‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown Accuses Ex Wives of “Trash-Talking” & Mistreating Him; Claims He “Made All the Effort” to Be Loving, Despite Not Being In Love

Cheer up, Kody…at least you still have your “nice pecs” and “great six-pack abs.”

After a dramatic season of Sister Wives that saw two more of Kody Brown’s four marriages crumble, the Brown family patriarch is defending his on-screen actions and seemingly trying to play the victim. 

During the Season 18 Tell-All, host Sukanya Krishnan questioned Kody about the heated argument he and former wife Janelle Brown got into this season–- specifically the temper tantrum aggressive behavior Kody displayed during the exchange. As Kody began to tell his side of the story, it initially appeared that he was on the cusp of taking accountability for one of his many wrongdoings; however, Kody ultimately blamed his anger in that moment on both Janelle and ex-wife Christine Brown.  

“Ok, so Kody is now officially balding AND delusional. Got it.”

“Oh I take credit for that, yeah, sure,” Kody began. “It escalated because I’ve got a lot of, ya know, contempt for ways [Janelle has] treated me … .” 

Kody went on to accuse Janelle and Christine, who have remained close following their respective splits from Kody, of “trash-talking” him to make themselves feel better. 

“ … I think they’re trash-talking me because, ya know, if I’m small it makes them feel OK for how they’ve treated me,” he said. 

No notes, Christine.

While Kody claimed it’s him being mistreated by his former spouses, it’s worth noting that the father of 18 has been the one seemingly rewriting history, both during the Tell-All and throughout Season 18 as a whole. During Sunday’s episode, Kody admitted to Sukanya that after reflecting on his life and the way he “started this family out,” he’s realized that he was more focused on the plural marriage “experience” than the individuals he agreed to marry.  

“ … I look back and, because I was so anxious to be living the principle of plural marriage, I was not vetting who I was marrying to be compatible with me,” he said before going on to reveal what he believes is to blame for three of his four marriages going up in flames.

“If you’re gonna marry and you’re gonna marry for eternity, you should start out in love.”

“Which, in hindsight, was WAY more than he deserved.”

Kody noted that while the gospel “required” he and his wives to love each other, he never “suffered in a fit of passion” when it came to his relationships with Meri, Janelle or Christine. On the contrary, Kody said his 4th (and only remaining) wife, Robyn Brown, is the only wife he truly fell in love with–- so much, in fact, that upon meeting her, he “started weeping for joy and didn’t stop for months.” 

Those two really are meant for each other.

Though Kody denies ever being in love with Meri, Janelle or Christine, he believes he deserves credit for making an attempt. 

“Listen, I might not have been in love, but I was being loving and I was trying to love, OK?” Kody said. “Sometimes I would feel in love, alright? So I was making all the effort. That the emotion wasn’t always perfectly there, I don’t think I’m accountable for that part of it.” 

“Whatever, Kody. You loved me AND my Rice Krispie Treats, so stop lying!”

In a clip from the Tell-All posted by TLC on Instagram, viewers of the show were quick to call out Kody for, once again, failing to own up to the mistakes he made in his marriages and within his family overall.  

“He will never take responsibility for his own actions,” one person commented. 

“What in the world? This man is incapable of admitting he was a terrible husband/human being,” another added. 

The clip also received a heap of comments from viewers calling the plumped-lip, freshly-permed (former?) polygamist a narcissist. 

“Thank you TLC for showing all of us how a true narcissist gaslights,” one person wrote. 

“It’s been fascinating to watch this masterclass on narcissistic injury,” another added. “Textbook, really.” 

Part 2 of the ‘Sister Wives’ Season 18 Tell-All continues Sunday on TLC. 

You can watch the clip below: 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 


  1. Isn’t it about time you removed Cody from the show?? After all, he is so convinced that he is the “star” of the show, and his ex-wives are just a sid3 issue.
    In Cody’s small mind, the ladies only have a very small part to play, and if he can’t be honest about history, which the viewers are well aware of, having watched the show, what use is he. Get rid of him asap and concentrate on facts not fiction.

  2. You are rewriting history, you assclown! Kody and Sobyn deserve to be treated the way they hurt 3 women, using them for their money! I’d love to see the toxic twosome get jobs, because the money’s going to run out sometime.

  3. But he is the one accusing, trash talking, and mistreating them. He has publicly said that he wasn’t attracted to and wasn’t in love with 3 of his wives….. yet he was married to them for over 20 years. Had thirteen kids between them. That makes him an incredibly horrible person. It’s wild to me that he doesn’t see that makes him an ahole.

  4. He doesnt have any extra love for those other wives, because all of it goes towards his one true love – Himself.

  5. Robin and Kody deserve each other. They are both horrible and think the world revolves around them. I hope Janelle and Christine finally get to live the lives they deserve away from those two.

  6. The only true statement he made was that he was NEVER in love with any of the others.

    Imagine how much less of a jackass he’d look like if he had just said that years ago and apologized, instead of leveling endless bullshit accusations and making excuses to drive the other women away.

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