‘sMothered’ Couple Lauren Kimball & Laura Leigh Reese Confirm They’re Divorcing; Laura Leigh Responds to Lauren’s Allegations of Abuse

Trigger Warning: This story contains mentions of domestic violence. 

Lauren Kimball and Laura Leigh Reese of sMothered are ending their marriage, and unfortunately, the couple’s split is seemingly far from amicable. 

As The Ashley previously told you, the fan favorites, who appeared on Seasons 3 & 4 with Lauren’s mom Lisa, announced in October 2021 that they were expecting their first child together. The couple went on to welcome daughter Raegan the following spring; however, things appeared to take a turn in the new parents’ relationship later that year. 

According to Starcasm, fans of ’sMothered’ began picking up on the fact that Laura Leigh and Lauren stopped posting photos and videos together on social media around May 2023. In July, Lauren confirmed in a response to an Instagram comment that she and Laura Leigh were no longer together. 

This week, both Lauren and Laura Leigh provided more insight to their split after Lauren posted a TikTok of her 2022 highlights to Instagram, which included a slide seemingly accusing Laura Leigh of abuse. 

“She’s been chasing me around telling me she’s going to punch me in the face,” the image (dated October 19, 2022) read. “Said she’ll call the cops if my parents show up. I just want to take a break. Raegan has RSV, I’m sick and all of this because she couldn’t change a diaper.” 

Lauren went on to provide additional context to the clip in her Instagram caption.

“Not that I owe ANYONE anything. But it’s super annoying that people think they know my life,” she wrote. “Social media was the highlight reel. The show was a show. I’m trying not to create more drama in my life, just trying to cope with reality and enjoy finally being happy and safe.” 

Lauren ended her caption with the URL for the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Laura Leigh later took to the comment section of a recent photo of herself and Raegan to respond when questioned about her ex’s allegation of abuse, insisting there was no truth to Lauren’s claims.  

Laura Leigh also responded to a comment claiming she “wouldn’t have the child if what Lauren claims is true.” 

“ … There’s a BIG different between DV and having an argument that you don’t like,” the comment continued. “In this generation every time someone offends someone else they scream ABUSE! I’ve actually been thru DV and the entire judicial process so this offends me when people cry abuse for an argument they didn’t like.” 

“This right here,” Laura Leigh replied. “Thank you, this sums up everything!” 

A similar comment went on to suggest that Laura Leigh contact her lawyer “about the wrongful accusations if it continues.” 

“I have, no worries,” Laura Leigh responded. 

Laura Leigh said she and Lauren have joint custody of Raegan, and that currently, she is able to see her daughter on weekends “and some week nights depending on work schedule.” 

While Laura Leigh appears to be single at the moment, Lauren recently started dating a women named Brittany Chelette, with whom she began posting photos with on social media last month. 

Lauren made it clear this week that she’s not only happy in her new relationship, but happy to no longer be with Laura Leigh when a person commented, “She’s no Laura Leigh” on a photo of her and her new girlfriend.

“Thank God,” Lauren replied.  

On Friday, Laura Leigh seemed to be responding to her ex’s post when she posted a selfie, along with very telling song lyrics by artist Lily Rose.

“You can be the hero, I can take the fall/ If that’s how your story goes, say it’s all my fault/ Whatever helps you sleep at night/ Yeah, you can make me the bad guy /Make ’em all believe it /If that’s how you’re feeling I can be the villain.”


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  1. I wish you all the best Laura Leigh including a relationship that consists of you and a partner without a selfish, interfering mother in law. The fact that Lauren wanted her mother in the delivery room and not you told me all I needed to know about both of those heartless bitches. Enjoy your time with your daughter and a loving respectful relationship in your future.

  2. I’d 100% suspect Lauren of abuse before I’d suspect Laura Leigh of it. Lauren was crazy and a drama queen. Laura Leigh seemed pretty chill. I also wouldn’t put it past her to lie about being abused or blow a verbal argument way out of proportion. I just plain out didn’t like the woman. She had ZERO respect for Laura Leigh or her wishes.

  3. To the commenter who said she wouldn’t have her kid if she was abusive to the other parent is HELLA WRONG!!! Currently dealing with this! He hit me in front of our children and was only told he could no longer be in the home but I do IN FACT have to share custody of our children with him.

    I’ve never actually seen sMothered, just tidbits on Facebook reels so I can’t speak on whether or not I believe the abuse happened. Just wanted to clear up that very WRONG comment.

    1. That’s why I question this whole abuse thing…I don’t so much question that it happened as much as the fact that I question who the abuser was and who the abusee was…based on what I’ve seen Lauren seemed like more the abusive type and Laura Leigh seemed more likely to be an abuse victim.

    2. I watched smothered and imo Laura Leigh had no choice in her relationship it was all about what Lauren and her mum wanted. Laura Leigh’s voice, opinions and choices was always taken away from her. This relationship was never 50/50 it was Lauren 45% Lauren’s mum 45% and Laura Leigh 10%. The fact Lauren as already moved on so quickly speaks volumes to me as you can’t get over love that quickly.

  4. I’m so sick or people participating on a “reality TV” show about their lives and then not wanting people to comment on their lives. Do you want privacy and don’t like strangers commenting on your life? Don’t participate on “reality TV” shows. We had reality TV shows for more than 20 years now, you know what will happen.

    1. Who in their right minds wants to discuss what goes on behind closed doors…ESPECIALLY when it has to do with abuse allegations…some things NEED to be kept private. We don’t need to know EVERYTHING!!!

      1. She posted about it on TikTok. If you don’t want people to know about something going on in your life, don’t post about it on your social media where you have thousands of followers!!

        1. It was Lauren who posted, and I did say “who in their right minds”…ain’t nothing right about that chick.

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