Former “90 Day Fiance” Star Leida Margaretha Has Been Arrested On Fraud, Theft & Forgery Charges

You can say that again.

Leida Margaretha was arrested last week in a move that some 90 Day Fiance fans are calling karmic.  

Viewers may remember Leida appearing on the TLC show with her husband, Eric Rosenbrook. On the show, Leida rather infamously butted heads with Eric’s daughter, Tasha– something Eric later blamed on producers and bad editing.  

According to Starcasm, the Portage Police Department in Wisconsin were notified last week by the owners of Loggerhead Deco–- a glass bottle decorating company–- that an internal theft had occurred. The company went on to claim that Leida was a temp who had been working as a bookkeeper for them when the alleged thefts took place. 

“Ok, kids…maybe you were right about her.”

Following an investigation, it was determined that the former TLC star had allegedly made fraudulent withdrawals and payments to customers/businesses outside of the company using the business’s account info. 

These unauthorized payments and withdraws were reportedly made to victims both in and outside of the state of Wisconsin–– some for several thousands of dollars.

It was also discovered during the investigation that Leida co-owns a business in Arkdale, Wisconsin, which seemingly helped her facilitate her crimes. 

Leida, unknowingly predicting her own future.

The 34-year-old is reportedly facing charges of Theft from a Business Setting, Fraudulent Date Alteration, Forgery, and Wire Fraud Against a Financial Institution; however, Starcasm reports that more charges may be coming for Leida as the investigation continues. 

As of Tuesday, Leida has bonded out of the Columbia County Jail. 

“I hope my cellmate is tidier than Tasha.”

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(Photos: TLC; Twitter) 


  1. What I have never really understood is, if she had SO much money in her home country, why doesn’t she have the money here? It’s not like you can’t transfer it into US dollars… LOL. No, but really.

  2. Send her ass back to her parents. We have enough criminals in this country and way more than enough disrespectful twats. Hope she gets what’s coming to her.

  3. This heifer was far more than a bitch or a brat…she was a complete CUNexTuesday! Exactly what she deserves!🪳

  4. What a selfish, greedy, awful person.
    I think of her victims, you never know how much problems and sorrow she caused for them.

  5. Somewhere Tasha is laughind, and so am I. This woman is horrible and I’m not surprised she’s a thief.

    How embarrassing! 😂

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