“90 Day Fiance” Star Kalani Faagata Seemingly Accuses Her Husband Asuelu Pulaa of Sexual Assault & Impregnating Her Against Her Will

Trigger Warning: This story contains mentions of sexual assault.

90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata shocked her fans on Monday when she posted an Instagram Story that seemingly accused her husband Asuelu Pulaa of impregnating her via sexual assault. 

Kalani— who is currently starring with Asuelu on 90 Day: The Last Resort— told fans that she has been getting a lot of hate mail— as well as death and rape threats— and decided to “clear some things up” in regard to her life with Asuelu. 

Kalani— who shares two sons with Asuelu– first informed her fans that her pregnancy with her older son Oliver was planned—despite some fans believing Kalani got pregnant after a one-night stand with Asuelu. Kalani then went on to insinuate some shocking claims against her husband.

“I had a second baby because I was held down,” Kalani wrote. “He apologized for that, and the other times I was [sexually assaulted]– it’s recorded.”

Although Kalani didn’t go into more detail regarding that statement, she did tell her followers that getting messages from people who tell her to “keep her legs shut” are especially hurtful, given that she allegedly didn’t choose to have sex when she got pregnant for the second time.

“You can imagine how it feels to get messages about ‘taking responsibility’ and learning to keep my legs shut when they were forced open,” Kalani wrote. 

“None of you know ANYONE you watch [on TV],” she continued. “You know a version of people and you crucify them over things out of their control, and for what? May all of that energy be returned back to you and yours.” 

This version of events concerning Kalani’s pregnancies is certainly different from the version “90 Day Fiance” fans were told when the couple first started on the franchise during Season 6. On the show, it was explained that Kalani met Aseulu while on vacation in Samoa in 2017. Kalani claimed to have gotten pregnant while on that trip, and she gave birth to their son, Oliver, in January 2018.


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In Kalani’s post to Instagram on Monday, she stated that she actually met Aseulu in July 2016, and that they “intentionally got pregnant” in May 2017. 

Aseulu and Kalani got married in September 2018, and their second son, Kennedy, was born in May 2019. Kalani admitted that was an unplanned pregnancy, but has never before mentioned that the pregnancy was allegedly the result of a sexual assault.  

Aseulu has yet to respond to Kalani’s claims.

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18 Responses

  1. Piling on Aselu is disgusting.Beating up this Samoan native who clearly lacks the knowledge and English skills for USA culture is also obscene. Simply don’t believe Kalani’s convenient story, and long-term public damage she is doing to her family and children, simply to rationalize her leaving Aselu and be with another guy is wildly irresponsible. She should not have brought Aselu to USA if she felt he was unfaithful. It was HER idea to bring him to USA. Everytime Aselu bought a photo of naked woman he was cheating? In what century would that be? Because it hasn’t been for at 20th and 21st century. But she keeps stating this as if everyone knows it is a fact. Aselu was never cut out for USA or to be a father. He should have never come her. He should have never gotten Kalani pregnant, and Kalani also should have used protection or been on the pill for God’s sake.

  2. I want to believe anyone’s claims of SA and hope Kahlani can find the self esteem to leave if true. Feel it’s unfair to release before the episode where she flies in her hall pass for fans because it is suspect timing to drop. I would hope, though, no mother would potentially leave lasting trauma to her son having the world know he’s a product of rape just because people on the internet are being mean. Don’t really know what to think but prayers to those kids.

  3. So when exactly is she going to stop doing reality shows with the rapist and LEAVE?

    It’s all about the money, money, money……

    He is like the dusty cheerio you find in your pile when you sweep, and you haven’t bought cheerios in a year.

  4. Imagine how Kennedy gonna feel when he’s old enough to read he’s the product of rape .. some things are just not worth blabbing to millions of ppl on the internet..

  5. Newsflash he’s a bumbling idiot. I sincerely doubt this guy who she’s let around by the nose the last 5 to 6 years and he’s much younger than her did any of this it just does not make sense and I don’t want to not believe a “victim“ but this is so Amber heard, it really is and it’s so like her to shift the blame from herself and her decisions on to anyone else is around her near her as immature as he is she is as well and she’s much older and frankly why exactly did you plan a pregnancy lie your parents about it lie to reality TV about it pretend it was something completely different to your entire family who now hate this guy But it welcoming him to your life. You guys have never hinted about this. You open your mouth about everything involving this guy but not this I just don’t buy it seems like they’re boring and she needs a new storyline. She loves the attention you can tell and wants to be on TV because otherwise you have to believe that her and her parents are Oscar caliber actors and how they acted so surprised that she got pregnant from one night stand. They crafted this entire story and now the narrative changes. No I don’t believe any of it. Sorry.

    1. Agree. This story does not make sense; it sounds like a Kalani/producer collaboration story to get ratings for this show. Kalani brought him to the USA, as a reminder to all of those who have forgotten. She had to choose to complete, prepare, submit, the K-1 visa application, and back that she would support him. Kalani was suddenly now sexually assaulted to have her second child in 2018. If you remember 5 years ago, her father warned her about JUST THIS CONCERN. Did she go on birth control? No, obviously not. And now 5 years later, it was not sex, it was sexual assault. Maybe that is true, maybe Aselu is a criminal, we do not know. But we do know Kalani could have chosen birth control methods. How many really believe Aselu sexually assaulted this (not a small or frail) woman, while living in her father’s house? And every photo that Aselu has ever bought of a naked woman is also now “cheating.” Really? In what century?

      1. Your comment is not only DISGUSTING, but also based on skewed false information. TLC/90D does just fine as far as ratings go, they certainly don’t need to throw in accusations of something as serious as SA to get more viewers. Also, it’s been established that Asuelu physically cheated multiple times (not just paying for nudes). And to doubt her claims because of her physical stature makes you a deplorable human being. If you think SA between spouses is uncommon, or doesn’t happen because of who may or may not be in the same house, then you need to educate yourself.

    2. I agree 100%! She emasculated him, nagged him, and put him down all the time. She controlled everything in that marriage and now that she’s being viewed as a bit of a villain for bringing the family to couples therapy and not being genuine about trying to save her marriage, she pulls out the SA card. Sorry. I usually stand steadfastly behind anyone that speaks out, but this doesn’t ring true to me. It just doesn’t make sense.

      And that new guy she’s been seeing better be careful. He could very well be the next guy she accuses of rape.

  6. Honestly even if that is true it isn’t something that should be shared with such a large audience. Imagine the potential repercussions for her sons both emotionally and with bullying. The world shouldn’t know before they do and can understand it.

  7. nor buying it she bragged about being a virgin getting pregnant the first time she had s ex and willing went on a show promoting it so she could be famous and get money. Setting back women who have been r aped or SA. If this was true why go on the show why say those things why continue to do this show for years? grow up go away how embarrassing he is no prize but this is just bull

  8. Wow. That is absolutely terrible. I cannot imagine how conflicted and confused she must feel. Her guard being up and more than justified. I will never understand people who threaten TV personalities. Death and SA threats should be prosecuted-no exceptions.

  9. I wish she would’ve addressed this with the counselor(s) at Last Resort
    ..even privately! That’s trauma and now we see why She is so done and over it all. Super sad. Marital epar is real.

    1. @Melly Maybe she did deal with it privately while on TLR, we don’t know. But imo, I hope she’s been having therapy for a while now. I mean, this happened a long time ago. Poor Kalani.

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