Sneak Peek: Christine Brown’s New Husband David Woolley Gives His Thoughts On Her Ex Kody Brown; Kody Claims Christine Bad-Mouthed Him So David Would Marry Her

“David could have at least complemented my hair! I blame Christine!”

The final part of the Sister Wives Season 18 Tell-All airs Sunday night, and, in new clips just released by TLCKody Brown gives his thoughts on his ex-wife Christine‘s new man, David Woolley. David— who was engaged to Christine at the time the clip was filmed— also reveals what he really thinks about Kody.

In one clip of Part 4 of the Tell-All episode, Kody is shown getting angry that Christine is starting over while his own life remains a mess.

“This has unraveled my family, and she’s riding off into the sunset!” he said. 

In the same clip, Christine does not seem concerned that Kody is unhappy.

“I’m not married to him anymore! I don’t have to be all, ‘Ohhh. I’m so sorry!” she says. 

To be fair, in 18 seasons, we never saw Christine look at Kody like this…not even once!

In another clip released Friday, David is asked by host Suki Krishnan how he feels about Kody.

“He wears his emotions on his sleeve,” David says. “A lot. And sometimes you’ve got to not— but that’s him. That’s who he is, I can’t say anything differently. 

“Would I be like that? No. It’s just, he wants you to hear him,” he added. 

“To be fair, I HAVE to talk loud. Otherwise no one would hear me over Robyn’s sobbing!”

Kody goes on to state that, in his opinion, Christine had to make him look like a bad guy to David to justify her leaving him.

“Here’s the thing: for David’s sake, David Woolley’s sake, Christine has to destroy my character, or David doesn’t feel like he can marry her, because she left a good man.”

All of our faces as we listen to Kody say this…

“I’m not a bad guy,” Kody continued. “Christine and I just weren’t in a good marriage.” 

Suki tells Kody that she just met David and that she doesn’t believe he would only marry Christine if Christine trashed Kody’s character.

“He doesn’t feel that way at all,” she said. “He’s just kind of like, ‘You know what? A marriage didn’t work out. There’s a divorce that took place and now I’m meeting this woman where she is right now and that’s it.” 

Suki assured Kody that he’s still a “good man” even though Christine left him.

“[Christine] needs to stop telling my children I’m not then,” Kody says sternly. “I’m not going to let that go— ever!— until those kids come to me.”

(As The Ashley has previously reported, Kody is estranged from most of his adult children.) 

Suki again assured Kody that David doesn’t have any bad feelings toward him. 

“Good, that’s awesome,” Kody said. “I don’t even know David. I hope Christine is choosing well.”

“It’s safe to say I didn’t choose well the first time. Won’t make that mistake again!”

“I hope that she’s very happy,” Kody continued. “I’m not judging him but my life has been public for years.”

In his conversation with Suki, David said he does have some empathy for Kody.

“It can get overwhelming…but, like I said, with [me] dating women, my kids came first,” he said. “And if someone tried to push me and tell me I had to be a [certain place], here or there, it’s like, ‘No, that ain’t gonna work.’ You know, there’s room for everybody.” 

“Gee…I wonder who you’re talking about. This is rilly, rilly upsetting me.”

In the time since these segments were filmed, Christine and David have gotten married, and Kody and David have met” “several times,” according to Christine, including at the July wedding of her and Kody’s daughter Gwendlyn.

Christine stated in a recent interview that the interactions between Kody and David went relatively well.

“It worked out to be all right,” Christine said. “I feel like ‘OK’ is the best way to put it. It’s going to be OK because we’re all adults and we’re all responsible. We’re all people that have raised our kids together. So, it’s going to be [OK] because it needs to be.”

In another recent interview, Christine revealed that viewers will be able to see Kody meet David, as the meeting was filmed for the next season of ‘Sister Wives.’ 

“You’ll see them meet, and– you know what?— they’re going to be cordial,” Christine said. “I was so nervous, for no reason…it was interesting watching both of them…it’s good. My past is good. My future is better, but my past is good, too.”

Part 4 of the ‘Sister Wives’ Season 18 Tell-All airs Sunday on TLC.

Watch the clip below!


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    1. There are more episodes coming up right into mid-January between the flashback episodes and a 2 part on Christine’s wedding. Can’t wait to see the wedding! That airs Jan 7 and 14th.

  1. Grody Grody Grody get over yourself !! You are the absolute worst husband & father to those first 3 wives & 15 kids period, Meri not so much since she wasn’t a very nice person to the 2nd & 3rd wife either. Karma train has come to visit & you and Sobyn and you both deserve every single fake boo hoo and poor me moments you both are experiencing now. Plus you barking “my kids come to me” don’t hold your breath on that happening. All respect was lost for Sobyn when she didn’t put her foot down & make you go with Christine & your daughter for her surgery the hell with Covid your daughter was far more important.

  2. I’ll be glad to see this season end after tonight. I’m getting sick of comments about Kody. It’s almost like running over someone 100 more times after they’re already dead.

    I’m also looking forward to seeing what Christine’s husband is like on the final episode.

  3. Kody needs serious help. How does he not understand that people are repulsed by him because we’ve seen his behavior with our own eyes, not because of anyone badmouthing him? If anything, he’s said much more horrible things about Christine and Janelle than they’ve said about him! He needs to look up “transference.” He even calls them names! Teflon Queen, Crappy Sisterwives, etc.. never heard either of them stoop to name-calling. But when he skipped his daughter’s surgery because of Covid and not being able to leave the younger kids, but THEN he went to his friends wedding, maskless, with all those people in an unprotected area… OMG! What a POS! Then he got Covid later and wanted everyone to feel sorry for him! He was near death, lol!

    The final straw for me was completely ignoring Savannah over Christmas because he was mad at Janelle. So unfair and such a shitty father! Then he goes overboard with the presents for Robin’s kids (totally inappropriate, too, given Dayton’s previous accident) and doesn’t even get the other kids anything! I’m sure they scrambled and got presents for Truely since they found out Mykelti was bringing her, but I’m willing to bet they weren’t on the same scale. How can you treat your kids like that?

    No, Kody, you are definitely NOT a good man. The sooner you take accountability and accept it, the sooner you can work to change it. But I bet you won’t.

  4. I need to find out what Kody is caterwauling about. All anyone has to do is watch Season 1 Episodes 1 and 2 to know Kody is not a good husband, father, or man. Or watch the episode where he CHOSE not to attend a major surgery with his wife and daughter. There is zero left to the imagination about who and what Kody is.

  5. Kody is such a narcissist. I have plenty of negative things to say about him, and I’m just an internet stranger. Christine needs to write a book, I’d happily read it, she will spill the tea.

  6. I read the story about Mykelti saying he’s in a dark place and I think she called it. He sounds like he is very depressed and needs some help getting himself together.

  7. Kody is the reason that his family imploded.

    He has treated his wives poorly for years and just expected them to take it forever?!?! He’s like the douch who doesn’t want to break up with a girl, so he just gets meaner and worse, so she just gets sick and finally leaves.

    Well, all three of your wives are done and they left. You don’t get to blame them for ruining the family when you tell them well. I don’t like you, I’m repulsed by you and I’m never sleeping with you, oh and your wedding ring, I set it on fire, and the say they are the ones who left.

    He could easily have a relationship with his kids if he wanted. Most of them were still trying to have one, which is why they were so mad. The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference. That’s what he doesn’t understand.

    Kody will blame everything on Meri, Christine, and Janelle, but not take accountability for his own actions.

    Most of Kody’s kids are adults (and yes I’m including Robyn’s kids as much as she wants to infantilize them). He has their phone numbers, he can call them if he wants to. But he says well, they are mean to Robyn so no relationship. Those are your kids, why does it have to be, have a relationship with me and Robyn or no relationship? And you wonder why your kids hate her, you can’t do anything, go anywhere without her. She has to be in a kids christmas text exchange, she has to be there to watch Kody break up with Meri. Why?

    1. And he will never ever ever see it. That way he hast to be the hero at the end of the story anything else does not fit into his narcissistic point of view. I always knew that he was narcissistic, but I never really understood the depth of it. He is beyond the pale he truly needs help.

      1. It’s like what he says about David and Christine’s relationship, the only way David could be with Christine is if she says untruthful things about me, because KODY could never be with a woman who left a good man.

        This begs the question about Robyn leaving her first husband. Their’s always hints that she left due to abuse, but still let her kids go spend summers with him. And they still wanted a relationship with him, Dayton was so hurt when he learned that his dad wasn’t his legal dad anymore. So like did she have to paint him as this villain so Kody would be willing to marry her? So he only could be with Robyn to be her hero, saving her from this terrible man, who left her with her OWN credit card debt.

  8. Kody acts like many of his adult children only have problems because of what Christine allegedly said (which I don’t believe) His lack of self awareness is astounding. His children have their own brain to think with, their own issues with Kody being a shitty father and their own bad experiences with Robyn. Man up, Kody.

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