mobley is going to write a book about relationships…

Leah is writing a relationship book? Did I hear that correctly? That’s kind of like Kail writing a book about using birth control, or Jenelle writing a book about choosing a soulmate without an arrest record, isn’t it? 


(Also, does the world really need a second memoir from Leah? I mean…really?) 

Leah also mentions that Ali wants to write a book, and the publisher seems to think that’s an even better idea. (I will say that Leah is looking amazing here. It’s possibly the best she’s ever looked on this show, honestly. No more crunchy Ramen curls or weird “Mom” hair for this gal!) 

The book publisher lady keeps her trap shut and pretends that Leah’s “relationship” book is a great idea. She tells Leah to write up a blurb about her book and Ali’s book and they’ll get the ball rolling. 

Narrator: The idea was not, in fact, fantastic.

Later, Leah talks about Ali and her book. She says that Ali has been an inspiration to a lot of people, which is true. 

Leah also drops a really nice little quote. 

“Strength is more than a muscle,” she says. “It is also a mentality.”

Leah sure has come a long way from her “Stand In Your Power” speech days! Get it, girl!

Over in Los Angeles, Cheyenne, Zach and Chey’s dad are cooking some food to bring to the hospital for Cory and Taylor, who are still there with Maya following her surgery. 

Sooooo…did Cheyenne and Zach really decorate their kitchen island with a decorative bowl full of random heads of broccoli or am I seeing things?

Maya is having complications from the surgery, and Ryder is sick with a high fever, so everyone is struggling right now. 

Meanwhile, Ashley is flying to Dallas to see the “exquisite” wedding dress designer. She and her sister and several friends are having some drinks in their rental house when Ashley informs them that this will be the first “wedding trip” of many. She tells them to get ready to spend some serious money.

Ashley’s friend wondering if she’s gonna have to sell her plasma or something to pay for all the trips Ashley wants…

The next day, Ashley tells her bridesmaids that she’s chosen a few dresses already but now they need to be customized into her dream dress. 

They go to the bridal salon, where Ashley tries on several sparkly dresses. (Not gonna lie, but she was right: the designer’s dresses really are exquisite.) 

Everyone is hootin’ and hollerin’ as Ashley models each wedding dress style and tries to decide which parts of each dress to incorporate into her own. 

“As long as my dress looks better than Cheyenne’s wedding dress, that’s all that matters!”

Over in Tennessee, we catch up with Jen and Larry. Ryan’s there and so his his son, Jagger. As Ryan raids his Mama’s fridge, Jen asks him about his renewed relationship with Maci and Bentley. 

Ryan says that, what with workin’ and wrestlin’ and chasing the white dragon  and whatnot, him and Bentley haven’t really had a chance to go have another MTV-funded meal together. 

“I ain’t gots the time….and stuff.” (Also, Ryan’s lavender hoodie is certainly a choice, isn’t it?)

Jen reminds Ryan that it’s his responsibility to ask to see his son. As per usual, Ryan has a bunch of excuses. 

Also…Ryan appears to be legit nodding off during this convo with his mom. Jen and Larry should know they have a serious problem happening here. Do they need him to start babbling about “the dye in the baby’s head” or something before they realize there’s a pharmaceutical reason for Ryan’s sudden slumbers?

“I’m not sleepin’! I’m just restin’ my eyes right quick!”

Over at Maci’s house, Taylor and Maci discuss how “good” Ryan is doing.


Taylor vows not to interfere with Ryan and Bentley’s relationship, even if he thinks it will end in disaster. 

Over in Los Angeles, Maya is still having serious complications from her surgery. Cheyenne and Ryder pray for her.

This may be the best prayer ever…

That’s it for this episode of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter!’

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(Photos: MTV) 

17 Responses

  1. I’m just tired and disgusted with these people exposing their children’s vulnerable moments for the world to see (Nova’s insecurities, Bentley’s crappy dad, Ryder praying for her baby sister). All these people are millionaires, they doesn’t need to do this anymore. Give your already teenage kids some well deserved privacy and move on

  2. What was growing on Ryan’s chin area? I could not stop focusing on that. It wasn’t as if he was trying to grow a goatee. I honestly don’t know WTH that was. Anyone else notice?

  3. Ryan’s hand looks like a weird colored water balloon. He’s legit nodding off yet you have Maci saying he’s doing “good”. Taylor was right and she blew him off and still does according to recent interviews she’s given.

    1. Also why are cate and Ty pushing her to wear a crop top at 8 and then think it’s weird she doesn’t want to?? It’s weird they want to expose their little girl like that and make her wear something that shows her stomach after she made it clear to them that she doesn’t feel comfortable doing so.

      1. Agreed. It’s crazy to push her to wear a crop top, I think Cate is forcing it to show off having a thin daughter. Living vicariously through her 8 year old cause she’s miserable with herself.

        I have never pushed my 10 year old to wear anything skimpy. She chooses how much of her body to show.

        Cate is gross, they both are for publicly airing this. They both talk a lot about Cate’s weight, of course that is going to rub off on the children.

        1. I agree, she’s living through her.

          And then to go to the extreme of questioning whether Nova has been sexually abused bc she feels uncomfortable showing her stomach in front of people??

          It’s gross how far these people will go to get a storyline.

  4. Nova’s problems come from constantly hearing her fitness-focused father fat shame her depressed overweight mother on camera hwmer whole entire life, knowing she’s the second child.

    Good luck kiddo.

    1. I don’t watch the show, but from the looks of.pictures didn’t Tyler get fat too?

      Normally would just say gained weight but he doesn’t see the issue with fat shamming others, particularly his wife., so eith him, idc either. Lol

  5. I laughed way too hard at the idea of Kail writing a book on birth control and Janelle on souls mates lamo

  6. I am officially cured from the curse that is TeenMom. I couldn’t even get through the Ashley’s recap, because I just don’t give a flying fuck anymore! Thank you Jesus!

    1. I couldn’t even read it all. TheAshley is the only way I follow this BS because I love how She writes. I have been DYING for another recap, between this and Mana June. But nope, I think I am done with both – I’m in my 40s with no kids and all my teeth. I cannot relate and honestly get a lil disappointed in myself for reading someone else’s snark about it. ?‍♀️ Pack it up, Teen Mom.

      1. Yes it’s the cheeks! Too much filler in her face.. she’s kinda looking like Farrah now. Her injector didn’t do a good job. That doesn’t look natural at all. It looks swollen.

        And girl.. please.. we do not need a second book from you regarding relationships.. sit down..

        However, A book by Ali would be sweet. What a great outlet to express herself. We are all big Ali fans!

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