Meri Brown Gets Angry at Former Sister Wife Christine For Revealing That Their Ex Kody Melted Down His Wedding Ring From Meri: “That Is My Story To Tell”

“Keep my name outta your mouth, Mrs. Woolley!”

Meri Brown is not happy with her former sister wife, Christine— or her big mouth!

In a sneak peek clip of Part 2 of the Sister Wives Season 18 Tell-All— which airs Sunday— Meri is very upset when she finds out that Christine discussed a story during her interview that Meri had never wanted to share publicly. Us Weekly obtained the preview clip showing Meri finding out that Christine had blurted out Meri’s private story. 

Christine— who left Kody in 2021— was asked by Tell-All host Sukanya Krishnan for her thoughts on her ex Kody Brown‘s spiffy new wedding ring (which he showed off during Season 18). When Sukanya noted that Meri was especially affected by the new ring, Christine laughed and revealed why Meri was sensitive about Kody’s ring.

Although Christine admitted that telling the story wasn’t “all the way my place,” she proceeded to reveal that Kody had melted down the ring Meri gave him at their 1990 wedding. According to Christine, the marriage band meltdown occurred after Kody met his fourth wife, Robyn, but before he and Robyn got married.

“He melted down [his] ring [from Meri],” Christine said. “Saved the gold, saved the diamonds. Meri found out. She was like, ‘Well, where’s my ring [I gave you]? You don’t wear it anymore.’ And he’s like, ‘Oh, I melted it down.’ Just like that.”

Christine seemed shocked by what Kody did, and even more so by his explanation for doing it.

“He was like, ‘I don’t want Meri to have control over me and power over me anymore,'” she said. “I’m like, ‘That’s still your wedding ring. It’s what you’ve had for 15 or however many years.'”

“What?! It’s not like I lit her wetbar on fire or something. Gimme a break!”

Christine said that, after Kody melted down his wedding ring from Meri, all four of his wives paid to have a Claddagh ring made for him to wear.

“We all went in on the design and we got him the ring,” Christine said. “And that’s what he wore for a long time. And then he designed his own ring with Robyn. He and Robyn designed the ring together.”

After Christine’s one-on-one interview with Sukanya, Meri reportedly found out that Christine had told the story about the melted-down ring.

In a confessional interview filmed after Meri found out, Meri appears very emotional and appears to be holding back tears.

Not gonna lie, I am hoping Part 3 of the Tell-All is basically just a repeat of this…

“I am extremely frustrated right now. Beyond,” she tells the camera. “After we did the taping for the one-on-one interviews with Suki, I found out that a story was brought up about me that is not a story that I have ever shared publicly. That is my story to tell when, where and how I want to.

“And somebody else took it upon themselves to tell that story. And now I’m being forced to talk about it. I’m not happy about it,” she continued. “It was not Christine’s business to tell. She can laugh about it all she wants, but it was not her business to tell.”

“And you need to keep your butt outta Parowan, Utah, if you know what’s good for you!”

Meri then made it clear that she did not want that story on the show.

“If I wanted to have shared that story in the last 13 years in a public way, I would have done that,” she said.

Interestingly, Christine is not the first person to share the story about Kody melting down Meri’s ring. The Ashley can reveal that, way back in 2015, the person who infamously catfished Meri told the story in a blog post while pretending to be “Sam Cooper,” whom Meri was led to believe was a man but was actually a woman named Jackie Overton.

Anyway, in the blog post— which The Ashley reported on at the time— “Sam” (aka Jackie) revealed the story about Kody melting down his wedding band from Meri, stating that the act was “the last straw” for Meri. (Meri reportedly intended to leave Kody for “Sam” before finding out she had been catfished.)

“She told me the last straw for her was when he took the wedding band that she gave him during their wedding ceremony and melted it down,” ‘Sam’ wrote. “He told her he didn’t want it to be a contention point with the other wives, so he had it melted down and put into a piece of jewelry for another daughter, not her daughter…”

“I bet I can guess whose daughter he gave the new piece of jewelry to!”

“Sam” wrote that Kody’s cruel act made Meri realize that Kody didn’t care about their marriage anymore.

“It showed her how much the marriage meant to him, which was nothing. She said it hurt her feelings because he could have given it back to her to hold onto for her daughter’s future husband or at least let her have it for a keepsake.”

(Just a note– this blog post was written in 2015, before Meri and Kody’s child, Leon Brown, had come out as gay and transgender.) 

Part 2 of the ‘Sister Wives’ Season 18 Tell-All airs Sunday on TLC. You can watch the clip here

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(Photos: TLC)


  1. her reaction i thought it was a different kind of story to tell, like something physically happened to her or something but it was just about the melting down of the ring….

  2. Mari is good at victimhood. The “rill dill” of how she “fills” about the ring story is, I honk she is mad because now she can’t sell the story. Was it Christine’s to tell? No. But she told it in context. Meri made it a way bigger “dill” than it had to be. I am sorry, Meri has always, always rubbed me wrong.

  3. Just more assets she can add when she sues for coyote pass. Kody gives the necklace back, melts it down and returns remains to Meri or pays up at todays diamond and gold market value

  4. Oh the drama “It was my story to tell”. To WHO? No one cares about the sentimentality of that ring except you. So there’s no big story to tell. The only explanation is that you were saving that for a “bombshell” in your book. Calm down. You don’t OWN the story, anyone in the whole family could tell the story. If Robyn or Leon told the story, would you be flipping out? No. You’re just jealous of Christine because she left first and because she and Janelle are being cheered on by the world for leaving. You left pathetically, and 3rd, so you lost the chance to be the one people are cheering on. Plus you are mean and say mean things about others, so people wouldn’t be cheering you on anyway. And so you’re jealous. That’s the bottom line. There’s no big scandal that Christine said something that happened in your but also HER family.

  5. Shut the hell up Meri, you are such a whiner. “I’m mad Christine told my story, blah, blah, BLAH !” 🤦🏻‍♀️. PS – Your “strength” BS story you’re telling is pretty comical. 😆😆🙄🙄

  6. Oh just another thing for Meri to pout about. I don’t think anything makes her happy. She doesn’t know how to.

    1. This was my story to tell=This was my story to sell. She is just mad. Like posted above, it is the family’s story.

  7. This story will revealed years ago.

    It just looks like Meri is mad and looking for someone to blame and since for some reason, she has decided not to blame Kody she’s going after everyone else.

    The man melted down her wedding ring 13 years ago, and she has been holding on to hope for this long. He literally burned the symbolic item of their marriage.

    God girl let him go. Go find someone who wants to be married to you.

  8. I have pretty well had enough of Christine. Let’s face it. She really gets off on stirring the pot. Kody is real piece of crap and that Meri, Janelle and Christine put up with him for all those years shows how little they thought about themselves and their children. Robyn completely deserves what she has now….a lifetime of Kody. The 2 of them may think they are portraying a love of a lifetime but in reality they are showing their true selves. Greedy and cruel. Christine tries to come off as a know it all but now that she has married David, she needs to cut herself off from the show. The more she belittles Truely’s father the more Truely will turn on her.

    1. Christine isn’t belittling Kody, she’s revealing what a load of crap he did and still does. And Truely already knows that

  9. Although previously revealed in 2015, that’s died down.

    I like when secrets are let out, then everything starts to make more sense.

  10. What a shitty thing to do. Especially without letting her know in advance and giving her the option to keep it. I can’t believe she stayed for as long as she did. He really is an asshole.

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