EXCLUSIVE! New ‘Teen Mom’ Show Being Developed: Get All the Details on What’s In The Works

(Just FYI– The Ashley is NOT confirming these couples are on the show.)

There’s a new Teen Mom show in the works!

The Ashley can exclusively report that MTV is currently putting together yet another spin-off, which is set to begin filming sometimes around the end of September.

According to The Ashley’s sources, the producers are keeping things very hush hush about the new ‘Teen Mom’ project and are still in the process of making the final casting selections. However, The Ashley is told that the show will feature ‘Teen Mom’ couples who are working on their marital/relationship issues.

“At this point, it’s unclear if the show will be its own thing or if they will roll this into being the third season of Teen Mom Family Reunion,” one behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley. “They had previously not really planned on doing another ‘TMFR’ season, but they may just make this couples thing into Season 3.”

“I don’t care what it is. Tell me where to sign.”

The source said that the production company behind the new show— which is currently untitled but could possibly be billed as something like “Couples Therapy” — is different so, for the most part, it will not the same people who work on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter production.

Details about the new show are scarce, however, The Ashley hears that it will be filming somewhere outside the United States.

“So that means I’d have to get myself AND my couch a passport? I dunno, guys…”

The Ashley also hears that, this time around, production is taking no chances with the cast. At last weekend’s ‘Next Chapter’ Season 1B Reunion, the cast was repeatedly reminded that their behavior at the Reunion would have a direct effect on whether or not they are considered for the new show and other future opportunities.

“That’s why everyone was on their best behavior– a lot of them are hoping to grab spots on the new [show],” another source tells The Ashley. 

“The cast is aware that production can pull the plug on this show— or their chances of being on it— at any time,” the first source added.

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. Stay tuned…

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV)


  1. So, these women finally behaved like civilized human beings at their job because … they were told there would be consequences wrt their future employment if they didn’t?

    That’s all it took?

    Which means no one considered suggesting this previously in the past 15 years?

    What a crazy concept: your actions have consequences, here is what is expected, and this is what will happen if you choose otherwise. And they all chose to act accordingly.

    Until they were in their thirties, these former girls had no reason to believe they needed to comply with their employer because nothing would be done.

    Granted, most people learn this as children. Or, if they don’t, when they end up unintentionally pregnant the first time, due to the natural consequences, or the end up in jail for breaking the law. Teenagers and adults who need to make money learn they need to follow their employers’ expectations or they’ll no longer have a job. But MTV rewarded them for their behavior, so they didn’t experience the usual consequences and had no incentive to do better.

    Fifteen years later, the producers finally told them there would be consequences for acting out, and suddenly they were all able to follow the rules. Many of them have real issues that reduce their ability to see the connection between actions and consequences, but apparently they’re all able to self-regulate enough to function when the consequences matter.

    The production looks like the greatest fool here. They enabled their employees’ misbehavior for their adult lives when it tuned out they easily could have improved it with quite low but clear expectations of them. Imagine that.

  2. WHY??! Please, please don’t. Just let these 30 year olds grow out of being teen moms. I was 19 when my husband and I had our daughter and I stopped being a teen mom one year later(but I never called myself a teen mom in the first place).

  3. How about just doing new episodes of 16 and Pregnant and then giving those girls a season or two of Teen Mom with more reasonable salaries? We want to see real struggles, not irresponsible millionaires. I think TLC is doing a much better job with the way they do Unexpected.

    It would also be neat to follow former teen moms in their 20s and 30s that haven’t been on TV for the last decade and have had to struggle, because the majority of them aren’t living in mansions and taking tropical vacations every five minutes.

    1. I would like for them to revisit the girls from the first 3 seasons of 16 & pregnant. Show what life is like now without all that money. Because the girls who went on to do TM don’t have realistic lives. This would be the only Teen Mom type show I would watch.

  4. Honestly, it’s been almost 15 years since the first 16 and pregnant season aired, now those kids are teens themselves. It’s time to retire the tm universe.

    1. Exactly some of them are the same age their parents were when they were conceived or born. Its likely about to come full circle for some.

  5. Can they just show couples who are working period? I don’t want relationship drama. Take me back to 2011 when Keiffer and Jenelle were fighting with Barbara. Give me early days of Chelsea trying to go to cosmetology school and deciding whether she should go back to adam.

    I guess I’m just asking for actual teen moms. Not 30 something’s who has babies too early.

  6. At this point, I wouldn’t put it passed MTV to make a game show where the remaining cast compete to keep their spot on the show or compete to be on this new show.

  7. Who wanted this?! MTV has seen the drastically declining viewers. The entire Thirty something “teen” mom shows should be cancelled already! Their children are now teens. MTV’s answer to plummeting ratings is to put these assholes on yet another show?!

    1. Exactly! How is this anything that is new or exciting? It’s the same recycled cast, most likely using the same boring ass storylines, except this time let’s call it “Therapy.” Changing the name every couple of years, isn’t going to make the show any better or the cast more interesting. The show is dying, it’s time to move on and drop this hot mess. The girls may still act like they’re 16, but they are in their 30’s it’s run its course, we are not interested!!

  8. No God! Please no!

    None of these couples have any hope.

    And stop trying to make fetch happen. This show has passed its limit years ago.

  9. *DAVID AND JENELLE HAVE ENTERED THE CHAT* 😂😂😂😂 I would not be surprised with the shit ratings, that they are trying to bring them back with all the issues they are having.

    1. Maybe Jenelle and Keiffer or anyone but David. Hes poison.

      But I do agree,Jenelle coming back is a strong possibility. If she leaves dickhead, it’s pretty much guaranteed.

    2. No thanks.
      I don’t want to watch animal and child abusers on my TV. I’d rather see them face real consequences that they have NEVER had to because MTV and MTV money has always bailed her (and them) out

      There is nothing about them that is worth watching. A train wreck at 16 is very different than an abusive disaster of a human at 31 who is supposed to be responsible for 3-4 minors but would still rather smoke, drink and drug and be a horrible role model if she’s even a role model because she makes jace raise the others. Scary thought.

  10. oh god just let the franchise die already
    also i knew it was weird af there wasn’t any drama and something had to be up! 🤣because how was there possibly no drama at all between the plastic mean girls and ashley

  11. Damn MTV is really going to keep dragging this hell hole mess of a show out until the kids are teens and get pregnant, aren’t they?

      1. I wish that was more of a joke.

        I had my NICU rotation for nursing school and there was a baby (who was discharged later that day, just a little early, a little small, and a little too much baby jaundice to be out on the regular postpartum unit) whose mother was 14.

        Her mother had had HER at 14.

        Her mother’s mother had her mom at 18…but had her mom’s older brother at, yep, 14.

        Considering the amount of neonatal abstinence syndrome that hospital sees the nurses were refreshingly non-judgey about it. She seemed like a generally good kid, engaged appropriately with her daughter, and had strong family support. They basically separated cases into “if mom coming to the hospital with meth in her system doesn’t even get a post-discharge follow-up with CPS, why the fuck do we have to waste our time calling them?!?” and “there’s nothing here I need to deal with, it’s fine, probably”. 😂

        1. So grandma was 28 and GREAT-grandma was 46? That’s mind-boggling! Hopefully Baby Girl will break that cycle.

    1. Yes, I think they are waiting for that. They want to see which kid ends up pregnant or getting someone pregnant first and then it will be “Teen Granma”

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